AEW Dynamite Results – Sep. 13, 2023 – Joe vs. Strong

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September 13, 2023
Cincinnati, Ohio – Heritage Bank Center
Commentary: Excalibur, Taz & Tony Schiavone

Quick Match Results

  1. AEW International Championship: Jon Moxley (c) defeated Big Bill via submission
  2. #1 Contender Four Way Match: Toni Storm defeated Britt Baker, Nyla Rose, Hikaru Shida via roll up on Baker
  3. Hangman Adam Page defeated Brian Cage via Dead Eye
  4. Darby Allin & Nick Wayne defeated “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard & Cool Hand Ang via Coffin Drop by Allin on Ang
  5. Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Final: Samoa Joe defeated Roderick Strong via Coquina Clutch submission

AEW International Championship
Jon Moxley (c) vs. Big Bill

Pyro kicks us off for another exciting edition of Dynamite before Jon Moxley’s music hits, signaling the arrival of AEW International (and Cincinnati’s own!) Jon Moxley as he enters through the loud hometown crowd toward ringside. We get a look back at Collision when Mox ran in to help Bryan Danielson against Ricky Starks and Big Bill as the champ enters the ring to a big pop.

Out next is Big Bill to the music of Ricky Starks, as the challenger heads to the ring. Starks poses on the turnbuckle as Bill enters the ring…and this opening bout is underway!

Mox goes on the attack early, trying to wear the big man down…but Bill catches the champ with an uppercut that gives him an advantage. Bill lays into him some more before taunting the crowd. Bill continues the attack in the corner with some hard chops, with Mox attempting to fight back with chops of his own…before Bill catches him with a fall away slam!

Mox heads to the corner but is caught by Bill with a corner splash…only for Mox to avoid a big boot. Bill catches him the second time however, this time sending the champion out of the ring with a boot to the head! Bill taunts the crowd some more, the ref distracted long enough for Starks to get some hits in of his own as Bill leaves the ring to continue the assault.

Bill lays into the champ with some hard right hands, before Mox ends up sending the challenger into the steel steps with a heavy thud! Mox gives Starks a warning before going back after Bill…but the champ is sent hurtling into a nearby table instead as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Bill and Starks celebrate the damage done as the champ tries to recover…but Bill doesn’t give him much chance before going back after Mox with some punches and a boot to the face! Bill sends the champ back into the ring for more damage, but Mox eggs him on before the challenger drops him with a body slam for a nearfall. Bill continues the attack, busting Mox open before the champ starts fighting back as we come back from break!

Mox catches the challenger on the top turnbuckle before hitting a superplex driving Bill to the canvas, before getting back to his feet to a huge pop from the crowd…but that crowd is nearly hushed as Bill drops the champ with a big side slam and a close nearfall!

Mox looks like he’s firing up as Bill goes for another boot to the head, with the champ getting back to his feet before both men trade strikes! Mox stops a boot to the face and hits a lariat! BUT BILL KICKS OUT!

Mox goes on the attack with the hammer and elbows before looking for a bulldog choke…but the challenger gets to his feet! Mox hops on his back but is sent to the corner by Bill…only to catch the challenger out of nowhere with a cutter! Bill rolls out of the ring as Mox climbs up top…only for Starks to drop him down! Bill back in the ring, and he hits a big boot on Mox…BUT THE CHAMP KICKS OUT!

Danielson rushes down to the ring for revenge on Starks, the two fighting on the outside as Mox rolls Bill up for a nearfall. Bill counters a turnbuckle attack for a big chokeslam on the champ before making the cover…only for Mox to kick out once more! This frustrates Bill as he lays into the champ with punches before taunting the crowd…and this gives Mox a chance to lock in a triangle hold! Bill fights to his feet as Danielson keeps Starks back, and the big man is back on his feet…but can’t fight the hold any longer before tapping out!

Winner via submission and still AEW International Champion: Jon Moxley

There isn’t much of a celebration here as Starks attacks Danielson before rushing into the ring to go after Moxley, only for Claudio to head to ringside to intervene! Claudio raises Bill up on his shoulders but the big man escapes to the outside, where he and Starks regroup on the ramp before leaving.

Backstage: Roderick Strong & The Kingdom

Backstage, Renee talks to Roderick Strong about the World Title Eliminator final against Samoa Joe…before Cole interrupts to state his concern for Strong’s neck, something Roderick mocks before promising to beat Joe and get his World Championship shot next week against MJF. He and The Kingdom leave us with a concerned Cole.

