WWE SmackDown Notes: Pat McAfee & The Rock Makes Surprise Returns, International Title Match Announced

Pat McAfee & The Rock Make Surprise Returns

Friday’s WWE SmackDown show in Denver, Colorado featured former WWE SmackDown commentator Pat McAfee and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson making surprise returns.

Tonight’s show started off with McAfee’s entrance theme being played and him making his surprise return. McAfee gave a promo giving a shout out to Denver and the Colorado Buffaloes college football team. McAfee was quickly interrupted by Austin Theory who badmouthed McAfee and stated that they still have unfinished business.

After some back-and-forth insults banter, The Rock’s music interrupted leading to The Rock coming out, After some insults filled banter full of The Rock’s catchphrases and the crowd chanting along to “You Are An Asshole” that was constantly muted, Theory and The Rock engaged in a brawl that led to The Rock standing tall in the end.

In regards to a possible reason for McAfee and Johnson’s appearance, McAfee held today’s live episode of The Pat McAfee Show in Boulder, Colorado earlier today that featured Johnson as an in-person guest. Boulder is less than 30 miles away from Denver in terms of distance on road between the two cities.

Santos Escobar vs. Rey Mysterio Set for Future Intercontinental Title Match

Friday’s SmackDown show in Denver also featured Santos Escobar challenging and being granted a title shot at Rey Mysterio’s Intercontinental Championship.

This match was setup following an in-ring promo segment involving the LWO. Mysterio stated that a year ago his career was at a crossroads and was personally going through one of the hardest times of his life. Mysterio then stated that the LWO reminded him what family really represents and because of that, he is the current United States Champion.

Escobar responded stating that their family is full of champions and was happy over how Mysterio stepped up against Austin Theory. Escobar then stated that his career dream has always been to face Mysterio in a match with a title on the line. Escobar issued a challenge Mysterio for a match for his Intercontinental title, which Mysterio responded back accepting the challenge.