Impact 1000 Week 1 Results – Sept. 14, 2023 – Lio Rush vs. Chris Sabin

September 14, 2023
White Plains, NY – Westchester County Center
Commentary – Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt
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Quick Match Results

  1. Before The Impact pre-show: Jody Threat defeated KiLynn King via Bridging German Suplex (pinfall)
  2. 20-Man Feast or Fired match – Chris Bey, Crazzy Steve, Yuya Uemura, and Moose won via grabbing the four briefcases
  3. Team 3D defeated Desi Hit Squad via 3D (pinfall)
  4. Traci Brooks & Frankie Kazarian defeated Alisha & Eddie Edwards via Fade To Black (pinfall)
  5. Impact X-Division Championship – Chris Sabin defeated Lio Rush (c) via Cradle Shock (pinfall)

In-Ring: Scott D’Amore, Gail Kim, Beautiful People, Gisele Shaw, The SHAWntourage, Jordynne Grace, Deonna Purrazzo, Trinity, Awesome Kong, Raisha Saeed, Tasha Steelz, Mickie James

IMPACT President Scott D’Amore is in the ring. He says that the next two weeks will be a celebration of IMPACT’s past, present and future. D’Amore credits the groundbreaking Knockouts division with being part of what made IMPACT so great. D’Amore welcomes IMPACT Hall of Famer Gail Kim to the ring and she thanks the fans for making the Knockouts Division a difference-maker in the wrestling industry. We take a look back at some of the greatest moments in the history of the Knockouts Division before the returning Beautiful People interrupt. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky confront Kim and question whether that video package truly showcased the best of the Knockouts. They insult the other Knockouts but Kim fires back and tells the Beautiful People that they’re being rude and obnoxious. Tensions are escalating when Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans and Jai Vidal interrupt. Shaw apologizes on behalf of Kim and the entire Knockouts Division. Shaw says that without The Beautiful People, there would be no Quintessential Diva – but she has taken their spot. Jordynne Grace is out next as she goes over the two constants in every generation: the greats like ODB, Tara, Traci Brooks and Gail Kim – and the annoying vapid bitches like The Beautiful People. Deonna Purrazzo joins the fray and says that she’s out here to represent her own generation, which started when she defeated Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts World Title. Current-reigning Knockouts World Champion Trinity comes out and says that everyone in the ring paved the way for her. Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed interrupt, as Saeed says that the other Knockouts are merely fighting to see who will be the first to be crushed by Kong. Tasha Steelz makes a surprise return, and says that you can’t talk about the Knockouts Division without mentioning her name. Steelz reveals that she will be the final member of Team Beautiful People for the big 10-Knockout tag team match next week. The hits keep on coming as Mickie James makes her shocking return. James announces that she is the final members of Team Over, joining Trinity, Kim, Grace and Kong!

Backstage: Eric Young, Santino Marella, America’s Most Wanted, Shark Boy

Eric Young is reunited with America’s Most Wanted backstage. Shark Boy makes an appearance and Santino Marella makes him a Deputy Director of Authority to help him lay down the law over the next two weeks.

20-Man Feast or Fired Match
Jonathan Gresham, Bhupinder Gujjar, Steve Maclin, Moose, Brian Myers, Johnny Swinger, Laredo Kid, Alpha Bravo, Sami Callihan, Black Taurus, KUSHIDA, Chris Bey, Kevin Knight, Heath, Crazzy Steve, John Skyler, Jai Vidal, Joe Hendry, Yuya Uemura, PCO

