ROH TV Results – Feb. 22, 2024 – ROH Women’s World Title 2-Out-Of-3 Falls Table Match

February 22, 2024
Henderson, NV – The Dollar Loan Center and Cedar Park, TX – H-E-B Center
Commentary – Ian Riccoboni and Caprice Coleman
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Quick Match Results

  1. ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament First Round match – Taya Valkyrie defeated Sussy Love via Shania Pain (pinfall)
  2. Lee Johnson defeated Sonico via Shot Drop (pinfall)
  3. ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament First Round match – Red Velvet defeated Sandra Moone via The Mix (pinfall)
  4. Danhausen defeated Brandon Cutler via Big Boot (pinfall)
  5. ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament First Round match – Abadon defeated Viva Van via Black Dahlia (pinfall)
  6. “All Ego” Ethan Page defeated Anthony Henry via Head Shot (pinfall)
  7. ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament First Round match – Billie Starkz defeated Robyn Renegade via Hamerlock Dragon Sleeper (submission)
  8. Four Corner Survival match – Komander defeated Exodus Prime, AR Fox, and Matt Sydal via Rope Walk Shooting Star Press (pinfall)
  9. ROH Women’s World Championship 2-out-of-3 Falls Table match – Athena (c) defeated Nyla Rose Two Falls to One Fall
    • Rose scored the first fall to go up 1 fall to zero falls following a powerbomb to Athena through a table.
    • Athena scored the second fall to tie up the score at 1 fall each following her hitting an O-Face to Rose off the ropes causing Rose to fall off the apron and crash through a table on the outside.
    • Athena scored the second decisive fall to win the match at 2 falls to 1 fall following her hitting an Electric Chair Front Slam to Rosa from the apron sending Rose crashing through a table on the outside.

ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament First Round Match
Taya Valkyrie vs. Sussy Love

Valkyrie had the definite size and power advantage in this match. Her personality shone strong as she tossed Love around ring. This match was a departure from the previous TV Title Tournament matches in that it had much more of a feeling of urgency to it. In spite of that though, this was all Valkyrie, who at one point laughed out loud at Love’s offense. Love did show some heart though, kicking out of a few nearfalls. However, this match was Valkyrie’s to lose, and she got the pin to advance in the tournament and take on Queen Aminata.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie via Pinfall.

Lee Johnson vs. Sonico

Johnson gets a spotlight match here against the debuting luchador, Sonico. Sonico heeled it up big time, refusing a Code of Honor and kicking away Johnson’s hand. Johnson was the more athletic of the two, and his speed was hard for Sonico to match. The two traded strikes and near falls with Sonico coming out on top. Johnson won the crowd over a bit and they began clapping and chanting for him to break a hold from Sonico. A neckbreaker and HBK-style pop up give Johnson some momentum and he caught Sonico off the ropes with a really hard elbow to grab the win.

Winner: Lee Johnson via Pinfall.

ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament First Round Match
Red Velvet vs. Sandra Moone

The 3-0 Velvet got a nice ovation on her way to the ring. Moone was already in the ring and a Code of Honor was exchanged. Velvet’s quickness was countered by Moone’s strength, but Velvet stayed in control as the women exchanged a few holds. Velvet lined up Moone in the corner and peppered her with strikes.

Velvet flew too close to the moon (heh) however, and Moone was able to counter with a high kick to the face. Moone followed that up with a big dropkick off the top rope, but only a 2-count. Velvet dropped into what could only be described as a very aggressive arm bar, and held it on Moone for a very, very long time.

Moone made a good case for herself with a massive lariat and a reverse mule kick. Velvet powered up off of these and managed to land a Casa Dora to slow down the bigger Moone. Moone broke free and attempted to go to the top rope but Velvet got a big kick in to grab the three. In the next round, she takes on Layla Hirsch.

Winner: Red Velvet via Pinfall.

Backstage: Taya Valkyrie, Johnny TV

Valkyrie cut a promo with Johnny TV at her side. She asked for some real competition and the two TV Ready stars headed off.

Brandon Cutler vs. Danhausen

Danhausen made his return to ROH here and was met with a strong ovation from the crowd. Danhausen and Cutler were both well dressed, making the match look something like a clash between Dracula and Tiger King.

Cutler started off the match with some dab-style elbows, but Danhausen was unfazed and Cutler attempted to spray paint his face. The paint wouldn’t work on Danhausen though for curse-related reasons and cutler ended up spraying himself.

After regrouping, Cutler got Danhausen up in an airplane spin, resulting in both men staggering around, dizzy. Danhausen recovered first though and the two began exchanging stiff punches. The crowd was really into the match and clearly behind Danhausen who got a Northern Lights Suplex on Cutler. A distraction on the outside involving a jar of teeth almost let Cutler schoolboy Danhausen into a pin, but he was able to reverse and get the win in his ROH return.

Winner: Danhausen via Pinfall.

Video: Athena, Nyla Rose

A video aired hyping up Nyla Rose vs. Athena 2-out-of-3 Falls Table match for the ROH Women’s World Championship.

ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament First Round Match
Abadon vs. Viva Van

The Living Dead Girl, Abadon, entered to a good response from the crowd and Van was waiting for her in the ring. The two squared up pretty evenly, but Abadon took control with a headbutt. Abandon’s deliberate and strange movements had Van back on her heels and she rolled out of the ring to collect herself.

