AEW: Bryan Danielson on Potential Future Nigel McGuiness Match, Andrade El Idolo on Goal for 2024 to be His Year, Mark Henry

Bryan Danielson Comments on Potential Future Match with Nigel McGuiness Being a “Real Possibility”

The Daily Mail held a recent interview with Bryan Danielson. One of the topics discussed included Danielson’s thoughts about the potential of him having another match against Nigel McGuiness during his final year as an active full-time wrestler.

“Maybe one day I can get a rematch with Nigel McGuiness at Wembley. I know Nigel was really big on it last year but I at the time I wasn’t sure if he could hang with me. Now, he has worked his ass off and got himself in great shape, since then my health has a little bit deteriorated, so now I see that as a real possibility. He and I had some incredible matches that comparatively few people saw right like when you’re talking about like the matches we had in 2006 through kind of 2009, the Internet wasn’t what it is today. Our generation has such a nostalgia for Wembley and especially UK wrestlers, especially Nigel, has talked about the SummerSlam in 1992 and as an American I never even thought I’d see Britain, so I’ve just marvelled at this thing.”

Andrade El Idolo Comments on His Career Goal for 2024 to be His Year

This past Saturday’s taped AEW Collision show in Montreal, Quebec, Canada featured Andrade El Idolo defeating Bryan Danielson in an AEW Continental Classic Blue League match.

Following the match, AEW held a digital exclusive backstage interview with Andrade and CJ Perry discussing their thoughts about Andarde’s victory and Andrade’s goal for his career in 2024.

Andrade – “I have been waiting three years for this opportunity. I told you 2024 is going to be my year. The year of El Idolo. The year of the real Latino man. No one will stop me.”

Perry – “This is the reason why I negotiated an extra bonus for him to come into the tournament. Tonight he beat the greatest wrestler in the world, which makes him Andrade the greatest wrestler in the world. No one’s gonna stop him.”

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Mark Henry Reveals A&E Will Be Releasing Documentary About Him in January 2024

A recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show podcast featured Mark Henry as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Henry revealing that cable network A&E will be releasing a documentary based on his life on their network in January of 2024.

“There’s a documentary on my life being released in January. January, there’s a documentary on A&E about my life. People are going to find out a lot more about me than they’d ever heard. I don’t want to give nothing away, so just keep your ears open. It’s going to be big. It’s going to be one of the bigger ones they’ve ever done. There’s a lot of ground to cover, almost 3 hours.”

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