AEW Dynamite Results – Aug. 23, 2023 – Moxley vs. Fenix

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August 23, 2023
Duluth, Georgia – Gas South Arena
Commentary: Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone

Quick Match Results

  1. Jon Moxley defeated Rey Fenix via bulldog choke
  2. Tornado Tag Team Match: Darby Allin & Nick Wayne defeated Swerve Strickland & AR Fox via roll up by Wayne on Fox
  3. Ruby Soho defeated Skye Blue via Destination Unknown
  4. ROH World Tag Team Championship: Aussie Open (c) defeated The Hardys via Aussie Arrow on Jeff

In-Ring: The Elite, Bullet Club Gold, Konosuke Takeshita

Pyro kicks off an exciting Fyter Fest edition of AEW Dynamite as The Elite of Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks make their way to the ring for our opening contest! Out next are Bullet Club Gold…but The Elite rush up the ramp to intercept them!

The brawling continues at ringside until Juice and Nick get into the ring, where Juice is intercepted from hitting Nick with a steel chair by the ref…who gets knocked out! The Bucks superkick Juice out of the ring, but are cut off by The Gunns who keep Omega out before hitting a 3:10 to Yuma on Nick…but cannot do the same to Matt!

The chaos continues until we are left with Austin and Omega…before Jay White intervenes, only to take a V-Trigger for his troubles. Omega looks for another one, but is cut off with a lariat by an arriving Takeshita!

Takeshita goes after Omega as Bullet Club Gold go after the Bucks on the outside…until FTR’s music hits, signaling the arrival of the AEW World Tag Team Champions! FTR even things up at ringside as we see Takeshita taunting Omega in the ring, and hits a couple hard strikes before Omega takes him down. Omega looks for a One-Winged Angel, but Takeshita makes his escape before heading up the ramp.

Interview: MJF

We head backstage where Renee Paquette speaks with MJF about All In, with the AEW World Champion talking up the main event and the British crowd before touching on things with Adam Cole and teaming up to challenge for the ROH World Tag Team Championship during Zero Hour. The champ talks about feeling a lot of pressure, but saying that if he wins at All In he could become a giant himself when all is said and done.

We get a look back at the dynamic between MJF and Cole, including the issues that have shown up in the past couple weeks. MJF says Adam isn’t just his friend, he’s the champ’s brother…and at the end of the day brothers hug it out. MJF says he’s being vulnerable for the first time in his life, and asks the fans to be there with him in all of this.

Jon Moxley vs. Rey Fenix

We head back to ringside for our first actual match of the evening, as Jon Moxley makes his way out through the crowd toward ringside as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Mox arrives at the ring, gearing up for a big match against Rey Fenix with all other participants in Stadium Stampede barred from ringside for this match.

Back from the break, Rey Fenix makes his way to the ring as we look back at what led to the Stadium Stampede being announced last week for All In. The bell rings and this match is underway!

Mox goes on the attack early, laying in some hard strikes before Fenix starts to fight back with his agility…before hitting Mox with a dropkick that sends him out of the ring! Fenix picks things up with a strike on the apron before hitting a big dive on Mox that takes him to the floor…but Mox keeps Fenix from getting back in the ring, before tearing away at the luchador’s mask! The ref admonishes him for this and Mox backs off as Fenix tries to fix his mask…only to take a stomp to the floor by Mox!

Mox slides into the ring with not a care in the world as Fenix tries to recover, but Mox goes right back on the attack before sending Fenix into the barricade! Mox sends him back into the ring before going on the offensive again, but Fenix starts fighting back…until Mox dodges a kick off the ropes! Fenix avoids Mox’s fury a little longer but is taken down with a big lariat giving Mox a nearfall as we go to picture-in-picture once again!

Picture-in-Picture: Mox is back in control as he goes to work on the luchador at ringside, bringing Fenix all around before looking for a piledriver on the ramp…but Fenix reverses it into a back body drop sending Mox onto the ramp instead! Mox heads back into the ring as Fenix finds himself still trying to recover, heading toward the ring to save the match for himself…and taking a big kick by Mox for it, only Fenix manages to kick out! Mox gets right back into things with some hard lefts and rights on Fenix, still getting nearfalls a couple times over as we head back from break!

Mox goes after the arm of Fenix now, eventually bringing the luchador to his feet long enough to hit a piledriver for another close nearfall. Mox grabs the hands of Fenix before driving his boot into his face…but after he stops, Mox takes a big thrust kick to the face by Fenix! Ref starts a count as both men are struggling to their feet. They’re both up and Fenix starts to fight back until Mox gets a choke locked in…but Fenix fights out of it, hitting a dropkick and a cutter on Mox before getting a nearfall of his own!

