Pirates Impacted WWE’s Travel Plans for Elimination Chamber Cage for Elimination Chamber 2024 Event in Australia

WWE held a press event on Thursday in Perth, Australia to promote this Saturday’s Elimination Chamber 2024 event in the city.

During a video package for the construction of the Elimination Chamber cage, WWE commentator Micheal Cole stated that it took over a month for the cage to arrive in Australia due to WWE having to change their travel plans for it over real-life pirates issues affecting travel through the Suez Carnal in the Middle East.

Michael Cole – “A structure which took over a month to get here. Originally, it was supposed to ship through the Suez Canal, but pirates made sure that didn’t happen. So it was sent to Miami. It was then shipped by truck to Los Angeles, put on a ship to Sydney, sent on a train over here to Perth. And now the Elimination Chamber is being constructed as we speak right behind us in the stadium here in Perth.”

Corey Graves – “Did you say pirates, Cole?”

Cole – “Yes, pirates in the Suez Canal.”

Graves – “We had to endure actual piracy to get here to Perth.”

Transcript h/t: F4WOnline.com