In-Ring: Don Callis & Konosuke Takeshita

Video Package: Konosuke Takeshita beats Kenny Omega twice in a week, between All In and All Out

Tony Schiavone is in the ring now, welcoming Don Callis to the ring as he and Konosuke Takeshita are ready to unveil a “masterpiece.” Callis hypes up Takeshita to some big boos from the crowd, saying when you beat someone like Kenny Omega twice in seven days you are no longer the Ace…but The Alpha.

We are now to address Takeshita as such, because when you’re The Alpha you don’t fear but rather take and take more. Beating Omega was not enough for Callis, because now he is going to break Omega’s heart. He promises to unveil a masterpiece here…revealing the next target of The Alpha to be Kota Ibushi.

Callis promises they’re not going to just beat Ibushi but butcher him…and Callis is looking forward to Omega having to watch it happen from home.

Backstage: Blackpool Combat Club

Backstage, Marvez talks to the BCC where Danielson lays out a challenge to Starks for this Saturday on Collision. They then start to address their title matches at Dynamite Grand Slam next week, before Rey Fenix and Eddie Kingston show up to give them grief. Fenix is yelling at Mox, but Kingston simply tells Claudio “one more week” before laughing and walking off.

Backstage: Hook, Orange Cassidy

Backstage, Renee is now with Hook and Orange Cassidy. Cassidy says Hook seems upset but has no reason, he’s here in AEW and has a championship. Orange used to have a championship, and Hook commends him on the run before they bump fists. Hook walks away and Renee asks Cassidy how he’s doing…and he’s still tired.

#1 Contender Four Way Match
Britt Baker vs. Toni Storm vs. Nyla Rose vs. Hikaru Shida

The winner challenges Saraya at Dynamite Grand Slam.

Back at ringside, Toni Storm makes her way to the ring for our next match. Out next are Hikara Shida, Nyla Rose, and Britt Baker before this match gets underway!

Storm tries to stop the match from starting as she is not ready…narrowly escaping as the other three go after each other. Rose takes Shida and Baker down and Storm tries to take credit for it, only for all four competitors to go at it before Rose gets sent out of the ring by Shida!

There’s a discussion between Shida and Baker that causes Storm to get an advantage, but chaos ensues until Shida hits a dive off the top turnbuckle onto the other three before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: There is some great back and forth between all four women in this match, with some close nearfalls all around as Storm and Rose start to focus on taking down Shida and Baker respectively. Storm gets taken down as Shida starts fighting back, only to get taken down by Rose who goes back to Baker as we come back from break!

Baker fights back against Rose with a thrust kick, but is taken down with a German suplex by Storm who hits a hip attack on Rose! Storm taken down by Shida now, but a staredown between Shida and Baker leads to Shida being taken out of the ring! Rose hits a sitout powerbomb on Storm, who tries to get out…but gets a kick to the back by Shida! Storm and Baker are down as Shida and Rose go after each other, leading to Baker hitting a thrust kick to break up a Shida pin…but Baker gets rolled up by Storm, who gets the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and challenging for the AEW Women’s World Championship at Dynamite Grand Slam: Toni Storm

Storm escapes to the ramp to celebrate as Baker and Shida argue, while Rose leaves with Shafir.

Backstage: Saraya & Ruby Soho

Backstage, Renee talks to Saraya and Soho about the match next week, where Saraya talks about Storm losing her mind…but next week she loses the match, because Saraya will walk out still champion!

In-Ring: Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara

Back at ringside, Le Sex Gods make their way to the ring to address things after losing to Aussie Open last week and taking their issues out on each other on Rampage that Friday. We’re reminded that Jericho and Guevara will face each other next week at Dynamite Grand Slam before Jericho raises the mic to address the very match. Jericho talks about the history they have together, and the ups and downs (and ups again) they’ve had since the very first episode of Dynamite, offering a video package to that effect.

Video Package: Look at these two best friends (not those Best Friends) known as Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara. You love to see it, folks.

They have a laugh about things before Jericho talks about seeing Guevara for the first time and being blown away and telling Tony Khan they needed to sign him to AEW. Jericho knew Sammy had what it took to be a big star, and wanted to help him out as much as possible. Over the years, he’s watched Sammy grow from a boy to a man, and says he’s proud of all he’s done over the years.

Sammy says he doesn’t want to do the typical wrestling thing and talk trash, because Jericho has inspired him for so long. He thanks Jericho for changing so many people’s lives, because without Jericho there is no AEW…but he didn’t get into this business, or AEW, to be Jericho’s sidekick. He came into this business to be the best, but he cannot do that if he stays in Jericho’s shadow…so he must beat Jericho next week!

