Cocaine Spot at NWA Samhain Event Reportedly Could Negativity Affect NWA’s TV Deals with The CW

As noted before, the National Wrestling Alliance recently signed two new television deals with The CW.

Haus of Wrestling’s Nick Hausman reported that his sources stated that the NWA’s current television deals with The CW could be negatively affected following a controversial spot at NWA’s Samhain event this past October.

This spot involved a controversial segment on the show featuring Father James Mitchell seen in a private seating area near ringside surrounded by scantily clad women. While the women and several other men were seen partying and drinking bottles of alcohol, Mitchell was seen snorting an illegal substance implied to be cocaine and passed it around to others at the table.

Hausman reported that those spoken to stated that this cocaine spot had upset high-level officials at The CW and caused a strong active push within the company for the NWA’s content to only air on their The CW app and not on their actual television network.

In regards to the origin of the cocaine spot, Hausman reported that this was NWA owner Billy Corgan’s idea and he had pushed for it to be included on their Samhain event.

Hausman also reported that those spoken to stated that during the negotiations between the NWA and The CW for a television deal, Corgan had been originally told that the network would only be concerned about the content of NWA’s weekly Powerrr series on their network and not what happens at NWA’s pay-per-view events. This reportedly changed following the cocaine spot after the network was flooded with social media comments over it.

Besides NWA’s television deal for their Powerrr series, Hasuman also reported that NWA’s other television deal for their upcoming new reality series is also currently expected to now only air on The CW app as part of the fallout from the cocaine spot.

Hasuman reported that he was told that at the moment, it is a 90% chance that both of NWA’s television series will only air on The CW app.

In regards to the NWA’s upcoming new reality series, Hausman reported that this new series was fully paid for by Corgan and the way the deal is structured gives The CW all of the ad revenues generated from the series in return for the NWA getting a timeslot to air their new series. The current belief within the NWA is that if the first season of this new reality series is successful, it could lead to a new reworked deal guaranteeing money for the NWA for a second season. The NWA reportedly is also currently hopeful that this new reality series and exposure of being on The CW will lead to higher ticket sales for NWA events and also higher merchandise sales for the company.