Briefcases hang high above all four ring posts with three containing an opportunity at either the IMPACT World Title, IMPACT World Tag Team Titles or the IMPACT Digital Media Title – the other contains the infamous “fired” slip! IMPACT stars surround the ring and the fight is on. PCO dives through the ropes into a sea of humanity on the outside. Taurus hits KUSHIDA with a backbreaker. Laredo spikes Taurus with a Poison Rana. Bey uses the back of Skyler to give him a boost, allowing him to retrieve briefcase #3. Bey soars over the top rope, taking out everyone and securing his briefcase. There’s a Tower of Doom out of the corner as Callihan and Heath send everyone crashing down to the mat. Callihan and Heath square off before being targeted by the unhinged Crazzy Steve. Steve retrieves case #1 and drives a fork into the gut of Myers to secure his way to the floor. Moose is Caught in the Crosshairs of Maclin, followed by the KIA. Swinger locks in a Sleeper on Vidal. Callihan spikes Bravo with the Cactus Driver 97. Knight hits a springboard crossbody on Skyler. JOYA plant Kid with the One Hit Wonder. Hendry protects Uemura as he retrieves briefcase #4. JOYA play a game of keep-away, allowing Uemura to escape to the floor. Vidal wants to form an alliance with PCO but PCO makes him pay with a Chokeslam. Callihan pulls PCO off the top rope, sending him crashing back-first on the apron. Maclin retrieves the final briefcase but Rhino returns and Gores it out of his hands. The briefcase goes flying and Moose secures it on the outside.

Winner: Chris Bey, Crazzy Steve, Yuya Uemura, and Moose.

Backstage: Chris Sabin

During an interview with Gia Miller, Chris Sabin vows to become the first-ever 10-time X-Division Champion by dethroning Lio Rush tonight.

Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Champagne Singh) vs. Team 3D (Bully Ray & Devon)

The Desi Hit Squad is back as Rohit Raju makes his return to IMPACT Wrestling alongside longtime ally Champagne Singh.

The most accomplished tag team in professional wrestling history, Team 3D, competes as a duo for the first time in 7 years! Devon brings the fight to both of his opponents with a double running clothesline. Team 3D hit Singh with their signature back suplex neckbreaker. Raju provides a distraction on the apron, allowing Singh to send Bully soaring off the top rope. Bully spears Raju before making the tag to Devon. The pace quickens as Devon hits Singh with a Spinebuster. Devon shows Raju What’s Up before getting the tables. Ray and Devon put Singh away with the 3D to win.

Winner: Team 3D via Pinfall.

After the match, they continue the assault as Ray powerbombs Raju through the table.

Backstage: Josh Alexander, The Rascalz

Josh Alexander confronts the IMPACT World Tag Team Champions, the Rascalz, after they make a mess backstage.

In-Ring: Josh Alexander, Alex Shelley, The Rascalz

Josh Alexander is in the ring following his hard-fought victory over Steve Maclin this past Friday at Victory Road. Alexander is proud to say that he’s been an IMPACT fan for the last 21 years and he never thought that he would be standing here on the historic 1000th episode. Alexander turns his attention towards reclaiming the title he never lost, his IMPACT World Championship. Speaking of the IMPACT World Title, reigning-champion Alex Shelley interrupts. Shelley tells Alexander that the IMPACT World Title is not his anymore and calls himself the face of the company. Shelley says that it’s because of his hard work that Alexander has a place like IMPACT to make a living. Alexander says that the old saying must be true, don’t meet your heroes because you might be disappointed. Alexander reminds Shelley of their first IMPACT World Title match, in which Alexander was victorious. Shelley wants to prove that he’s the better man now. Alexander is ready to throw down when they’re both jumped by the IMPACT World Tag Team Champions, the Rascalz. Shelley refuses to fight alongside Alexander as he watches them take out the “Walking Weapon”.

Backstage: The Rascalz, Shark Boy, Santino Marella, Kenny King, Sheldon Jean

Deputy Director of Authority Shark Boy informs Trey Miguel that due to his actions, he will go one-on-one with Josh Alexander next week.

Kenny King demands a rematch for the Digital Media Title after losing to Tommy Dreamer at Victory Road. Marella denies his request but instead puts him in a match against Eric Yong next week.

