WWE SmackDown Notes: Edge vs. Sheamus Set for Next Week’s SmackDown, Rey Mysterio Injury Return & New US Champ

Edge vs Sheamus Announced for Edge’s 25th Anniversary Match

Friday’s WWE SmackDown show in Calgary, Alberta, Canada featured a new match announced for the card of next week’s SmackDown show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This match was setup following an in-ring promo segment involving Edge and the Brawling Brutes. Edge came out for a promo stating that while he was not advertised to be at tonight’s show, he felt its been way too long since Calgary got to see him. Edge then stated that for his 25th Anniversary next week, he wants to compete in a match against someone he has never faced off in a singles match before. Edge then called out Sheamus stating that Sheamus is the reason why he can still stand in the ring and lit a fire under his butt to make him believe he can still go in the ring.

Sheamus and the Brawling Brutes then came out and after some friendly insults-filled banter between the two, including Sheamus showing a video of Edge falling off a bike and bruising his butt and Edge returning the favor by showing a photo of Sheamus sitting on his girl’s little bike, Sheamus accepted Edge’s challenge for a match next week.

Rey Mysterio Makes In-Ring Return from Injury & Wins U.S. Title

Friday’s WWE SmackDown show in Calgary also featured Rey Mysterio making his in-ring return from a head injury.

Prior to his in-ring return, Mysterio had been out of action since the July 28th SmackDown show after suffering a head injury during a match against Santos Escobar in the Finals of the United States Championship Invitational Tournament.

During Friday’s show, Austin Theory ambush attacked Escobar twice and mocked him saying that he was not fit to compete and asked for the ref to raise his hand as the winner. WWE official Adam Pearce interrupted and stated that Theory will still be competing tonight and named Rey Mysterio as his new challenger after Escobar gave his blessing to Mysterio.

The finish to the match involved Mysterio sending Theory to the ropes for a 619 only for Theory to counter with a catch and an attempted A-Town Down. Before Theory could hit his finisher, his back gave out from earlier attacks to it by Mysterio. Mysterio then sent Theory to the ropes again and successfully hit a 619. Mysterio then hit a for the pinfall victory to become the new United States Champion.