Mox is brought to his feet and he makes Fenix nearly regret it…until the luchador hits a kick on Mox, followed by a frog splash…but Mox narrowly kicks out! Fenix lifts Mox for a fireman’s carry but Mox fights back with some elbows to the head…only for Fenix to counter out of the Death Rider for a nearfall! Fenix fights back once more, and they collide against each other as Mox hits an Anti-Air on the luchador!

The standing counts starts anew as Mox crawls for a second, getting to his knees as does Fenix…and they fight back up to their feet, before Mox lays into Fenix with some forearm strikes to the corner. Fenix with a thrust kick in the corner now, climbing up the turnbuckle…where he takes a right elbow by Mox!

Mox goes after the luchador on the top turnbuckle now, but Fenix fights him off long enough to look for a double underhook off the top…but Mox responds with a bite on the face! Mox sets Fenix up now, and hits an avalanche Death Rider…BUT FENIX KICKS OUT!

Mox is angry as he locks in a sleeper, trying to make Fenix pass out…but the luchador is fighting out of it! But not for long, and Fenix is out cold as the ref calls for the bell!

Winner via submission: Jon Moxley

BCC immediately enter the ringside area, sliding into the ring with crowbars looking to cause some damage before Penta and Kingston head to ringside. Ortiz shows up to cut them off, and then Santana’s music hits…and they go after Kingston and Penta! Things continue thusly until Best Friends arrive to even things up, and officials and medics are checking on Fenix after the crowbar attack in the ring.

EMTs come out as a stretcher is brought out to help Fenix, while we cut between Ortiz and Santana with BCC and Fenix being tended to before we cut to break.

Backstage: Eddie Kingston

Back from break we get a replay of what happened earlier, before we cut to the parking lot where Fenix is loaded into an ambulance. Renee comes around to interview Kingston, who tells her “you saw what your husband did” before promising to fix things at Wembley.

Backstage: Sammy Guevara, Daddy Magic, Cool Hand Ange, Daniel Garcia

Earlier today, Renee spoke with Sammy Guevara on the situation with Chris Jericho last week, before he’s confronted by the now-former JAS of Cool Hand Ang, Daddy Magic, and Daniel Garcia, who tell him not to be blinded by friendship before walking off.

In-Ring Contract Signing: Chris Jericho, Will Ospreay, Don Callis

Back at ringside, Tony Schiavone is standing by for the contract signing for the match between Chris Jericho and Will Ospreay at All In. Ospreay makes his way out first accompanied by Don Callis. Out next is Chris Jericho, with Sammy Guevara standing by his side as the Ocho makes his way to the ring while we get a recap of what happened last week between Jericho and Callis.

Tony goes over the paperwork before addressing the extra security, and then offers the pen and a microphone to Callis and Ospreay. The crowd boos Callis extra loud as he addresses what happened last week, saying what happened can be summed up in four words: “Will ‘By God’ Ospreay!” Callis made a deal to Ospreay because of the potential he could see, and was willing to throw away 34 years of friendship for it.

Callis runs Jericho down even more before handing the mic to Ospreay, calling the Ocho out asking if he’s taking this match seriously or using it as an excuse to get his band to play at Wembley. Ospreay talks about what this match and being in Wembley means to him, especially as he’s wrestling at an indy the day before…and looks to brag about beating Kenny Omega, Okada, and Chris Jericho in the course of mere months.

Ospreay mentions that soon his New Japan contract comes up, before hyping himself up as better than all the so-called greats of this business…including Chris Jericho. With that, Ospreay signs the contract before stepping away.

Jericho takes the mic from the table, talking about people running Ospreay down for his reckless wrestling style before Jericho gave him a call with advice to tone it down. He hypes the match at All In, bringing up that it was meant to happen at the Tokyo Dome in 2021 before the lockdown…but there’s no lockdown. Jericho says this match, this show is bigger than any WrestleMania or any Tokyo Dome show, before running down the people on the Internet who talk trash to him on a regular basis…and promises he’s going to be the best Chris Jericho he’s ever been, before signing the contract.

Afterward, Jericho tells Ospreay not to make him regret giving him that advice…and this is enough for Ospreay to go off, with the staff holding both men back before things get any crazier as we go to break.

Interview: Adam Cole

We head to an interview between Renee Paquette and Adam Cole, taking a look back at the budding friendship between him and MJF over the past few weeks. Cole says it’s bizarre, but he appreciates that Max helped Adam find himself again. Renee talks about both matches at All In and asks what Cole things of the World Championship in particular.