Jericho says what Sammy said is true, but he didn’t bring Guevara in to be his sidekick. He hypes up the importance of this match, agreeing that Guevara must beat Jericho to get to the next level…and to beat him, he has to be the best Sammy Guevara he can be. Jericho doesn’t think Sammy can, something that Guevara takes issue with as he says the man standing in front of Jericho right now is going to beat him. He’s going to earn Jericho’s respect, they’re gonna shake hands, and then they’re gonna win those tag team titles!

Guevara offers a handshake that Jericho accepts, before pulling him in for a warning: next week he’s gonna give Guevara the match of his life, and he’s not going to make it easy. He’s going to give Sammy everything he’s got, and he expects the same from Sammy…who says he wouldn’t want it any other way. They shake hands before leaving the ring, staring each other down all the while.

Backstage Last Week: MJF & Adam Cole

We look back to last week when it’s revealed MJF is not cleared to wrestle tonight, but will be ready for Dynamite Grand Slam. MJF talks about the finalists Roderick Strong and Samoa Joe, running both men down before specifically promising he’s going to choke Joe out…before cutting the Steiner math promo with an AEW twist, and promising the results will spell out disaster for him at Arthur Ashe.

Brian Cage vs. Hangman Adam Page

Back at ringside, Brian Cage heads to the ring for our next match. Out next is Hangman Page as we look back at the history between these men…and now, this third match in their trilogy gets underway!

Cage goes after Page early on with a display of power, laying into the former World Champion in the corner before Hangman fights back…only to be dropped by Cage with a shoulder tackle. Cage back on the attack until he’s sent to the apron, where Page drops him with a lariat…but Cage catches a cross body attempt, only to take a hurricanrana into the ring post!

Page back in the ring, hitting a springboard cross body onto Cage on the floor. Page heads back into the ring but is met by a returning Cage…only to be sent into the ropes by Hangman, who hits a tiger feint kick on the Machine! Before he can follow up on this however, Page is interrupted by the arrival of Swerve Strickland, which allows Cage to go back on the attack with a massive German suplex off the apron back into the ring before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Cage is firmly in control here as he wears down Hangman some more, finally bringing Page back into the ring as he beats down the former champ some more while Swerve watches on. Page sent to the corner as Cage lays in some hard strikes followed by a pump kick, pulling Page in for a nearfall before cinching in a chinlock. Page fights back to his feet and escapes the hold, but Cage is right back on him as we come back from break!

Cage with a half nelson slam of sorts but only gets a nearfall for his efforts, before Cage taunts the crowd. Page is back on his feet as the two men trade blows, with Cage getting the upper hand…until Page avoids a clothesline! Only he falls into a powerslam by Cage, who goes up for a moonsault…only for Page to roll out of harm’s way! Cage is back on his feet but so is Page, and we’re back to something of a standstill between both men. Page dodges another clothesline attempt before sending him over the top rope, both men leaving to the floor outside!

Hangman up on the ropes for a springboard, but is caught in mid-air…only for Page to catch him with a crucifix pin! Cage kicks out and rolls to the outside as Page gets back to his feet…and hits a baseball slide dropkick on Cage! Page up on the top turnbuckle as Cage stands back up…and Hangman with some hangtime on a moonsault! Cage gets back in the ring and Page hits a cross body but only gets a nearfall for all of that.

Cage sends Page on a ride with a German suplex, and Hangman heads to the apron where Cage tries to get a suplex…only to get dropped by Page! Hangman setting up for a Buckshot Lariat…but gets caught with an F5! NO! Page with a small package…BUT CAGE KICKS OUT!

Page adjusts, pulling Cage in for the Dead Eye…and gets the pin and the win tonight!

Winner via pinfall: Hangman Adam Page

Page gets a microphone and runs down Swerve, saying Swerve doesn’t have what it takes to face Page himself. Swerve responds saying those sound like fighting words, calling Page names before saying they do this when Swerve says, where he says…and he chooses the state that birthed Swerve, laying the challenge down for October 1 at WrestleDream.

He’s going to make sure Page isn’t going to be comfortable going into that match, so the Mogul Embassy will tune him up some more…leading to a beatdown by Brian Cage! Nana dances around like a fool as the Young Bucks run in to make the save with a double superkick on Cage, and one on Nana before helping Page to his feet!

Backstage: Daniel Garcia, Don Callis

Backstage, Renee talks to Daniel Garcia who wants to talk about how popular he’s been as of late before Don Callis comes out to offer him a spot…only to be shushed and given a dance by Garcia who walks off. Callis likes what he sees, telling Garcia “let’s make some money” as we cut to break.

Video Package: Jade Cargill

Video Package: Jade Cargill returns at Collision, showing she’s ready to take back her TBS Championship this Friday on Rampage!

