AEW Hires Former WWE Senior Writer as Vice President of Content Development

As noted before, WWE senior writer Jennifer Pepperman departed from WWE earlier this month and had primarily worked for their SmackDown brand’s Women’s division.

Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso reported that his sources stated that AEW recently hired Pepperman to be their new Vice President of Content Development. Barrasso reported that Pepperman will be working alongside AEW CEO Tony Khan within AEW’s creative team and her primary role will be development of content for AEW’s live programming.

Barrasso reported that prior to her departure from WWE, Pepperman had been the longest tenured female writer in WWE’s creative team, joining the company in 2017.

In an interesting note, Pepperman was a big supporter of Mercedes Mone, former Sasha Banks, during their time together in WWE.

Besides her career in the professional wrestling industry, Pepperman is also a three-time Emmy Award winner as a daytime soap opera writer.

In an official statement to Soap Opera Network, Khan confirmed Pepperman’s hiring to AEW.

“Adding Jennifer Pepperman’s brilliant mind to the AEW team opens the door for exciting new ideas and will help us build upon the incredible stories currently developing on the road to AEW Revolution across our three weekly shows on TBS and TNT, and the effects of Jennifer’s arrival in AEW will be felt for many years in the future. We’re thrilled to welcome her today, and I look forward to her creativity and collaboration with our team across the board in what will be AEW’s biggest year yet, and beyond.”