AEW Dynamite Results – Aug. 2, 2023 – Storm vs. Shida

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August 2, 2023
Tampa, Florida – Yuengling Center
Commentary: Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone

Quick Match Results

  1. Chris Jericho & Konosuke Takeshita defeated Sammy Guevara & Daniel Garcia via pinfall by Jericho on Garcia after Don Callis hit Garcia with a bat
  2. Anything Goes Three Way Match: Trent Beretta defeated Jon Moxley andPenta El Zero Miedo via stealing the pin on Penta after Moxley hit him with a Paradigm Shift
  3. Trios Match: The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) defeated Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett & Satnam Singh via One Winged Angel by Omega on Lethal
  4. ROH World Tag Team Championship: Aussie Open (c) defeated El Hijo Del Vikingo & Komander via Coriolis on Komander
  5. AEW Women’s World Championship: Hikaru Shida defeated Toni Storm (c) via roll up – New Champion

Chris Jericho & Konosuke Takeshita vs. Sammy Guevara & Daniel Garcia

Pyro kicks us off for our 200th edition of AEW Dynamite, as we head to ringside for our opening contest! Out first is Chris Jericho and Konosuke Takeshita, accompanied by Don Callis as they head to the ring. Highlights of Jericho’s run on Dynamite are shown before Sammy Guevara and Daniel Garcia step out, eager to show their strength without the “brand” of the Jericho Appreciation Society in this match.

We start off with Jericho and Guevara, as the Ocho takes Sammy down with a shoulder tackle…only for Guevara to kip up! The two go at it until Sammy takes Jericho down with a dropkick, but Jericho responds with some hard chops. Guevara takes it right back to him with a knee strike to the face before tagging in Garcia, the pair double teaming Jericho before posing for the crowd to Jericho’s annoyance.

Jericho and Garcia lay into each other with strikes until Garcia fights off Jericho’s with some dancing, which he does after taking the Ocho down to the canvas. Jericho tells Garcia off before tagging in Takeshita…who deals with a dancing fool in Garcia after some hard strikes. Takeshita takes Garcia down for a nearfall, mocking him in the process before tagging Jericho back into the match. Double team leads to a suplex by Jericho for a nearfall.

Takeshita gets involved before Jericho hits another suplex for another nearfall, bringing him to his feet to lay in some forearms…until Garcia starts fighting back! Garcia hits the ropes, where Callis catches his foot leading to Jericho taking him down hard as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Jericho continues the attack on Garcia, taking him from corner to corner as he taunts Garcia and the crowd in equal measures. Garcia fights back, but is kept from making the tag as Takeshita gets involved. He wears down Garcia before locking in an abdominal stretch, getting a little leverage from Jericho before the ref admonishes him. It continues a little longer before Takeshita hits a backbreaker on Garcia, tagging Jericho back in to continue the fight as we come back!

Jericho continues the attack until Garcia starts fighting back, only for the Ocho to take him down before going for a Lionsault…landing on the knees of Garcia! Garcia reaches and crawls, finally getting a tag to Guevara as Takeshita comes in…only to get dropped with a cross body by Guevara, who dives onto Jericho and Takeshita after both men end up on the outside! Guevara brings Takeshita back into the ring, hitting a splash off the top rope for a nearfall before Jericho breaks it up!

Jericho and Guevara get to shoving each other until Garcia rushes in, going after Jericho…but Takeshita comes in next, taking him down before locking in the “Walls of Takeshita” on Guevara! Sammy refuses to give up however, as Jericho tags back in. Guevara manages to get a tag in, but runs into a Codebreaker by Jericho for a nearfall!

Garcia starts to fight back, taking Jericho down for the cover until Takeshita breaks it up, leading to chaos until Guevara ends up hitting a shooting star press onto Takeshita! Back in the ring, Garcia drops Jericho and locks him in a Dragontamer as Guevara keeps Takeshita at bay…but Callis gets involved, hitting Garcia in the head with a bat! Jericho catches wind of this, shouting at Callis who tells him to get the cover…and Jericho reluctantly does, taking the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Chris Jericho and Konosuke Takeshita

Backstage: Tony Khan

We cut backstage, where Tony Khan hypes the 200 episodes of AEW Dynamite, looking at the great people involved in its history.