Darby Allin & Nick Wayne vs. “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard & Cool Hand Ang

Back at ringside, Nick Wayne & Darby Allin make their way to the ring for our next match! Out next are the men once known as 2point0 as Menard and Parker head to the ring, and this match gets underway!

Wayne and Ang start things off but are soon interrupted by the arrival of Christian Cage, who heads to commentary as Ang takes advantage of the situation! Tag to Menard who goes after Wayne with some hard strikes and a vertical suplex. Wayne catches Menard with an enziguri but Hager keeps Darby from making a tag as Menard hits a powerbomb before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Menard is still in control as he takes Wayne to the corner for some stomps. Tag made to Ang who keeps Darby off the apron before tagging Menard right back in for a double-team, as the former JASers continue to wear the young Nick down as we come back from break!

Menard and Parker still on the attack until Wayne evades, making the tag to Darby! He goes after both opponents with a bit of fury before hitting a Code Red on Ang for a nearfall. Ang is back with a suplex attempt as Darby fights back, tagging in Wayne who hits Wayne’s World on Ang on the way in!

Wayne with the cover but Menard pulls him out to break the pin…and Menard pays for this with a dive by Darby! Darby gets a tag and hits a Coffin Drop on Ang as Wayne hits a moonsault on Menard…and Darby gets the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Darby Allin & Nick Wayne

Christian Cage gets a mic after this, running down Nick Wayne…and his mom…before running down Darby Allin and Sting. As the franchise player, Cage finds this embarrassing…not “losing to the Cleveland Browns” embarrassing, but still. Cage says he didn’t take the fall in that match, nor did he have his regular partner with him…before proposing a tag match for Dynamite Grand Slam!

Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Final
Roderick Strong vs. Samoa Joe

The winner faces MJF at Dynamite Grand Slam.

Back from break, it’s time for our main event as Roderick Strong comes to the ring accompanied by The Kingdom! Out next is the ROH World Television Champion as Samoa Joe heads to the ring, and this clash between two former ROH stars is underway!

Both men circle the canvas before locking up, and Joe wrings the arm of Strong before Strong heads to the ropes to break the hold. Strong gets sent to the outside where he regroups with The Kingdom before stepping back in, looking for a single leg takedown…only to be sent back out by Joe!

Strong is trying to reassess his situation on the outside as Joe gives pursuit…only to be intercepted by Strong on the way back in! Strong lays in some hard strikes on Joe, who responds with a massive shoulder tackle that sends him head over heels! Strong in the corner as Joe lays in some stomps and strikes, followed by a big chop before they start trading strikes as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Joe maintains control until Strong starts fighting back, only for Joe to be right back on top of things with an elbow drop. Joe continues to wear Strong down, weakening him one might say as he lays in some punches while we come back from break!

Strong is starting to get back into this as he lays in some strikes before making the cover, but Joe kicks out quickly. Strong cinches in a chinlock now, but Joe is back on his feet and fights out of it…only for Strong to fight back, hitting a dropkick for a nearfall! The action is so hard-hitting that it seemingly crashes the system at Kahrs HQ, but as we come back Strong fights back after taking a hard powerslam by Joe!

Joe gets taken down with a lariat by Strong, but still manages to kick out! Strong looks for the Stronghold but Joe fights out of it easily, taking Strong down to the canvas with an STO from the corner instead! Joe sets Strong up in the corner, looking for the Muscle Buster but Kingdom gets involved…and Strong hits a big slam on Joe! Big kick from Strong and the cover…BUT JOE KICKS OUT!

Strong in the corner now as Joe gets to his feet…but as Strong charges at him, Joe takes him out with a lariat and locks in the Coquina Clutch! Strong tries to fight out of it, but he’s not…strong enough, and taps out!

Winner via submission and challenging for the AEW World Championship at Dynamite Grand Slam: Samoa Joe

Joe’s arm is raised in victory after he breaks the hold, and the TV champ gets the microphone. “OH MAAAAX”…Joe’s prophecy’s came true, and he’s coming to MJF’s backyard and taking everything the champ has, kid. Everything. Joe drops the microphone before leaving the ring, heading up the ramp and to the back as The Kingdom try to help Strong out in the ring.

Cole heads down the ramp to check on his friend and Strong drops to the canvas, yelling about his neck as staff rush to check in on him. They end up bringing out a stretcher to assist Strong, who yells at Cole while the staff help him out of the ring, eventually bringing the stretcher and gurney out toward the back while The Kingdom and Cole argue with each other…until Joe comes running out, choking Cole out!

Joe yells that he’s taking everything from MJF next week as Cole passes out from the hold, and we’re left with a very focused Joe on the ramp, standing tall over the fallen Adam Cole as this show comes to a close with a rundown of the card for Dynamite Grand Slam next week.