AEW: Bryan Danielson on In-Ring Future, Saraya on Interest in Potential Match with Trinity, Ricky Starks

Bryan Danielson Clarifies His Comments & Plans Over His In-Ring Future

Sports Illustrated held a recent interview with Bryan Danielson. One of the topics discussed included Danielson clarifying his recent comments regarding his plans for the future of his in-ring career.

“I don’t think I’ll ever reach a point where I declare I’m absolutely done. I want the ability to show up when I want to show up. Terry Funk is someone I always admired. He retired a million times, but he loved it so much he couldn’t help but keep doing it. And he did it when he wanted. For me, it might be a couple times a year, or it might be years between matches.

In my mind, it’s around August of next year. My daughter will say, ‘Daddy, are you going to be done wrestling when I turn seven?’ And I’ll respond, ‘Well, not exactly when you turn seven, but I’ll be on the home stretch.’

I didn’t get a chance to do All In this year. I would like that chance next year. We have a show, WrestleDream, this October 1 in Seattle where I’m wrestling Zack Sabre Jr. If we have another next year in Seattle? Maybe it will be then. My daughter turns seven in May, so it’s a good time to close down the shop.”

Danielson also gave his thoughts on the number of injuries he has suffered over the past year playing a role in his decision to wind down his in-ring career.

“There is the realization that over the past year, I’m getting hurt after every big match I have. That’s a sign. I love wrestling, but I do not want to wrestle at the expense of my long-term health. I did the Iron Man match with Max, and then I didn’t wrestle again until Anarchy in the Arena, and even that was a lot of smoke and mirrors. Then I wrestle Okada and I break my arm. The injuries are starting to pile up. At what point is that worth the risk? Especially when my kids want and need me at home.

I always thought I’d wrestle until the day I die. But it’s not going to be this regular, weekly wrestling. I don’t even know if it’s going to be wrestling at big shows. I’ve always wanted to wrestle for DEFY in Seattle. How easy would it be for me to call the promoter and pop in some weekend? They wouldn’t even need to promote me. I could come in, surprise people, and do my thing.”

Saraya Comments on Interest in Potential Future Match with Trinity in AEW

A recent episode of the Women’s Wrestling Talk podcast featured Saraya as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Saraya’s thoughts on if she would like to work for any indie promotion in the future.

“WAW [World Association of Wrestling], of course. I don’t know about Indie promotions, but I would love to go against Trin [Trinity]. Maybe I carry the AEW (women’s title) and then take the IMPACT championship off her and hell, I’ll go to New Japan and take that championship too and carry them around. I’m like Thanos with championship belts. I want to take them all. I’ll take Statlander’s belt [AEW TBS Champion]. I’ll go on and get the trios championship. I’ll take them all. I’ll get MJF’s championship [AEW World Championship]. I’m taking them all, Tony [Tony Khan]. I’m coming to work and stealing the belts. Do I have a match? No, I’m just going to steal them. I’ll stick to outright stealing them.

I would love for there to be a female trios championship or a regular tag team championship for women because we do have two (women’s titles), and that’s awesome, but there are so many women on our roster, and so many women that are in tag teams. Why don’t we make a tag team championship? Who knows. Tony always has great ideas up his sleeve.”

Following Saraya’s interview, Trinity responded on Twitter to Saraya’s interest in a potential match between the two in the future. Trinity stated “.@Saraya be careful what you ask for the glow hits different this era😌 #trinpact #IMPACT1000.” Saraya responded back suggesting the idea of Trinity making an appearance in AEW in the future for a potential match between them. Saraya stated “I believe you sister. Good luck keeping hold of it.. Maybe you can stop by @AEW so we can catch up 😏

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Rick Starks Comments on His Respect for CM Punk

While responding to a fan on Twitter who had praised both CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, Ricky Starks offered his praise to both of them as well. This fan stated “CM Punk and Bryan Danielson are, to me, the two greatest to ever do it, and I would never place one over the other in that regard. They are both innovators and trailblazers with a deep respect for the professional wrestling business. True legends.” Starks responded stating “Respect to both of them. 🫡 @bryandanielson @CMPunk

Starks also offered more praise to Punk on Instagram in a photo posted of him and Punk that stated “Public flowers for you man @cmpunk. Thank you.