Video Package: AEW Dynamite and the people involved over the 199 episodes leading up to tonight’s milestone edition

Backstage: Chris Jericho, Daddy Magic

Renee is backstage with Jericho, who is cut off by Daddy Magic announcing a “mandatory meeting of the Jericho Appreciation Society.” Jericho walks off.

In-Ring: Jack Perry, Jerry Lynn, Rob Van Dam

We go back to ringside, where Tony Schiavone welcomes the FTW Champion, Jack Perry…who grabs the microphone from Tony, telling Jerry Lynn to get out to the ring.

Jerry Lynn comes out to the ring with a mic of his own, telling “Jungle” he doesn’t run the show before saying he won’t come down there and beat up Perry because that would be child abuse. Lynn says he also doesn’t run the show around here, and the doctors won’t be able to clear him…but he called up a good friend who also happens to have wrestled for ECW, and happens to still wrestle.

With that…Rob Van Dam comes out to the stage, with “Walk” by Pantera playing him out to a big pop from the crowd, who chant his initials as RVD heads to the ring, staring down the FTW Champion standing across from him…before Perry leaves the ring, heading up the ramp as Lynn meets his old friend and rival in the ring. Suddenly, Perry comes back to the ring with a steel chair, only to be cut off before he escapes to the crowd!

Video Promos: Hikaru Shida, Toni Storm

Anything Goes Three Way Match
Jon Moxley vs. Trent Beretta vs. Penta El Zero Miedo

Back at ringside, Trent Beretta heads to the ring for our next match. Out next is Penta el Zero Miedo, followed by the arrival of Jon Moxley through the crowd toward ringside, where Trent launches himself at Mox before this match gets underway!

Penta launches himself at Trent next, and things are already getting chaotic at the start of this bout before Mox brings Trent into the ring, laying into him as Penta brings a trashcan into the ring…slamming Mox on the head with it! He follows suit with a lid shot to the cranium of Beretta, but Mox interrupts him as he plays to the crowd!

Mox leaves the ring, reaching under for a barbed wire 2×4 that he brings into the ring…only for Penta to go after him! Trent interrupts a Fear Factor with a trashcan lid to the head, but Mox takes advantage of the opening by driving the 2×4 into the head before spiking Trent with a piledriver onto it! King Kong Lariat by Mox gets reversed into a suplex by Trent, before Penta pulls the Best Friend out of the ring.

A couple tables are set up at ringside, as Penta lays Trent across one of them…but as he gets up to the top turnbuckle, he’s intercepted by Mox who drops him to the floor! Trent is back up now, climbing the turnbuckle before bringing Mox crashing through the tables with a superplex as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: All three men are laid out at ringside as Penta makes his way back into the ring, while Mox and Trent have not started stirring yet. Penta leaves the ring to grab another couple tables from outside as Mox is finally back on his feet, getting back into the ring where Penta goes after him…only for Trent to get involved! This ends up with Moxfinally getting back up, setting a table against the turnbuckle before Trent stops him with a trashcan as Penta gets back to his feet. Things are very evenly matched as we come back!

We see Penta and Trent working together against Mox, but that is short-lived as Penta sends Trent onto the table. Penta climbs up the turnbuckle but is met by Beretta, only for Penta to send him through a table with a Canadian Destroyer…before Mox sends him through the table in the corner with a shoulder tackle!

Mox looks to be in control as he grabs a bag, unveiling a whole lotta thumbtacks as he drops them onto the canvas. Mox setting Penta up for the Death Rider, but penta looks for the Fear Factor…NO! Mox gets the Gotch Style Piledriver on Penta onto the thumbtacks, but it’s only enough for a nearfall!

