AEW: CJ Perry Hospitalized with Finger Infection, Bandido Underwent Second Surgery, Mercedes Mone Update

CJ Perry Hospitalized with Finger Infection

CJ Perry was originally scheduled to make her official debut for Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre at this past Friday’s Viernes Espectacular event in Mexico. Perry was noticeably absent from CMLL’s event and also AEW’s Collision show on Saturday in Garland, Texas.

Perry announced on Twitter on Saturday that the reason she was absent from both CMLL and AEW’s shows was due to her being hospitalized over a recent infection on her finger that spread to her arm requiring her needing to go to the emergency room.

Bandido Broken Wrist Injury Update – Bandido Underwent Second Surgery

As noted before, Bandido has been out of action for AEW since this past June due to a broken wrist injury. Bandido revealed earlier this month that he had suffered a setback on his rehab and would likely need another surgery to fix his wrist.

Bandido provided an update on Saturday on Twitter stating that he had recently underwent a second surgery that was successful. Bandido also thanked everyone for their support shown towards him throughout his ordeal.

Update on Mercedes Mone & AEW Working Relationship Status

As noted before, Mercedes Mone was in attendance at AEW’s All In event at Wembley Stadium this past August. AEW has been interested in signing Mone to a potential contract since her departure from WWE this past January.

Fightful Select’s Sean Ross Sapp reported that his sources stated that AEW’s plans for Mone to potentially join their company are believed to no longer be active plans. Sapp reported that “the once working plans for AEW and Mercedes are no longer working plans.”

In regards to Mone making a potential return to WWE, Sapp reported that he has not head about any talks between Mone and WWE for a potential return based on those spoken to. Sapp reported that those spoken to did state that Mone is currently asking for a lot of money for any potential new deal for her career.