WWE: Sheamus Reportedly Dealing with Shoulder Injury, Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz on Leon’s WWE Release, Panini Lawsuit

Sheamus Reportedly Dealing with Shoulder Injury

Sheamus has been noticeably absent from WWE since the August 18th SmackDown show in Toronto, Canada, which featured Sheamus competing against Edge in a singles match that was both Edge’s 25th Anniversary match and the final match of his contract with WWE.

Dave Meltzer reported in a recent episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio that his sources stated that the reason for Sheamus’ absence is due to him currently dealing with a very bad shoulder injury.

No other details regarding Sheamus’ injury nor a potential timetable for his return was given.

Yulisa Leon Comments on Her WWE Release & Valetina Feroz Comments on Future Reunion

As noted before, WWE released a large batch of talent this past Thursday from both their main roster and NXT developmental system. Among those released included NXT talent Yulisa Leon.

Leon recently reflected on Twitter about her time in WWE and revealed that she had asked to be released from the company due to personal-related reasons.

English translation (via PWInsider.com):

“To my loving fans and general public:

No price is too high to pay to be able to fight for who you are and what you want – being the woman of your dreams!

I thank the universe of WWE and NXT for honoring me with the opportunity of being the first Mexican woman to be under contract.

I learned more than I could have ever imagined, I had so much fun and I’m left with great memories and incredible friendships, but due to personal motives I made the decision to ask to be released from my contract.

I’ll make the motives clear at a later date and I remain deeply grateful for the facilities and that the doors have been left open for me.

I am focused on my upcoming projects, please wait for more news from me.


Leon’s tag team partner in NXT Valentina Feroz reflected on Instagram over Leon’s departure from WWE and being hopeful of them reuniting as a team in the future.

“Amiga, you know how much it hurt, and it’s still hurting. You weren’t just my tag team, you became my best friend, my family, the one who made me laugh every day, who believed in and dreamed my dreams, and my English teacher. You would come up with crazy ideas, and I would always go along with you! 💕

I’m going to miss you so much, it’s going to be hard without you, but I’m going to fight for us! And I’m sure you’re still going to shine! I also know that it may not be today or tomorrow, but we’ll fight together again 🐯🦁.

I love you, I love your family, and I know that God is looking after you, and our moments will always be kept in my heart

My Mexican most Brazilian in the world, we’ll always be together!

I’ll always be here cheering for every achievement you make because I believe in you 👏🏼✨”

Panini Files Lawsuit Against WWE Over “Breach of Contract” Deal Termination & Court Denies WWE’s Restraining Order

Action Network’s Darren Rovell reported that WWE terminated their contract with sports and collectables merchandise manufacturer Panini Group earlier this month over “breach of contract” allegations.

Panini responded by filing a lawsuit against WWE over their claims of WWE terminating their deal not being legally valid and WWE demanding to be paid over $5 million in royalties upfront that had been originally agreed to be paid throughout the duration of the four-year deal.

Fightful Select reported that a court in New York recently denied WWE’s restraining order against Panini Group that would have prevented the company from continuing to sell WWE trading cards based on recent court records. It was reported that this restraining order was denied by Judge Lorna Schofield for reasons that are currently not known.

Attorney Paul Lesko reported on Twitter that documents related to Panini’s lawsuit were recently made available to the public. In the documents, WWE is accusing Panini of not fulfilling terms of their contract that required Panini to create WWE branded digital trading cards or physical trading card games by June 1, 2022. Lesko reported that WWE terminated their deal with Panini on August 25, 2023 but Panini continued to make WWE-related products leading to WWE filing a lawsuit against the company in return.

Lesko also reported that the timing of WWE’s allegations against Panini is strange due to WWE had waited almost 18 months to file a lawsuit against Panini, who they claimed had violated the terms of their contract on June 2, 2022.

In regards to the dispute between the two companies, Panini stated that they fulfilled their WWE trading card game requirement via their Pack Wars and Box Wars sets at numerous conventions. WWE counter-claimed stating that Pack and Box Wars sets do not qualify as physical trading card games and images of physical trading cards do not count as digital trading cards due to those images are not for sale.

As part of WWE’s lawsuit, WWE is asking for the court to order Panini to stop making and distributing WWE products and to either return or destroy all existing inventory. WWE is also requesting to be paid over $5 million over their contract termination.