WWE Executive Producer Kevin Dunn Reportedly Leaving Company

Longtime WWE Executive Producer Kevin Dunn reportedly will be leaving WWE, according to PWInsider.

Mike Johnson reported that his sources stated that Dunn had informed WWE officials around this past Christmas of his intentions to leave the company. Those spoken to reportedly stated that Dunn was the person who made the decision. Johnson reported that while there had been rumors of his departure several times in recent years, WWE officials never had asked Dunn at any point to leave.

In regards to the reaction within the company, Johnson reported that Dunn’s exist was not as much of a shock due to the belief that Dunn never intended to work for anyone other than Vince McMahon in WWE. Johnson reported that one factor influencing Dunn’s decision was McMahon’s power within WWE had greatly waned since Endeavor’s purchase and merger with UFC to form TKO Group. Another factor reportedly involved a difference in views between Dunn and Endeavor officials over how things should be run from a production perspective and Dunn not being the type to be dictated orders from others over it.

In regards to Dunn’s successor, Johnson reported that those spoken to stated that instead of a single person taking over Dunn’s role in charge of WWE’s production department, it will likely be a mix of people sharing the responsibilities Dunn once held himself. Dunn reportedly had been stepping back a bit and allowing others to handle more responsibilities following Endeavor’s purchase of WWE. This reportedly led to the general feeling within the company that Dunn was preparing his eventual departure. Johnson also reported Michael Mansury was the person that many within the company had expected to be Dunn’s successor prior to his departure and joining AEW in November of 2022.

Prior to his departure, Dunn had been with WWE since 1984.