Cole says he doesn’t just want to win, he needs to win. We also get into the situation between Cole and Roderick Strong, and we note the teasing of double-cross from Cole over the past few weeks. Cole, frustrated about being asked about this, decides that he’s done with the interview before walking off.

Tornado Tag Team Match
Darby Allin & Nick Wayne vs. Swerve Strickland & AR Fox

Back at ringside, Darby Allin and Nick Wayne head to the ring for our next match. Out next are Swerve Strickland and AR Fox as they head to the ring…where Darby and Nick charge at them as the match gets underway!

Swerve and Fox are quick to fight back, with the action staying on the outside for a while after an imploding 450 splash by Fox. Swerve and Nana talk Nick down as they beat him down in front of his mother who’s watching in the front row…but he and Darby start fighting back, with Nick Wayne hitting a double Wayne’s World on them before Darby drops down with a Coffin Drop as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Darby goes for the cover but only gets a nearfall. Swerve and Fox quickly take control of the match again, continuing the beatdown at ringside as Fox sends Darby over the barricade before diving onto him. Swerve taunts Nick by documenting the damage being done on a phone, as Fox continues the attack on Darby with some hard strikes before we come back from break!

The action finally makes its way back to ringside now as Fox and Swerve trade off their targets, with Swerve bringing Darby back into the ring as Fox brings Nick in…before they both take some hard offense! Nick looks for a Wayne’s World again but is taken down hard with an assisted powerbomb…but Darby breaks the count!

Darby sends Swerve out of the ring and hits a dive, grabbing a chair nearby to set Swerve up on…before Fox takes him down! Swerve goes up on the apron, hitting a Swerve Stomp on Darby to the floor! Nick is bloodied as he gets to his feet, but Fox and Swerve go back on the attack as Fox takes him down for a nearfall. Fox goes after him again, but Nick kicks out once again to stay in the match. Swerve hits a big kick on Wayne here…but HE only gets a two count! Double-team on Nick Wayne now, a big boot sending him to the canvas before Fox climbs up the turnbuckle for a 450 splash…but Wayne kicks out!

More than that, he rolls Fox up in a pinning combo…and Darby holds Swerve down at ringside long enough for Nick Wayne to get the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Darby Allin and Nick Wayne

Darby and Nick head up the ramp to the back as Swerve says this is so disappointing…referring to Fox, and running him down before saying this was a test. Nana tries to calm Swerve down but to no avail, before Swerve says he can’t trust Fox…and tells Nana to handle his light work. Nana says that on behalf of the Mogul Embassy, AF Fox has been fired…leading to a beatdown by Brian Cage!

But here comes Darby, Nick, and STIIIING to stop things! Mogul Embassy head up the ramp as Darby calls Swerve out before offering a hand to AR Fox to reconcile. Darby wants to know who else Swerve has coming into the Coffin Match at All In…and Christian Cage and Luchasaurus make their way to the ramp.

Christian introduces himself to Nick Wayne, saying he understands his story and that he has a father who passed away…before running down Buddy Wayne, and saying Nick should stay away from All In, because it’d be a shame for him to see the coffin door close on someone he loves for the second time.

Christian Cage ends things by offering to be a mentor figure to Nick Wayne, still referring to himself as the TNT Champion (despite Luchasaurus being the official titleholder).

Interview: The Young Bucks, FTR

We cut to an face-to-face interview between FTR and The Young Bucks, briefly addressing what happened earlier tonight before going into the AEW World Tag Team Championship match set between them at All In. They hype up the win each team has before going into the matter of legacies, with Dax going in on how hard he works for his family.

The Bucks cut him off, addressing the fact they helped bring FTR into AEW in the first place…and an unfortunate tech issue at Kahrs HQ led to me missing the rest of this interview. Sorry, folks!

Skye Blue vs. Ruby Soho

Video Package: Whole lotta hype for the AEW Women’s World Championship match at All In!

Ruby Soho heads to the ring for our next match, as does Skye Blue…but Ruby goes on the attack before this match gets underway!

Ruby is in firm control early on, beating down Skye before the rookie starts to fight back…only to be slammed down by her hair by Soho. Ruby continues the attack until Skye fights out of the corner, sending Ruby to the outside before hitting a cross body off the apron as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Ruby finds herself getting back in control despite Skye’s efforts, taking the rookie down hard before laying her out with a lariat for a nearfall. Ruby looks frustrated as she sends Skye to the corner, but Blue dodges a boot before taking Soho down with a kick! Skye hits a knee on Ruby as we come back!

