Kevin Owens & Liv Morgan Reportedly Dealing with Legit Injuries

Monday’s WWE RAW show in Tampa, Florida featured both Kevin Owens and Liv Morgan suffering storyline injuries at the hands of Judgement Day. Owens suffered a rub injury at the hands of Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley and Morgan suffered a shoulder injury at the hands of Ripley.

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp reported that his sources stated that the reason for Owens’ injury storyline is due to him recently had suffered a legitimate injury.

Dave Meltzer reported in a recent episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio that his sources provided more details about Owens’ injury situation. Meltzer reported that Owens has been working through a fractured rib injury for “a while.” WWE officials reportedly waited until after they finished up their current storyline for Owens before writing him out so that he could go on a break for a rest and recovery. Meltzer reported that it is currently not known how long Owens will be out of action nor the status of his and Sami Zayn’s Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship.

In regards to Morgan, Bryan Alvarez reported in the same episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio that his sources stated that Morgan recently suffered a legitimate shoulder injury. Alvarez reported that while Ripley targeting Morgan’s left shoulder for a storyline injury, it was her right shoulder that was actually injured recently. Alvarez reported the severity nor cause of Morgan’s left shoulder injury is currently not known.