AEW Revolution 2024 Media Scrum: Sting’s Retirement Match, Jennifer Pepperman Hiring, Kamille, Media Rights Deals, Meat Madness Issues, Expanding PPV Schedule, Disciplinary Committee

AEW CEO Tony Khan held a media scrum on Thursday to promote this Sunday’s AEW Revolution 2024 event at the Greensboro Colosseum in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Some of the notable highlights included:

  • On the topic of Sting’s upcoming retirement match and future in AEW, Khan stated “Sting, I hope will remain with us in spirit forever. I believe he’ll be affiliated with us. Last night, he joked he was going to come back and throw on the headset. I would love that. I think we would all love for Sting to come back and be a part of the show. Sting is always welcome here. One thing about Sting, when he did this comeback, especially the hardcore fans of wrestling who know all the inner workings and details of the industry, may appreciate this. When he came back in 2020, he did not need the money. Sting is very well off and has earned a lot of money in his career and has taken care of it very well. He’s a great person and has made great investments. He does this because he loves it. He loves the fans and he wanted to have a great run in wrestling and for these past three years, that’s exactly what we’ve done. For me, I would love to have Sting back in AEW at any time, and I know he said he would like to comeback. We won’t hold him or force him to come back at any point. It’s not like we’ve locked in dates where he’s definitely going to be there, or contracted him. It’s going to be really nice after three years of pushing himself and have the longevity in his career that all wrestlers can aspire to and dream of, now is a great time for Sting to take time for himself and his family after this. Whatever the result is on Sunday, Sting can take pride that he’s had the most incredible final run that I can remember. We’re excited about the final match, and after that, we’ll see how Sting feels and I’m going to leave that to him. He knows the door is open and he’s welcome at AEW forever and we definitely want Sting representing AEW for as long as there is an AEW because to me, he’s our greatest legend and has been part of some of our greatest memories in the short history of AEW and in my lifetime, part of some of the greatest memories in all of pro wrestling. That’s why he deserves this send off so much that he’s getting.
  • On the topic of AEW’s recent hiring of former WWE senior writer Jennifer Pepperman as their new Vice President of Content Development, Khan praised Pepperman and stated that she has been at recent shows and has been fitting in greatly in the company. Khan also stated that Pepperman is not limited to just one story creatively and instead she is contributing to the overall product.
  • On the topic of the timing of AEW’s renewed focus on their Women’s division and Pepperman’s hiring, Khan stated that he has enjoyed working with the women’s division and AEW’s women’s locker room has never been more energized. Khan also stated that he has added a lot of new people to the division and has enjoyed working with them.
  • On the topic of former National Wrestling Alliance talent Kamille potentially signing with AEW in the future, Khan stated “Kamille is a great free agent in wrestling. Never say never. Certainly, Kamille is somebody we’ve scouted and somebody I have a lot of respect for and I’ve enjoyed her matches and enjoyed when I met her. She would certainly be a great fit in AEW at any time and certainly somebody we would keep under consideration.
  • On the topic of AEW’s upcoming new media rights deals and talks with Warner Bros Discovery, Khan stated “The biggest opportunity lies in the media rights renewal, where Dynamite, Rampage, and Collision will all be getting huge, huge increases, I can say for sure. Going into that and having that confidence, I think ’25 is going to go down as the year where AEW really took the leap from being a start-up company to being the established challenger player in pro wrestling for decades to come and establishing all of that in basically five years, that was the five-year plan.
  • On the topic of Daniel Garcia competing for the TNT Championship at Revolution 2024, Khan praised Garcia’s work and stated that he would be a great champion in any company with any title.
  • On the topic of Samoa Joe and his current reign as AEW World Champion, Khan praised Joe for being the most high quality champion one could ask for in AEW and in wrestling.
  • On the topic of AEW pulling the Meat Madness match from Revolution 2024 due to injury-related issues and his original plans for the match, Khan stated “I wanted to put a lot of the big wrestlers and get the crowd fired up for a multi-man scramble, a Meat Madness match. I think the crowd would enjoy it and it would be a lot of fun, but some of the wrestlers I was hoping to use….right now, Miro and Keith Lee are both out. Neither one is available, and some of our big men being out injured, I wanted to have the depth in the field to do the match I originally envisioned and people would enjoy that. Since we didn’t necessarily have the depth and we’re missing some of our big guys to do the Meat Madness multi-man scramble, we have other great stars and rivalries to showcase, so I made it an All-Star Scramble. When we get all of our big men healthy at the same time, I still want to take the Meat Madness concept off the shelf, get it out of the freezer, thaw it out, but until then I put Meat Madness on ice.
  • On the topic of AEW potentially expanding their yearly pay-per-view schedule in 2024, Khan stated “I could see this year being nine to ten. Nine is probably a good sweet spot. It feels like that’s about the right number. I don’t want to make a huge change or increase, but definitely, eight was incredibly successful and I don’t want to do anything totally different, but I do see an opening for nine, probably, and maybe ten. Nine feels like a great number for us, in particular when you also consider I put on three Ring of Honor streaming events annually, that puts AEW doing our nine strongest events plus the ROH’s three strongest events.
  • On the topic of next week’s AEW Dynamite show in Atlanta, Georgia, Khan teased that he has “something exciting” in store for that upcoming show.
  • On the topic of AEW’s disciplinary committee and their qualifications for dealing with sexual misconduct claims, Khan stated that they have two attorneys and Bryan Danielson on the committee. Khan also stated that they have done their best to train their committee team to handle all types of claims that could be brought forward.

Full AEW Revolution 2024 media scrum audio:

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