Alisha & Eddie Edwards vs. Traci Brooks & Frankie Kazarian

The personal rivalry between these two husband and wife duos reaches its boiling point! The bell rings and Alisha slaps Brooks in the face. Brooks takes Alisha down, then begins pummeling her with strikes. Kazarian hits a slingshot Hurricanrana, taking out Eddie on the floor. Back in the ring, Alisha knees Kazarian from the apron. The distraction allows Eddie to gain control with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Moments later, Kazarian creates separation with a backstabber. Kazarian is about to tag in Brooks but Alisha pulls her off the apron. Alisha spikes Kazarian with a tornado DDT on the outside. Kazarian traps Eddie underneath his weight, then suplexes Alisha to turn the tide. Brooks enters the match with a burst of speed and delivers a spear to Alisha. Brooks counters a Backpack Stunner from Eddie with an eye rake. Brooks hits X Factor on Eddie, followed by a running knee from Kazarian. Brooks connects with Fade to Black to score the pinfall on Alisha.

Winner: Traci Brooks & Frankie Kazarian via Pinfall.

Impact Hall of Fame 2023 Announcement

After the match, it is revealed that the original Knockout, Traci Brooks, will be inducted into the IMPACT Hall of Fame at Bound For Glory.

Backstage: Lio Rush

Lio Rush is confident that he will remain X-Division Champion in tonight’s main event against Chris Sabin.

Next Week’s Impact 1000 Week 2 Show Card Rundown

The celebration continues on an all-new IMPACT! next Thursday at 8/7c on AXS TV and 8:30pm ET on YouTube for IMPACT Insiders. Josh Alexander goes one-on-one with IMPACT World Tag Team Champion Trey Miguel. Eric Young battles Kenny King. Jake Something collides with Dirty Dango. Dave LaGreca will present the results of tonight’s Feast or Fired match. Ultimate X returns as Ace Austin, Zachary Wentz, Rich Swann, Alan Angels, Mike Bailey and Samuray Del Sol look to become #1 Contender for the X-Division Title. Plus, Knockouts World Champion Trinity, Jordynne Grace, Mickie James, Gail Kim and Awesome Kong battle Deonna Purrazzo, Tasha Steelz, Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans, and Angelina Love in the greatest fight in Knockouts history!

Backstage: Tommy Dreamer

After becoming the new Digital Media Champion and keeping his career alive at Victory Road, Tommy Dreamer says that he’s going to defend the title against anyone, anywhere.

Impact X-Division Championship
Chris Sabin vs. Lio Rush (c)

Chris Sabin receives his rematch for the X-Division Title after Lio Rush stole it from him at Slammiversary! Rush knocks him off the apron with a handspring kick, then follows up with a dive through the ropes. Back in the ring, the referee is checking on Sabin but it appears that he’s playing possum as he rolls up Rush for two. Sabin is in control following a strong running clothesline. Rush bounces back with a springboard Hurricanrana. Rush slows the pace down as he ties him up with a submission. Rush hits a belly-to-back suplex for two. Sabin counters an Irish whip, then turns Rush inside out with a Missile Dropkick. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock but Rush rakes his eyes to counter. Sabin retreats to the outside but Rush follows him with a springboard Moonsault. Rush continues the assault with a vertical suplex on the steel ramp. Moments later, Sabin soars with a Superplex off the top rope. Sabin hits a powerbomb for two. Rush avoids the Cradle Shock once again but Sabin locks in the STF instead. Sabin connects with the Clothesline from Hell, Michigan, followed by the Cradle Shock but Rush somehow kicks out at two. Rush rakes Sabin’s eyes on the top rope, then connects with the Final Hour for a near fall of his own. Sabin hits Shellshock, followed by the Cradle Shock to become a 10-time X-Division Champion.

Winner: Chris Sabin via Pinfall to become the new Impact X-Division Champion.

After the match, the locker room empties to celebrate with Chris Sabin.