AEW Dynamite Results – July 5, 2023 – Omega vs. Yuta

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July 5, 2023
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – Rogers Place
Commentary: Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone

Quick Match Results

  1. Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals: Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin defeated Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland via Last Supper by Allin on Swerve
  2. Trios Match: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn defeated The Bollywood Boyz & The Blade via Mic Drop by Caster on Gurv
  3. Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals: MJF & Adam Cole defeated Matt Menard & The Butcher via the Boom by Cole on Menard
  4. Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Quarterfinals: Ruby Soho defeated Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. via roll up with help from Toni Storm
  5. Kenny Omega defeated Wheeler Yuta via One Winged Angel

Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals
Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland vs. Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin

We cut backstage to Renee and Keith Lee, where the Limitless one is confronted by Darby Allin, who brings up the issues between Lee and his tag partner for the Blind Eliminator Tournament as if egging things on, before walking off.

We hit ringside where Orange Cassidy makes his way to the ring for our opening contest! Out next is Darby Allin, skating on down the ramp to the ring before Swerve Strickland steps out to the stage surrounded by the Mogul Embassy as we get a recap of the issues between him and Keith Lee…who steps out next, staring down the current company of his former fellow AEW Tag Team Champion, but not Swerve himself as Lee walks down to the ring. Swerve is accompanied by Prince Nana to the ring, and this opening contest is underway!

We start off with Darby and Keith, with Darby slapping Lee…and Lee throwing Allin with ease to the opposite corner for his troubles! Lee uses his power to hoist Darby up for a Supernova, but Darby escapes to make a tag to Cassidy, who hits the “dangerous offense” he’s known for on the Limitless one. Lee just stares the International Champion down before hitting a hard double hand chop onto Cassidy, sending him down hard to the canvas.

Cassidy retreats to the corner, asking Lee to wait before putting his hands in his pockets…to which Lee responds with another double chop, dropping the champ onto Lee’s chest before falling to the canvas. Orange is back to his feet, backing away toward the corner where Darby gets a blind tag in, and a set of double-team offense sends Keith to the corner…where Swerve gets a blind tag of his own!

Swerve unleashes a flurry of offense on Darby before sending him into the corner, hitting an uppercut from the second rope onto Allin before posing to the crowd with a smirk on his face. Swerve goes back to work on Darby, sending him back into the corner…and then whipping him hard into the opposite side, forcing Darby out through the ropes to the outside as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Swerve continues the attack on Darby, until a reverse DDT turns things around…and Darby gets a tag to Orange, before the pair double-team on Swerve. The champ continues the offense on Swerve, both on the canvas and on his feet as he tags in Darby once again. Swerve is finally able to turn things around himself, eventually tagging in Keith Lee as the former tag champs beat down Darby after another tag to Swerve become we come back from break!

Another tag made to Keith, but Darby tags in Orange…only for Keith to go after the International Champion while Swerve goes after Darby on the outside, trapping him under the steel steps! This doesn’t last long as Orange catches Swerve with a dive through the ropes, but Keith Lee waits for him on the outside…only for Orange to lock in a sleeper hold. Keith makes his way back into the ring by way of the steel steps, causing further damage to Darby along the way!

Orange goes for a Stundog Millionaire but it’s not enough to keep Keith down…until he hits a second and third one, followed by a Code Red! Orange goes for the pin but Swerve leaps off the turnbuckle to break it up! Swerve goes on the attack after a tag, before sending Cassidy into Keith…but Orange dodges a kick from Swerve that ends up hitting Lee instead!

With Lee sent out of the ring, Darby is to get one more tag in and drops Swerve for a surprise pin to pick up the win!

Winners via pinfall and advancing in the Blind Eliminator Tournament: Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin

Video Package: Darby Allin, Nick Wayne

Video Package: Nick Wayne is the newest addition to the AEW roster!