Mox brings Penta up and drops him back into the tacks, followed by a cutter on Trent…who responds with a backpack driver on Mox onto the tacks! Trent with the cover…but Penta throws the trashcan at Trent to break the count! All three men get back to their feet now, trading strikes until Trent takes a kick by Penta and a lariat by Mox!

Penta and Mox trade blows now, before Mox hits the Paradigm Shift on Penta…only to get taken down by a Trent knee strike, with Trent covering Penta for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Trent Beretta

Trent doesn’t get long to celebrate as Mox is back up, going for a choke on him as BCC arrive at ringside…only to be countered by the arrival of Best Friends! Things turn to chaos as the two groups go at it, before BCC escape the ring. Chuck grabs a microphone, calling BCC out for a Parking Lot Brawl at Rampage in Jacksonville!

Backstage: Rob Van Dam

Backstage, Renee talks to Rob Van Dam about his confrontation with Jack Perry…and RVD challenges Perry to an FTW Championship match next week on Dynamite! He talks about what he may or may not do after he beats “Jungle Jerk” next week.

In-Ring: MJF, Adam Cole

Back at ringside, AEW World Champion MJF heads down to the ring itself to address a few things as of late, looking a little more…chipper?…than usual, given his apparent change of heart. MJF says he’s a little emotional, and wants to have a real heart to heart with everyone in Tampa at watching at home. MJF brings up his attention deficit disorder, and dealing with how hard it was to deal with rejection due to RSD, and being bullied for it.

He goes into the day that a bunch of kids bullied him with quarters and slurs, something MJF still remembers to this day. He became a scumbag after believing that was the only way to survive in this world, and admits that being a scumbag is easy…what’s hard is being vulnerable and open with emotions.

The champ says he was afraid of being booed for being open with the fans…but he isn’t scared anymore. The fans taught him that they do care about Max, and that they have sympathy for the devil. He’s not gonna change overnight, after all he’s still a scumbag…but he is THEIR scumbag! The crowd pop big for this, chanting “he’s our scumbag” much to his amusement, before MJF addresses the person who taught that living with hate in your heart ain’t no way of living at all… his best friend Adam Cole, bay bay!

Adam Cole arrives to the stage, walking down the ramp to the ring before getting a microphone. Cole says MJF continues to impress him, to which the champ says he’s pretty damn impressive. Cole gives the champ props for his hard work and for the man he’s becoming, sharing his story…but Max is not alone. For years, Cole was a jerk because he thought that was what he needed to succeed and because he was scared of being the man he was meant to be…and Max is becoming the man he needs to be.

The people cheer for the champ not only because he’s one of the best pro wrestlers in the world, but because they see the good man he’s becoming. Not only is Cole proud of Max, but the people are proud of him as well. Max thanks him for the kind words and for wearing the new Better Than You Bay Bay t-shirt, but he called Cole out because the champ made him a promise…win, lose, or draw, Max would give Cole another shot at the AEW World Championship. Max has been thinking about it long and hard…and has decided he doesn’t deserve a match. At least, not just any match…but THE match. In front of the most historic crowd in the history of our sport, on the most historic night, the main event for the AEW World Championship…at All In!

Max presents a contract for Cole to sign, to which Cole obliges! Cole sets it down after signing, telling Max he loves him…and Max loves Cole too, leading to the two men hugging it out to a big pop! We get a graphic on the screen as the two enjoy a little jawjacking before playing to the crowd as their tag music plays.

We cut backstage where Roderick Strong is angry about the friendliness of MJF, only for The Kingdom to approach him briefly before leaving.

Trios Match
The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) vs. Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett & Satnam Singh

Back at ringside, The Elite of Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks head to the ring for our next contest. Out next are Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, and Sutnam Singh along with Karen Jarrett and Sonjay Dutt before this match gets underway!

We start off with Omega and Jarrett, a clash between two former TNA World Champions (sorta) as Jarrett gets a side headlock on Omega before dropping him to the canvas. Tag made to Lethal before Omega wrenches his arm, with Matt tagging himself in for more damage before Nick tags in as well.

