WWE Crown Jewel 2023 Notes: Kairi Sane Makes Surprise Return, New Champion Crowned

Kairi Sane Makes Surprise WWE Return at Crown Jewel 2023

Saturday’s Crown Jewel 2023 event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia featured Kairi Sane making a surprise appearance and her official return to WWE.

During the WWE Women’s Championship match between Bianca Belair and champion IYO SKY on the show, Belair laid out Bayley on the apron for attempting to interfere in her match and followed it with a splash over the ropes to Bayley on the outside. This led to SKY running towards Belair but Belair dodged the attack and SKY took out Bayley instead by accident.

Bianca tossed SKY back into the ring leading to Bayley grabbing Belair’s leg preventing her from going back into the ring. Belair punched Bayley and attempted to hit a KOD only for Sane to show up and attacked Belair while the ref was distracted. When the ref finally turned around, a countout was started and reached nine before Belair was able to roll back into the ring. This led to SKY hitting Belair with a moonsault for the pinfall victory to retain her WWE Women’s Championship.

Following the match, Sane and SKY hugged at ringside while Bayley looked on at ringside.

This was Sane’s first appearance in WWE since July of 2020.

Logan Paul Defeats Rey Mysterio for United States Championship at Crown Jewel 2023

Saturday’s WWE Crown Jewel 2023 event in Riyadh also featured one championship changing hands.

This was Logan Paul defeating Rey Mysterio to become the new United States Champion.

The finish to this match involved a mystery person from Paul’s entourage handing Paul brass knuckles while the referee was distracted. This led to Mysterio pushing Paul into the corner and the brass knuckles flying to the outside. This same person tried to grab the brass knuckles on the floor only to be chased away by Santos Escobar but not before Escobar put the knuckles back on the ring apron. Mysterio then tripped Paul into the ropes leading to Paul grabbing the knuckles. Mysterio then hit a 619 and followed it with a move off the top rope only to be struck by Paul with a right hand brass knuckles punch leading to Paul pinning Mysterio to become the new United States Champion.