Backstage: Jack Perry, Hook

After a quick recap about happened between HOOK and Jack Perry this past week, we cut to the parking lot where Perry arrives in his car, saying he’s going to head to Tony Khan’s office to demand a shot at the FTW title…but he’s blindsided by the champ himself, only to retreat back into the car and take off leaving an angry HOOK behind!

Segment: MJF, Adam Cole

Video Package: Cole and MJF spend some friendly time together at the gym to get ready for their run in the Blind Eliminator Tournament

Trios Match
The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn vs. The Bollywood Boyz & The Blade

Back at ringside, The Acclaimed make their way to the ring with a rap as we see the Bollywood Boys and the Blade already in the ring for our next contest!

We start off with Gunn and the Blade, circling the canvas as the crowd cheers Gunn on. Gunn locks in a hold on Blade, leading to a headlock and a shoulder tackle that sends Blade to the canvas. Gunn gets a little overconfident and gets rolled up by Blade for a nearfall, but Gunn tags in Caster for a double-team and a nearfall of his own. Tag made to Harv, but he and Gurv and even Blade are dropped by Caster before they set Harv up for the Scissor Me Timbers before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The Bollywood Boyz manage to get in control, taking advantage of the distracted Acclaimed as they go after Caster. Tag made to Blade who takes control, sending Caster to the corner before another tag is made, and both of the Bollywood Boyz stay in control of Caster with a nearfall before tagging in Blade once more. Blade continues the attack until Caster takes him down, changing the pace with a tag to Gurv as we come back!

Tag made to Bowens as the Bollywood Boyz get beaten down by Bowens! Gurv sneaks a rollup on Bowens for a nearfall, but Bowens tags in Gunn who drops Gurv to the canvas before tagging in Caster…who hits the Mic Drop for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn

The post match celebration is cut off by Holly Cameron, mad about her “rapping skills” being cut off before promising something big in the form of a video next week. Gunn takes the microphone to respond to this, letting Cameron know that he has two words for her.

Video Package: Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston

Video Package: Eddie Kingston wins the NJPW Strong Openweight Championship earlier today, but still faces some major issues with an old friend in Jon Moxley

Backstage: Matt Hardy

Commentary hypes up Blood & Guts, raising the question of who joins The Elite before we cut backstage to Renee and RJ City with Matt Hardy, as they pull the name out of a tag partner for Matt Hardy. The name? Jeff…Jarrett. Matt is furious about this, walking off as we cut to commercial break.

Video Package: Kenny Omega, Wheeler Yuta

Video Package: Hype for Wheeler Yuta vs. Kenny Omega, our main event for the night!

In-Ring: Chris Jericho, Don Callis

Back at ringside, Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring after a rough patch the past week or so. We get a recap of the tag team match last week as Jericho arrives at the ring. Jericho has a smirk on his face as he watches the crowd sing along to his theme, before giving them credit for being so loud tonight. He says it’s a little bittersweet for him, but is interrupted by a “Jericho” chant before he presses on.

He addresses the big losses he’s had over the past couple months, saying it might be time to re-evaluate a few things and make a couple changes. He’s telling us this here because the province of Alberta is the perfect place, seeing as it’s where he started his career. He talks up his training in Calgary with Stu Hart, which gets a smattering of a mixed reaction to his surprise. He continues to talk up his early career before saying he drove up and down the 2 highway and the various landmarks, remembering what it was like he first started wrestling. He remembers the passion of when wrestling was everything to him…and he remembered that wrestling is STILL everything to him.

Jericho feels resurrected, saying it’s time to become the best version of Jericho EVER…

Only to be interrupted by the music of Don Callis, arriving to the ring amdist some booing that sounds almost drowned out by the low drone of his music. Callis gets to the ring as the crowd lets him know what they think of him. Don starts to speak but is almost drowned out by the crowd’s jeers, but there is enough to hear that Don talked to Jericho all those years ago about main eventing the Tokyo Dome against Kenny Omega.