Tags are more frequent as Matt comes back in, demanding Sutnam Singh be tagged in…and when he does, Matt thinks better of it, only for Omega and Nick to walk away! Singh goes after him until Nick tags back in after all, but Singh takes both men down easily before he, Jarrett, and Lethal taunt the crowd as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Jarrett comes back in, firmly in control of the situation as he goes after Nick against the ropes. He’s admonished by the ref but gets away, going back on the attack before tagging Lethal in for more damage. Lethal keeps Nick at bay with a dropkick after an arm drag attempt by Nick, before Lethal takes him to the corner for some hard stomps. Nick starts to fight back, but to no avail as Lethal hits a backbreaker for a nearfall. Tag made to Jarrett as the two double-team Nick before we go back from break!

Jarrett gets caught with a superkick that really rocks him, leading to Nick making the tag to Omega as Jarrett tags back to Lethal…who gets dropped with a fireman carry by Omega, only for Singh to try and stop him! The Bucks stop Singh but that was enough for Lethal to avoid the double stomp, only for a Lethal Injection to be countered into a superkick by the Bucks! And now it’s a full-on superkick party against Jarrett and Singh as well!

Omega tries to lift Singh up for a One-Winged Angel as Karen distracts the ref…but Dutt gets involved, leading to a Lethal Combination by Jay! Brandon intercepts Karen, Dutt intercepts Brandon, and now the Hardys are out as Jarrett tries to hit Omega with a guitar…only to take a Buckshot Lariat by Page who runs in! Lethal grabs the guitar and a tag, but is intercepted by Omega who gets dropped with a One-Winged Angel giving the Elite the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: The Elite

Omega grabs a microphone, telling Page to “tell them what’s on your mind”…leading to Page confirming the group have re-signed, and to look forward to the next 200 episodes of Dynamite. Omega cuts his usual “goodbye and good night” speech talking about seeing the fans whether on Dynamite, Rampage, or maybe even Collision before The Elite head up the ramp to the back.

Segment: Swerve Strickland, AR Fox, Nick Wayne

We cut to footage of The Mogul Embassy paying a visit to the Buddy Wayne Academy to check in on Nick Wayne…which leads to a beat down at the Academy! They’re especially vicious toward Nick, telling him to give Darby a call so they can taunt him from a distance as the ghosts of his past, hanging up the call as they leave a bloodied Nick Wayne behind.

ROH World Tag Team Championship
Aussie Open (c) vs. El Hijo Del Vikingo & Komander

We start off with Fletcher and Vikingo, both showing off their high flying prowess before Vikingo takes Fletcher out of the ring with a headscissors. Davis comes running in as Komander tags in, leading to Davis and Fletcher regrouping before Davis tags in. Davis uses his power before tagging Fletcher back in, the two men going after Komander until the luchador starts fighting back…only for Fletcher to take him down for a nearfall!

Komander starts fighting back again, this time going for a rope walk until Fletcher stops him…but Komander sends HIM to the outside instead! Davis comes running in but is cut off by Komander and Vikingo before being sent out. Fletcher is back in but is taken down hard, leading to a hanging legdrop on Fletcher on the apron…and a double dive onto Aussie Open!

But it’s intercepted, and Aussie Open drive them back-to-back to get the advantage as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The champs are in control now as Davis tags in, laying into Komander for a nearfall. Davis stays on the attack here, but gets another nearfall for his efforts before Davis hoists Komander up and Fletcher tags in. Fletcher catches Vikingo before covering Komander, but the luchador still has fight in him as he kicks out! Tag made to Davis who runs in with a senton, but Komander evades it as Vikingo leaps into action with a tag and gets a nearfall as we come back from break!

Anti-Air by Aussie Open drops Vikingo, but he kicks out all the same! Fletcher is frustrated as Vikingo avoids a double-team for a moment…only for a double elbow to take him down. Komander leaps into the ring to even the odds and Vikingo gets back into it, leading to a double rope walk moonsault on Aussie Open!

