Katsuyori Shibata Signs Official Contract with AEW

AEW CEO Tony Khan announced on Twitter on Saturday evening that New Japan Pro Wrestling talent Katsuyori Shibata recently signed an official contract with the company.

Khan also thanked NJPW for helping make Shibata’s signing with his company be possible.

Khan also shared a letter that Shibata had sent to him reflecting about his signing and getting to work in AEW and Ring of Honor over the past year.

“Dear Tony Khan

Today, I have signed the contract with AEW under a permission from New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

In the past year, I worked for AEW/ROH and I learned how wonderful the AEW is.

This is the best environment where wrestlers can focus only on fighting in the ring.

And the love for professional wrestling is overflowing from Tony and all the people who work for him.

I want to make AEW’s ring the last end point of The Wrestler’s career.

I dedicate my wrestler life to Tony Khan, and AEW.

Thank You

Katsuyori Shibata”

Prior to his signing, Shibata has made several appearances for AEW since June of 2022 and most recently had been working for ROH since this past March. Shibata also had been working for NJPW since October of 2021 albeit in a mostly non-wrestling role following his return from a serious head and brain injury he suffered in April of 2017.