WWE: Bianca Belair Reportedly Expected to Return Soon, Declan McMahon on Potential Wrestling Career, More News

Bianca Belair Reportedly Expected to Make WWE Return Soon

As noted before, Bianca Belair has been absent from WWE since this past August due to her being on a rest break from wrestling and working on a new children’s book.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that his sources stated that Belair is currently expected to make her return to WWE very soon and could happen as early as tonight’s SmackDown show in San Antonio, Texas.

Johnson reported that WWE officials currently have tentative plans for Belair to work at their Crown Jewel 2023 next month in Saudi Arabia as the reason for her upcoming return.

Declan McMahon on Potential WWE Career in the Future

WU Online held a recent interview with current Indiana University football player Declan McMahon, son of Shane McMahon. One of the topics discussed included McMahon’s thoughts about a recent “born for this” tweet he sent following him being in attendance at WWE’s Fastlane 2023 event earlier this month.

“My true meaning behind it was, I was born into the business. Being a champion isn’t something that is just displayed by having the belt, it’s something you have to live every day of your life, whether it’s your school work, I’m an older brother to two younger brothers, being an older brother and a great role model, you have to be a champion for them as well. It’s being a champion for yourself every day, showing up every day, and being consistent with that.

The other meaning behind it is, when you come up in this family business, and you see it…when WrestleMania 32 came to AT&T Stadium, and running oout there with my bad, it was the coolest experience of my life, just to see 100,000 and a sold out crowd cheering for something that is way bigger than yourself. It really gets to put it in perspective of not only what it means to be a champion, but to be a superstar.”

McMahon also gave his thoughts about his interest in a potential wrestling career in the future.

“I’m never ruling it out. I would love get in the ring a couple times, but you have to see if the opportunity presents itself, it’s all about the story, we’ll see. I think a lot of fans would get behind it if we ended up doing it. I think I would be pretty good at it. You never know, never ruling an option out. As for now, focusing on football and school and we’ll play it by ear.”

Transcript h/t: Fightful.com

WWE News & Notes

WrestleOps reported that IYO SKY and Gunther are currently not scheduled to work at WWE’s upcoming Crown Jewel 2023 event on November 4th in Saudi Arabia due to both of them currently being scheduled to work at a house show event in Rochester, New York that same day.

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling talent Miyu Yamashita was seen in attendance in the crowd at this past Tuesday’s WWE NXT show at WWE’s Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

PWInsider’s Steven Fernandes reported that Bad Bunny’s current schedule for 2024 leaves open the possibility of him making an appearance at next year’s WrestleMania 40 event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Fernandes reported that while Bad Bunny currently has a Most Wanted concert event scheduled for April 6th, he does not have any concerts scheduled to take place on April 7th which is the same date as WWE’s WrestleMania 40 night 2 event.

WrestleTix reported that WWE recently opened up an additional 2,784 seats for their upcoming Survivor Series 2023 event this November in Chicago, Illinois. It was reported that WWE recently reconfigured their stage layout for the show to free up these additional seats for a new max capacity of 15,342 for the event.

Jade Cargill recently revealed on Twitter that she had visited WWE’s new headquarters building in Stamford, Connecticut this past Wednesday.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Tyson Fury gave his thoughts about the future of his boxing career and potentially wrestling career in WWE. Fury stated “I’ve been doing this for 15 years, which is a long time. I know it won’t last forever. And it’s true, I’ve had a few good stints in WWE. There is still a lot of opportunity there. It’s an amazing experience there. At the moment, I’m very busy with boxing. I’m still active and on top of my chosen profession, so this is where my focus will be. After that, we’ll see.” Fury most recently appeared for WWE at their Clash at the Castle event in 2022.

A recent episode of the Impaulsive podcast featured co-host Logan Paul giving this thoughts about his recent call out to Rey Mysterio for a match for his United States Championship. Paul stated “Rey Mysterio, I’m coming for that US Championship. I don’t know how else to say it. I beat you once, I already beat you once, my first WrestleMania, I beat you and your son Dom. I like you Dom, but I beat you Dom. I’m going to beat you again, Rey. I’m the American boy coming for that US Title. I’ll see you soon. Maybe on SmackDown. We’ll see what’s up.” (Transcript h/t: Fightful.com)

In a recent interview with the Baby, This is Keke Palmer podcast, Bianca Belair gave her thoughts about Chyna and Goldust being her favorite wrestlers to watch in WWE while growing up. Belair stated “My favorite-est growing up was Chyna. She was dominating. Dominating the men, just dominating. Big and beautiful. When I was growing up, she was the first woman that captured my eye. For men, it was Goldust. It was something about him. When he came on TV, I just paid attention. He was captivating. I couldn’t stop watching him. That always stuck with me.” (Transcript h/t: Fightful.com)

In a recent interview with the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani show, Rey Mysterio gave his thoughts about Vince McMahon stepping back from running WWE shows. Mysterio stated “That is wild. It’s wild not to see him. Even though we got used to him not being there, it’s just crazy to go to Gorilla and not see him there.” Mysterio also gave his thoughts about how things have been going in WWE under Paul “Triple H” Levesque’s leadership. Mysterio stated “He was part of the roster, so he understands what we do and go through. I don’t think they could have picked a better person to take that role. He’s been doing incredible. From the whole writing team, and him, and whoever the final person that gives the authorization to say, ‘that’s a go,’ it’s been doing really good. To a certain extent, we would have times where things would be changed last minute. Right now, things are flowing very smoothly, very very smooth. It’s a good atmosphere.” (Transcript h/t: Fightful.com)

In a recent interview with The Ringer’s Cheap Heat podcast, Carlito stated that Bad Bunny was the person responsible for his surprise return to WWE at this past May’s Backlash 2023 event in Puerto Rico. Carlito stated “That’s all Bad Bunny. He’s a fan. Puerto Rican, he’s a fan of mine growing up. I think it was one of his ideas. Him or Hunter. They said it would be a great idea for me to be a part of it. Being from Puerto Rico, it just makes sense.” (Transcript h/t: Fightful.com)