Komander and Vikingo are back in the ring as they hit a double 450 splash on Davis…but Fletcher breaks it up! Fletcher sends Vikingo to the outside as Davis avoids a rope walk shooting star press by Komander, and tags in Fletcher as they hit a double lariat and the Coriolis for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall and still ROH World Tag Team Champions: Aussie Open

Video Package: CM Punk

Video Package: CM Punk puts the “Real World Championship” on the line against Ricky Starks on Collision, with Ricky Steamboat as a guest referee!

AEW Women’s World Championship
Toni Storm (c) vs. Hikaru Shida

The champion and challenger circle the ring before trading blows int he middle, with Toni getting an early advantage…but not for long, as Shida fights back! The action goes to the ropes, where Toni manages to get out of the ring for a breather with her fellow Outcasts as Shida waits in the ring. Toni heads back in the ring, where Shida goes back on the attack until Toni sends her to the ropes…only for Shida to take her down with a shoulder tackle!

Shida goes off on the champ with punches, flipping her onto her stomach for more damage until Storm reaches the ropes to force a break. Shida heads out, attacking Storm until the Outcasts shout at her…and Shida hits a big kick on Storm, before sending the champ into the barricade! Shida rolls into the ring to break the count before continuing the attack on the outside…until Storm drops her onto the barricade!

Storm sends Shida back into the ring as she goes on the offense now, only for the challenger to fight back with a suplex into the corner on Storm. Another suplex by Shida gets her back in control, but the champ pulls her hair to stop the momentum. Shida sent to the ropes as Storm hits a big hip attack, sending her flying to the outside…where the Outcasts are waiting, attacking while the ref is distracted.

Storm heads out to bring Shida back into the ring, but only gets a nearfall as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Storm is still firmly in control , sending Shida to the corner as she stomps away…but the challenger tries to fight back! But it’s no use as Storm rocks her, sending her headfirst into the cnavas as the Outcasts cheer her on from ringside. Storm with a cover but it’s only a nearfall, which annoys the champ as she goes back on the attack. Storm sends the challenger flying by her hair, before locking in a full nelson on the canvas as Shida struggles to break the hold…getting to her feet, where Storm just drops her before hitting a boot as we come back from break!

Shida in the corner as Storm goes for another hip attack…but Shida catches her with a German suplex instead! Enziguri followed by a running knee strike twice over gives Shida some hope now as she hits some punches on the champ in the corner. Shida keeps on it as Storm leaves the corner, only to take a missile dropkick that gets Shida a nearfall!

Shida goes up top, hitting a Meteora on Storm…but the champ kicks out! Shida sets Toni up on the top turnbuckle, looking for a superplex…but Ruby Soho gets a distraction in as Toni hits a DDT on the challenger! Shida heads to the corner but that only makes for bad news as Toni hits a hip attack and a Storm Zero…but Shida kicks out once again!

Storm brings Shida back to her feet, shoving her until Shida hits a forearm…and that leads to an exchange of blows between champ and challenger! Shida gets an upper hand but the champ sends her to her knees…only for Shida to hit a knee strike! Falcon Arrow on Toni Storm, but the challenger only gets a nearfall! Saraya grabs the kendo stick and slides it into the ring…only for Shida to grab it, nearly attacking the champ with it!

She thinks better of it, hitting Ruby with the kendo stick…but as the ref gets rid of the kendo stick, Toni hits her with the spray paint! But Shida kicks out! Toni tries to roll Shida up, but gets caught in a high stack as Shida GETS THE PIN AND THE WIN TO WIN THE TITLE!

Winner via pinfall and new AEW Women’s World Champion: Hikaru Shida

We get confetti marking the occasion as a shocked Toni Storm leaves the ring to regroup with the Outsiders as Shida celebrates her big win to close out this historic episode of Dynamite!