AEW All In Post-Show Media Scrum: CM Punk & Jack Perry Update, Two New Matches for All Out, WrestleDream Announced

AEW held a post-show media scrum following Sunday’s All In event at Wembley Stadium in London, England.

Some of the notable highlights included:

  • As noted before, CM Punk and Jack Perry were involved in a physical altercation backstage at AEW’s All In event earlier today. During his portion of the media scrum, AEW CEO Tony Khan confirmed that there was a backstage incident and it is currently being investigated by AEW officials. No other details regarding the incident nor Khan confirming that Punk and Perry were involved were given. Khan stated “I can’t comment on it at this time beyond what I’m about to say. Yes, there was an incident backstage before we went live on tonight’s show. We are investigating it, and until I learn more about what happened, I can’t comment on it at this time, but I did want to be honest with you and tell you that that is the case.
  • In regards to the ticket sales for AEW All In, Khan stated that it broke the record for highest paid event in wrestling history with around 90,000 in attendance. Khan stated that the breakdown was 81,305 paid and the rest as comp tickets.
  • During his portion of the media scrum, MJF stated that he participated in the biggest main event in pro wrestling history and can say that earnestly and honestly. MJF also stated that AEW’s locker room is misfits who do not always get along but they come together to put together the best wrestling shows anyone has ever seen. MJF also stated that he is proud of both himself and every single “ditzy, weirdo nutjob motherf**er” in the locker room because they put on the best shows of our lifetime.
  • On the topic of a potential future AEW show in Mexico, MJF stated “I want to go to Aztec Stadium so fucking bad. It’s not up to me, but you can fit a whole lot of people in Aztec Stadium. I love the Mexican people, I love the Mexican culture, and boy do I love Mexican food. I’m going to let him take that question now and I pray to God that I just peer pressured the fuck out of him into saying maybe or yes.” Khan responded stating “I think he nailed it. That’s a great venue and there are so many great venues. That is a great idea and it’s something to consider. That’s absolutely something we would like to do under the right circumstances. We have some great partners in Lucha Libre and I think that’s an exciting idea.” MJF responded back stating “Mexican people love the champ.
  • Adam Cole joined in mid-way into MJF’s portion of the media scrum which resulted in MJF praising Cole for his toughness over coming back from his difficult concussion injury. Khan also praised Cole and stated that had Cole never been able to return to the ring, he would have made sure Cole would have been paid every dime in his contract. Khan stated “You came back purely for the love of the game. I think it’s fair to say this wasn’t money motivated or greed motivated. If you don’t mind me saying, I would have paid you every fucking dime, even if you never stepped in the ring again. That’s what I told you. I wanted you to feel no pressure to step into the ring and put your safety at stake. I wanted you to know that you were getting every fucking dime of that contract. You came back because you love pro wrestling and you wanted to be here. That’s what makes this so special. Thank you.
  • During his portion of the media scrum, Orange Cassidy stated that he wanted to be included in the Stadium Stampede match since it meant everything to them but also felt a bit weird not defending his AEW International Championship at All In. Cassidy then requested to defend his title at this Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite show. Khan granted Cassidy’s request and stated he will defend his title against Penta El Zero Miedo at Wednesday’s Dynamite show. Khan also stated that the winner of this match will defend the belt against Jon Moxley at next Sunday’s All Out 2023 event.
  • During their portion of the media scrum, Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita requested for a singles match between Takeshita and Kenny Omega at next Sunday’s All Out 2023 event. Khan granted their request making the match official for the event.
  • During her portion of the media scrum, Saraya stated that she had thought she would never get to wrestle again until Tony Khan had called her to see asking if she wanted to work for AEW. Saraya stated that Khan was so positive to her and was the motivation to start getting back in the gym and wanted to be part of it so bad.
  • On the topic of her AEW Women’s World Championship victory, Saraya stated that she never thought she would become the AEW Women’s Champion and was so excited to be in Wembley with her family and to have Queen for her special entrance theme.
  • On the topic of if there will be a sequel to her Fighting For My Family biographical film, Saraya stated “There could be something in the future, we’ll see. I will say, right now, I am writing a book and today was the end of my story. Tony had no idea about this, but I walked up to him in the Go position and was like, ‘you have no idea what you’ve just done for me.’ I’ve been through a lot and it’s been very well-documented and highs and lows and everything like that. I needed something really special and I wasn’t going to let the book go out until something really special happened. He just completed my book for me.
  • On the topic of Mercedes Mone being in the crowd during the show, Khan stated “She’s not cleared, Mercedes Mone. It was great to have her here. She last competed for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, so I thought it would be excellent to have one of the top international stars in all of pro wrestling here. The last time we saw her compete, she was competing against Willow Nightingale and there is a lot of exciting international pro wrestling. I thought it would be great to have her here to see all the matches, but she’s not cleared. I thought it would be good to have her take in the show. Definitely, a lot of potential things could happen there, and I know New Japan Pro Wrestling has had great experiences working with her and I thought it would be great, given that she’s not cleared, but wanted to take in the biggest paid pro wrestling crowd of all time and see what AEW is all about. I thought it would be good for her to be here, but obviously she’s not wrestling or cleared or doing anything anytime soon. For the world champion, there is all kinds of people who want to take a shot at you.” Saraya responded stating “That’s right, bring her on. I saw her and thought, ‘Okay, she’s going to be watching, great.’ We already have history. I wanted to win the championship in front of her, honestly. I know if she were to ever come in, she’s going to try and get this. I say, absolutely, bring her on. Mercedes, if you’re watching this, we can’t wait for you to finally join us.
  • On the topic of future events in the United Kingdom, Khan stated that he likes to build traditions in AEW and that Bank Holiday weekend in the U.K. will now be an AEW in London tradition going forward. Khan stated that he does not want to give up AEW’s current tradition of Labor Day weekend in Chicago.
  • On the topic of Warner Bros Discovery, Khan stated that AEW has had a lot of discussions with WBD following Warner Bros and Discovery’s merger and also talks regarding potential future AEW events on MAX.
  • Khan also stated that AEW will be holding a new event called WrestleDream on October 1st at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, Washington. Khan stated that this will be held in honor of the first year anniversary of Antonio Inoki’s passing and his impact as being “wrestling’s greatest dreamer.” Khan also stated that he is currently hopeful that New Japan Pro Wrestling will be involved with this upcoming event.
  • On the topic of this year’s Full Gear event, Khan stated that it will be taking place on November 18th at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California.

AEW All In post-show media scrum full video:

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