And another! But now Ruby sends Skye over to the apron, only for Skye to hit a cross body on her for another nearfall. Skye looking for the Skyefall but Ruby fights out of it…but Skye hits a neckbreaker! But Ruby fights out of it, and they trade nearfalls back and forth!

Skye hits a kick and the Skyefall, but Ruby kicks out in the nick of time! Skye back to her feet, looking for Code Blue but Ruby hits a big knee. They trade blows again before Ruby hits the No Future, followed by Destination Unknown for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Ruby Soho

Backstage: Roderick Strong & The Kingdom

Backstage, Renee talks to Roderick Strong and The Kingdom, where Strong says at All In we will see who the real MJF is and who the real Adam Cole is.

In-Ring: The Acclaimed, House of Black, Billy Gunn

Video Package: House of Black make a dark, scary statement at the expense of Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed

The Acclaimed rush down to the ring, no rap or anything as they call out House of Black…who oblige the request as they head down to the ring. The lights go out, and when they come back on the Trios Champions are on the apron before they rush in, leading to a brawl that sees the former tag champs being beaten down! The attack continues until The Acclaimed’s music hits…and Billy Gunn heads down the ramp! House of Black clear out of the ring as Gunn enters, staring them down before checking on The Acclaimed.

Billy grabs the microphone from the ring, talking to House of Black as he addresses what’s happened lately. He was happy to retire from this business, until the House attacked The Acclaimed last week, and then destroyed the very boots he left in that ring when he retired.

Billy has done stuff that will go down in wrestling history, and the House tried to piss all over that. So for that, one more time, it’s all or nothing…at All In, Billy promises to take everything from the House of Black, because at All In it will be the House of Black against The Acclaimed and…well, Billy Gunn. Billy says the fun-loving Daddy Ass can’t make the trip, but a Bad Ass is coming to London!

ROH World Tag Team Championship
Aussie Open (c) vs. The Hardys

Back at ringside, we are set for our main event of the evening as The Hardys come out to challenge Aussie Open for the ROH World Tag Team Championship!

Back from break, the ROH World Tag Team Champions are out as Aussie Open head toward the ring for tonight’s main event. We’re presented with the titles, as the champs blindside the Hardys to get this match underway!

Aussie Open go on the offensive as much as possible, until the Hardys fight back. Poetry in Motion on Davis, followed by one on Fletcher for good measure! Both champs are sent to the floor as the Hardys stay in control, taking Fletcher down when he returns to the ring. The fight goes to the outside now as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Fletcher drops Hardy on the apron as the champs get back in control, taking the Hardys back to back for added damage before Fletcher mocks the crowd. Davis goes after Matt against the barricade as Fletcher brings Jeff back in the ring, sending him to the corner for more damage before taunting the crowd. Tag to Davis as the champs double-team Jeff, and Davis hits a senton for a nearfall before locking in a chinlock. Jeff tries to fight out as we come back from break!

Davis takes Jeff down to the canvas before tagging to Fletcher. The double team continues until Jeff fights back, hitting Whisper in the Wind on the champs to lay them out! Jeff makes the tag to Matt who hits a big clothesline on Davis, before taking down Fletcher against the turnbuckle. Twist of Fate gets turned into a DDT on Davis before Matt hits a Side Effect on Fletcher for a nearfall!

Matt up on the turnbuckle now to keep on Fletcher, who fights out of the corner until Matt sends him on the top before tagging in Jeff. Matt hits a superplex that is followed by a big dive by Jeff, but Davis breaks the pin! Hardys set Davis up on the turnbuckle but Fletcher turns it around, tagging Davis in as the champs take Jeff down hard for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall and still ROH World Tag Team Champions: Aussie Open

Davis gets a microphone from ringside, handing it to Fletcher who says that at All In there will be NO double clothesline, NO kangaroo kick, and Aussie Open will STILL be your ROH World Tag Team Champions…bay bay!

Aussie Open poses in the ring before MJF and Cole’s music hits, signaling the arrival of the challengers as they head toward the ring to confront the champions ahead of that title match at All In: Zero Hour. We get a staredown and some jawjacking from all four men before they come to blows, with the champions getting one over on the main event of All In…before MJF and Cole fight back!

They look to hit a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE on Mark Davis, but he escapes their wrath before they look for the KANGAROO KICK on Fletcher…until Davis saves him! MJF saves Cole from a Davis attack, but Fletcher dodges a kick by Cole that nearly leads to friendly fire on the World Champion! MJF stares down his challenger, grabbing the Triple B before raising it in front of Cole. He shoves away before pulling out his Dynamite Diamond Ring…but thinks better of it, the two friends hugging it out before MJF poses with his title. The two men hype the crowd up some more as the show comes to a close.