Nick Kiniski Alleges He Was Propositioned By Terry Garvin In WWE In 1980s

As noted before, former WWE and WCW wrestler Paul Roma recently went public claiming that his former tag team partner Jim Powers and other male talent were propositioned for sexual favors during his time in WWE.

A recent episode of the Post x Wrestlenomics’ Pollock & Thurston podcast featured former WWE and National Wrestling Alliance wrestler Nick Kiniski as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Kiniski revealing that he was one of the wrestlers who were propositioned for sexual favors in WWE during the 1980s. Kiniski stated that former WWE official Terry Garvin was the perpetrator.

“He would come up to me and hit on me … I won’t say what he said, but you’ll understand the meaning behind it. He says ‘Hey Nick, let me perform oral sex on you, you can read a Playboy and you’ll have it made for life.’ And, you know, he is my boss, he controls my boss. This is my livelihood, what I want to do, I kind of joked with him, I said ‘Hey Terry, you know, I’m not that way. But if I ever change, you’ll be the first. I’ll let you be the first.’ We just kinda laughed it off. But he was always kind of coming up and joking, and one time he came to my hotel room late at night and I told him to leave. Knocked at the door. So, it put me in a very awkward position, you know?”

Kiniski stated that while he had developed a good reputation early into his career with WWE, he was informed by former WWE road agent Rene Goulet, real name Robert Bédard, that he needed to lose a little bit of weight in order for the company to get behind him.

Kiniski stated that the one person who stood in his way for career advancement in WWE was Garvin and believed that him not acquiescing to Garvin was the reason for his failure to advance to the next level for his WWE career.

“There’s no doubt about it. ‘Hey, if you let me do this, you’ll have it made for life financially.’ I mean, there’s no other way to take that.”

Kiniski also stated that he contacted Vince McMahon over his concerns with Garvin and claimed that McMahon did nothing about it.

“I remember where it was, it was in Milwaukie, Oregon, we wrestled in Portland. I called Vince, and I said ‘Hey, Vince, I don’t think this is right. Terry’s hitting on me. I don’t appreciate that and I would like it to stop.’ And Vince said ‘Oh, ok. I’ll deal with it.’ And that was it.

Nothing changed. [Garvin would] still say ‘Hey, have you thought about your proposition?’ as he walks by in the dressing room.”

Kiniski also gave his thoughts about his belief that he was being punished for complaining to McMahon over the issue being his breaking point for his time in WWE.

“I talked to Vince, I said ‘This isn’t right, Vince. I complain, and now you guys are punishing me. I’ll finish my bookings, but I’m not putting any guys over. Put me in the ring we’ll see what happens.’ Vince knows I could take care of myself, so he said ‘No.’ I said, ‘I’m done.’ I said,‘I’ll finish my matches,’ ‘Nope, you’re done now.’ ‘Thank you very much.’”

Kiniski also gave his thoughts about why he decided to come public with his allegations now after all these years.

“I could’ve talked about it before but I don’t think it would have gotten any traction. And I just don’t want any young people who are in, especially the wrestling business, or any business work where they get a pro-quo, or this happens to them. I think it shouldn’t be in the workplace.

After I got out of wrestling, I didn’t even follow it. Just in the last few years … It was out in the scuttlebutt [about] what happened to me. People would want to call and interview me and stuff, but I didn’t want to be like ‘Hey I have sour grapes and I’m just mad.’ I just moved on with my life.”

Kiniski also gave his thoughts about leaving the wrestling industry 1990 and trying to stay positive with his life despite what happened to him in WWE.

“I was probably lucky to get out of the industry. It’s a hard lifestyle. I’m very successful, I got to be a fire chief, I’ve got to be an owner of bars, life’s been very good for me. I’ve got a place in Palm Springs, Arizona, I get to travel. So, I was probably lucky I got out of the business because I’d probably be beat up in a wheelchair. Just not a good lifestyle.

They didn’t take my pride from me. I felt I never did anything wrong and it worked out very well for me. I just feel very sorry for the people that it didn’t work out for and hopefully, it never happens again.”

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