Don says without that match, these fans wouldn’t be here right now…nor would Jericho be, without HIS idea. Jericho says it’s hard to hear what he’s saying with all the boos, before talking about Don’s career in 2015 before coming back to pro wrestling…in large part thanks to Jericho, who says Don has become bigger and more powerful than ever. Without Jericho, Don might not be here.

Don starts to address this amidst an increasingly loud crowd, with Callis saying he agrees and that the two of them make history. Don says he was betrayed by Kenny Omega, and he has been building a family revolved around trust. Don offers Jericho a chance to join the Don Callis Family. Jericho looks to confirm that Callis is asking him to join a faction…but he doesn’t join factions, he creates them. If you’re asking to join this faction, he’s got one word in response…maybe.

With that, Jericho steps out of the ring leaving us with a confused but mostly happy Callis.

Video Package: CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs

Video Package: CM Punk takes on Samoa Joe at Collision, a match many years in the making…and Ricky Starks has a whole different set of issues to contend with as he takes on Powerhouse Hobbs in the semifinals of the Owen Hart Cup!

Backstage: Roderick Strong, Adam Cole

Backstage, Renee checks in with Roderick Strong after what happened to him at Collision against Samoa Joe. Cole arrives to check in on him as well, before being interrupted by a text from MJF prompting him to head out for our next match.

Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals
MJF & Adam Cole vs. Matt Menard & The Butcher

Back at ringside, MJF arrives to the stage with his music before cutting his music to wait for Adam Cole to arrive. The two head down the ring, MJF seeming to actually give high fives to people in the front row before they enter the ring where Matt Menard and The Butcher are waiting as their opponents in this tournament match…which gets underway!

Cole and MJF discuss who starts the match, which leads to Menard and Butcher blindsiding them! We end up with MJF and Menard to start things off, with Daddy Magic attempting to get one over on the World Champion…until MJF catches Matt with a thumb to the eye! MJF appears to be enjoying the chants from the crowd as he locks in an abdominal stretch…which goes sideways when he tries to get Cole to give him a hand for leverage, but to no avail. The champ tries to egg him on a little bit with the help of the crowd, and Cole finally obliges until the ref admonishes him for it!

Menard escapes from the hold finally before turning things around on the champ, tagging in The Butcher who goes on the attack as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Butcher stays in control as he takes the champion down with some hard offense, and then tags in Daddy Magic for even more damage. Menard goes to town on the champ, wearing him down before tagging Butcher back in, the big man locking in an abdominal stretch of his own on MJF as we come back!

MJF is in a bad way here as Butcher reaches for some leverage from Menard, distracting the ref enough for the champ to force his way out of the hold the hard way! Menard has MJF locked in the same hold now as MJF calls for Cole to help, and Cole points out the Butcher which stops the hold when MJF escapes again…only for the Butcher to get a tag in and cut him off from tagging in Cole!

One more tag to Menard now, but MJF finally gets the tag to Cole! Cole with a neckbreaker on Menard, but a double clothesline is intercepted by The Butcher…who ends up taking a superkick sending him out of the ring! Menard fights back but is met with a similar fate. MJF calls for a tag but Cole refuses, hitting the Boom for the pin and the win instead!

Winners via pinfall and advancing in the Blind Eliminator Tournament: MJF & Adam Cole

In-Ring: MJF, Adam Cole

MJF calls for the music to be cut as he gets the crowd to let out some noise, before telling Cole to “do the thing” and putting over the “We’re Better Than You Bay Bay” catchphrase. MJF says he wants to do another Bro Session, to which Cole reluctantly accepts. With that, MJF sets up an impromptu birthday party for Cole, complete with a “modest” cake.

Cole tries to shut this all down but MJF insists Cole “make a wish”…and MJF tries to playfully shove Cole’s face into the cake, but Cole turns it around on him, shoving the champ’s face into the cake instead! Cole says with all sincerity that he appreciates the birthday bash, saying “thank you my friend” before leaving the ring.

