More on WWE’s New RAW TV Deal with Netflix – RAW Not Airing on USA Network After This Sept., International WWE Network to Shut Down After 2024

As noted before, WWE announced this past Tuesday that they have signed a new television and media rights deal with Netflix for WWE RAW starting in January of 2025.

Wrestlenomics’ Brandon Thurston reported in a recent episode of the Pollock & Thurston show that his sources within USA Network stated that RAW will no longer be airing on USA Network following the end of this September, which is when their television deal with WWE expires.

Dave Meltzer reported in a recent episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio that his sources within WWE stated that the company will be making an announcement soon regarding RAW’s broadcast status for the three month gap in between the end of their USA Network and start of their Netflix deals. Meltzer speculated that it is possible that Netflix could end up airing RAW earlier than their official start date.

In regards to the future of the WWE Network, Meltzer reported that the international version of the WWE Network is currently expected to shut down after the end of this year due to Netflix taking over the content from the WWE Network. Meltzer also reported that it is currently not known if all of the currently existing content on the WWE Network will be moved over to Netflix.

In regards to WWE leaving Sportsnet in Canada after their current TV deal expires, Meltzer reported that WWE likely had no interest in renewing their deal with Sportsnet following them securing a deal with Netflix. Meltzer reported that both WWE and Netflix officials want as much WWE content as possible for Netflix going forward.