Multiple High Level Executives Among WWE’s Post-Merger Layoffs on Friday [Update x2]


Wrestlenomics’ Brandon Thurston reported that his sources stated that WWE employees who were not laid off had received an internal memo from WWE CEO Nick Khan that stated that the company’s layoffs for today were completed.

Thurston also reported that WWE currently has an in-person all-employee meeting scheduled to take place this Tuesday.

In regards to the number of people laid off, Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp reported that his sources stated that over 100 WWE employees were laid off today.

Another notable name laid off today reportedly was Dana Warrior, according to PWInsider. Mike Johnson reported that Warrior had worked as a member of WWE’s community outreach department.

In regards to departments affected the most by the layoffs, Johnson also reported that WWE’s Insights & Analytics department was hit very hard with at least 17 people out of a staff of over 20 people were laid off. Johnson also reported that WWE’s Marketing, Graphic Design, and Live Events departments also ended up suffering heavy cuts to their staff. Johnson also reported that there were some departments within WWE that were not affected by today’s layoffs.


Two more notable high-level WWE executives were among those laid off by the company today.

WWE Director, Enterprise Master Data & Governance Amanda Bloom confirmed on her LinkedIn profile that she was released from the company today.

Besides Bloom, WWE Manager for Digital Campaigns Alexa Gotthardt also confirmed on her LinkedIn profile that she was also released from the company today.

As noted before, WWE CEO Nick Khan recently informed WWE employees that the company would be doing a new round of layoffs starting on Friday as part of their post-sale to Endeavor and merger with UFC process.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that his sources stated that WWE Executive VP of Development and Digital Jamie Horowitz and EVP and Head of Marketing Catherine Newman were among the notable names laid off by the company. Prior to their releases, Horowitz had been with WWE since June of 2021 and Newman since June of 2022.

Johnson reported that other notable high-level WWE executives who were laid off today included WWE Vice President, International & Platform Strategy Andy Levine, WWE Brand Director Kimberly Kirkegard, and WWE Affliate Marketing Manage Saverio Brighina.

Johnson reported that WWE’s Marketing division wa shit hard by today’s wave of layoffs with their WWE Network, Podcasting, and Live Events divisions also being affected. Those spoken to stated that around 40 to 50 people had already been let go with that number expected to potentially rise by the end of the day.

In another report, Johnson reported that the mood within WWE was one of unease over the entire situation. Those spoken to reportedly stated that the main reason for this feeling is due to WWE contacting people for Zoom calls to inform them that they were being laid off which meant everyone is on pins and needles waiting to see if they received notice of a Zoom call or not. Those spoken to stated that another reason for the feeling is due to WWE officials had separated everyone meaning that those who were being laid off will not get the chance to return in person to say their goodbyes and pick up their property.

In regards to potential talent releases, Johnson reported that those spoken to stated that WWE officials do not have any plans for talent cuts to be made today. WWE officials primarily focus reportedly is cutting employees who they consider to be redundant following the combining of UFC and WWE’s offices. Besides talent, Johnson reported that members of WWE’s production team and those who work backstage with talent are not expected to be part of today’s layoffs.