Backstage: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

Backstage, Renee checks in with Britt Baker ahead of her match against Ruby Soho asking what Baker has to say about Ruby’s comments last week. Baker says Ruby lied last week, stating there are two things she can never take away…she will always be the face of this division, and she will always be the first-ever women’s Owen Hart Cup winner. Baker says she might just have to win the whole thing again, and it’s a shame they meet in the first round this time.

Backstage: Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Daniel Garcia

Backstage, Renee is with the JAS of Jericho, Garcia, and Guevara, the latter two questioning Jericho’s “maybe” earlier in the night. Renee reveals that Garcia and Guevara have been paired up in the Blind Eliminator Tournament, which Jericho says is great because it may be time to determine a new leader since they can’t be with him forever.

Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Quarterfinals
Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. vs. Ruby Soho

Back at ringside, Britt Baker makes her way to the ring for our next contest. This is followed by the arrival of Ruby Soho, accompanied by The Outcasts as she heads to the ring. With that, this match gets underway!

The pair trade holds until Baker takes Soho down, but Ruby is in control with a side headlock before Baker takes her back down. Ruby escapes to the outside for a breather as the crowd cheer Baker on, and Ruby heads back in to get after Baker. They trade holds once again, wiht Baker taking the upper hand until Ruby sends her to the ropes…but it’s Baker with a shoulder tackle, sending Ruby to the canvas! Baker hits the ropes, catching Ruby with a Sling Blade followed by a neck wringer, forcing Ruby to head to the outside again…but Ruby drags Baker out of the ring, where the other Outcasts confront her before Ruby takes her down with an STO to the floor as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Ruby is firmly in control of the situation here, leaning Baker up against the ropes before distracting the ref as Saraya sneaks in a cheap shot. Ruby with some stomps to Baker in the corner now, as Baker tries to fight back to her feet…which she does, hitting some stomps and forearms before being taken down hard by Ruby for a nearfall! Ruby locks in a full nelson on Baker, who struggles to get out of the hold as the Outcasts taunt her from ringside. Baker slowly makes it to her feet, and things start turning around as we come back from break!

Baker hits a few forearms before taking Ruby down with a neckbreaker…only for Ruby to stomp her foot before hitting a big right hand! Baker hits a swinging neckbreaker but only gets a nearfall for her efforts. Baker grabs a glove, slipping it on as she stares down the Outcasts on the outside. Turning her attention to Ruby turns out to be an issue as Soho rolls her up for a nearfall, and Toni Storm grabs Baker’s foot right before a Saito Suplex gets Ruby another nearfall! Ruby heads up top, looking for the double foot stomp but Baker rolls away, hitting a thrust kick and rolling into a backslide.

It’s just a nearfall but Baker turns it into the Lockjaw, only for Saraya to distract the ref! Ruby slams Baker into the ceremonial title as Storm holds it, but even this just gets a nearfall! Ruby is furious as she looks for the Lockjaw on Baker, who is fighting out as best she can before getting to the ropes. Ruby rolls back to stop it, but Baker catches her with the Lockjaw instead! Ruby struggles as Storm and Saraya pull Ruby out to stop the hold!

Baker deals with the Outcasts on the outside before heading back into the ring…but Ruby catches Baker in a pinning combination with a little leverage from Storm for the pin and the win to advance!

Winner via pinfall and advancing in the Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament: Ruby Soho

Ruby escapes to the ramp with the Outcasts, promising to take what’s rightfully hers…but the Outcasts have cleared out as Skye Blue arrives to stare down her future opponent! Ruby backs away before leaving, and Blue has a big smile on her face as a result.

