NJPW Announces New Revamped NJPW World Service Starting This Fall

New Japan Pro Wrestling recently announced that they will be launching a new revamped version of their NJPW World streaming service this Fall.

It was announced that this newly revamped version will feature several upgrades including support for more devices and platforms, the ability to watch content offline, and an improved UI/UX structure.

Another change announced includes a price hike for monthly subs with existing subscriptions to see a price increase by around $1 while new international subscriptions will be charged $9.99 per month. It was also announced that existing subs will automatically be transferred over to the new pricing system once the new revamped version of the service launches.

Official press release:

A New NJPW World is coming this autumn!

New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s online streaming service NJPW World will see a major renewal in the autumn with a wave of new features and improvements.

Fans will be able to enjoy content on dedicated iOS, Android and Roku TV apps, sample content in full HD, download video content to watch offline, as well as benefit from improved search functionality and a suite of UI/UX improvements. NJPW fans new and old will be able to enjoy New Japan action more than ever before. We’re excited to bring you more details about the new NJPW World soon.

Along with the renewal of the NJPW World service, there will be changes to the pricing plan for monthly subscribers as outlined below.

Original pricing
Monthly subscription fee (online payment)
* Japan – ¥999 JPY (tax inc.)
* International – ¥999 JPY (tax inc.)

New pricing
Monthly subscription fee (online payment)
* Japan – ¥1,298 JPY (tax inc.)
* International – ¥1,298 JPY (existing subscribers)
* International – $9.99 USD (New subscribers)

Please note that pricing may vary depending on app platform

*Current subscribers to NJPW World who continue their subscriptions after the service’s renewal will be charged at ¥1,298 JPY, regardless of territory, from their next billing period after the renewal takes place.

NJPW World continues its dedication to being the King of Sports Streaming services, and we look forward to your continued support.


NJPW World’s current Amazon Fire TV app will not be supported after the NJPW World renewal. After the renewal, users will be able to download a new Fire TV App.

Please be advised that subscribers who have connected their World accounts to their Amazon accounts for monthly payments will have their monthly payment plan automatically cancelled from around mid September, with automatic payments ceasing thereafter.

There may be a brief period where new account registration, as well as account cancellation will not be available to users as we transition to the new service. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Current NJPW World subscribers will have their accounts automatically transferred to the new service, with no additional registration required.

Those who purchased the following pay per view content will also have the events automatically available in their library.

Toru Yano Presents YTR! VTR! Granping with CHAOS parts 1 & 2
Toru Yano Presents Mini YTR! VTR! in Anjo
AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door June 26 2022 United Center, Chicago
AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door June 25 2023 Scotiabank Arena, Toronto


Q: Will the current NJPW World archive be available on the renewed service?
A: Yes. As video data is migrated to the new system, some content may not be available from day one, but archival content will be transitioned to the new service.

Q: Can I watch PPVs I’ve purchased on the new service?
A: Yes. Purchases with unlimited replays will still be viewable on the new service automatically.

Q: I don’t want to stay subscribed under the new price point. What should I do?
A: The new price point will come into effect at the next payment date after the renewal. Those who wish to unsubscribe or delete their accounts must do so before that date. The first payment date under the new plan will be announced at a later time.

Q: I’m a continuing subscriber. After the renewal, can I pay for my subscription in US Dollars?
A: Subscribers continuing from the prior version of NJPW World will continue to be charged in Yen, under the new price point of ¥1,298 JPY, converted to your local currency. The international price point of $9.99 USD applies to new accounts only. We appreciate your understanding.