Kenny Omega vs. Wheeler Yuta

Back at ringside, it is time for our main event as Wheeler Yuta makes his way to the ring first. This is followed by the arrival of Kenny Omega to a big pop from the crowd, eager to get his first win since Don Callis betrayed him as he heads to the ring. Omega is still taped up from his brutal match against Will Ospreay at Forbidden Door, but looks ready to go as this match gets underway…when Yuta blindsides him!

Yuta is in control early on, laying into the Best Bout Machine in different corner before Omega turns things around, looking to show how brutal he can still be with some stomps on Yuta in the corner. Yuta turns it around before being sent to the corner, and dropped to the canvas twice over for a nearfall by Omega!

Omega stays on the attack, but things quickly go tit for tat as they exchange strikes on each other. Omega lifts up Yuta for the rolling forward slam but is hurt from the impact…and that gives Yuta an opening to strike hard and fast, before taking Omega down with a dropkick from the corner and a dive to the outside!

Yuta gets to his feet before bringing Omega up, sending him into the barricade not once but twice before breaking up the ref’s count. He follows up with a big neckbreaker on Omega to the floor, before sliding back into the ring to the chagrin of the crowd. Omega slowly getting back to a vertical base and then to the apron, where he trades blows with Yuta before looking for a suplex…but Yuta hits an elbow on him instead, hanging him up on the top rope!

Yuta rips the cover off the middle turnbuckle, driving Omega’s head into the exposed steel as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Yuta is now firmly in control here, beating the Best Bout Machine up some more before sending him to the outside. Yuta follows him out, sending Kenny face first into the ring post before bringing him back into the ring for a senton and a nearfall! Yuta follows up with a chinlock, keeping Omega at bay as he tries to fight out of the hold…but Yuta drops him down for a nearfall instead! Yuta goes right back to the chinlock now, but Kenny is working harder to break free as we come back from break!

Yuta still going to work on the head and neck of Omega, but a senton is a no go as Omega drives his knees into the back of Yuta! Kenny is fighting back as he gets to his feet, and is starting to get back in the swing of things before both men are down on the canvas! The ref begins the count but both men are able to get to their feet before exchanging strikes…and this ends with a fisherman buster by Omega for a nearfall!

Omega sets up for a V-Trigger, but is sent to the ropes by Yuta instead before getting dropped to the canvas, but Yuta only gets a nearfall for this. Yuta heads to the turnbuckle, climbing up top before Omega intercepts him. Omega sets Yuta up on the top turnbuckle now, and hits a big superplex sending Yuta to the canvas! Omega with the cover, but Yuta kicks out at two!

Omega brings Yuta to his knees but is hit with an elbow strike, which becomes an exchange between both men before Omega hits a hard chop sending Yuta into the ropes…only for Yuta to bounce back from it, getting a nearfall off a German suplex but holding the waistlock! He goes for another German suplex, and the third one is stopped as he’s sent to the corner by Omega. Yuta fights back but is sent to the corner…only to catch Omega with a waistlock. Omega fights out of the German suplex and hits a knee to the back, followed by TWO snap dragon suplexes. Yuta fights out of a hold by Omega, but is met with a V-Trigger by Omega…who looks for the One-Winged Angel!

Yuta fights out of it, going for a seatbelt pin but gets a nearfall…and Yuta hits another V-Trigger, but still only gets a nearfall! Omega is ready to finish things with yet another V-Trigger but is stopped by Don Callis rushing to ringside! The ref has to deal with the situation as well as officials, leaving an opening for Takeshita to rush in and attack Omega…but he kicks out of a cover by Yuta all the same!

Yuta heads to the turnbuckle, but Omega intercepts him with an One-Winged Angel for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Kenny Omega

There is no celebration however, as Claudio rushes in to beat down Omega! Takeshita joins in, until the rest of The Elite come rushing down to the ring to even things out! Claudio gets hit with a BTE Trigger and they look to have Page hit Claudio with a chair…but the Dark Order rush to the ring, pulling the chair away as the show comes to a chaotic close!