Van re-entered the match with a spinning heel kick and almost got a pin, but Abadon was easily able to reverse into a suplex. Van attempted to match the aggression of Abadon but wasn’t quite able to overcome her green-haired opponent. A tarantula on the ropes dazed Abadon and Van locked in a surfboard submission hold. Abandon broke free, but Van remained aggressive as they traded punches.

Abandon tapped into whatever dark forces drive her and screamed at Van, who whipped her into the ropes and attempted an electric chair. Abandon reversed it and delivered a big running knee and a Black Dhalia to get the win and advance in the tournament. Mercedes Martinez is waiting for her in the next round.

Winner: Abadon via Pinfall.

Anthony Henry vs. “All Ego” Ethan Page

Henry had a huge opportunity here to advance his status un ROH by defeating Page. The crowd thought otherwise though, giving Page a very warm reception. The two adhered to the Code of Honor and the match was underway.

Henry showboated a bit, flexing before an unimpressed Page who countered with a few poses of his own. Henry’s speed landed a spinning heel kick on page and the flexing resumed. PAge fought out of the corner, but Henry still had his number, working Page’s elbow, presumably making it harder for him to utilize the Ego’s Edge.

Page got fired up though and turned the tables on Henry with a big slam. The strain on Page’s arm was apparent though, and page went for the Ego’s Edge but Henry was able to wiggle out of it for a tornado DDT. A “rip it back” hammerlock was applied to aPage, weakening his arm even more. After fighting back, Page was able to get Henry with a cutter from his good arm however, and extend his win streak to 6 Matches!

Winner: “All Ego” Ethan Page via Pinfall.

Backstage: Queen Aminata

Queen Aminata cut a promo backstage about how she used to really look up to Taya Valkyrie. Now though, Valkyrie is just sleeze and riding her husband’s coattails. Next week when they face off, Aminata wants the “real” Valkyrie so she can beat her and become the first ROH Women’s TV Champion.

ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament First Round Match
Robyn Renegade vs. Billie Starkz

The final match in the first round of the ROH Women’s World TV Title Tournament kicked off with a very mocking Code of Honor from Renegade. The two locked up, and traded wristlocks before settling into the corner where Starkz was on her heels. Renegade showed a lot of confidence against the young Starkz, but it was Starkz who got the first near fall off of a big kick to Renegade’s head.

In full control, Renegade talked a ton of smack as she chopped Starkz in the corner. Starkz, a favorite in the tournament, reversed and threw some chops of her own. The intensity of the match ratcheted up as Renegade dropped Starkz with a bridge suplex into a two count.

Renegade hit Starkz with a brutal codebreaker. A chin lock followed, but Starkz was able to fight her way out and deliver some high kicks. Favoring her back, Starkz began to pick up momentum, laying in some hard strikes. Renegade invited more, and Starkz obliged.

Starkz went for a diver between the ropes onto Renegade on the outside, but caught her foot on the rope. Renegade caught her and drove her back into the ring apron. Renegade eventually caught Starkz up on her shoulders and delivered a devastating powerbomb on the outside. Starkz beat the count and made it back into the ring, reversing a pump handle slam into a hammerlock neck vise. Renegade held on for a few seconds, but tapped, ending the match.

Starkz now moves on to face Diamante in the quarterfinal round!

Winner: Billie Starkz via Submission.

Backstage: “All Ego” Ethan Page

Page was interviewed by Lexi Nair. He called out ROH TV Champion Kyle Fletcher again, and talked about how there is something in the air. He begged Fletcher to stay away because when he gets back to ROH, Page’s momentum will be massive.

Four Corner Survival Match
AR Fox vs. Matt Sydal vs. Komander vs. Exodus Prime

This week’s 4-corner survival match started off with the ROH debut of Exodus Prime, who took a hard shot at Fox off the top. Fox rolled out of the ring and Sydal and Komander chased Prime out as well. Sydal and Kommander traded fast moves and lock ups, bringing some energy to the match. Fox and Prime waited on the outside.

Fox snuck back in and delivered a couple of cutters before Prime was able to take him down with some hard strikes. Sydal hit a ddt and big punch on Fox and Komander simultaneously and Prime jumped him as the other two recovered. A big elbow off the top rope from Prime got a two count on Sydal. Sydal paid him back with a jawbreaker and Fox jumped in to try and pin the dazed Prime.

Komander and Sydal ate big boots from Fox as he locked in a crab submission on Prime. Komander locked in and armbar and Sydal got a headlong on Prime as the three men tried to make Prime submit. It was broken up and Komander dragged Sydal to the ring apron where he locked in a surfboard. Fox broke it up with a dive through the ropes, and Sydal hit Komander with a meteora.

Sydal and Fox took turns laying shots into Prime in the corner, but their truce was broken up by Komander. Komander dragged Sydal to the corner and climbed to the top rope. Prime had other plans however, and knocked Komander off the rope. Meanwhile, Sydal got Fox in a side slam for a two count. Fox got a superplex and 450 splash on Prime, but Sydal broke up the pinning attempt. The crowd rose to their feet and Komander planted Prime with a swinging DDT. Komander hit a running shooting star press from the top rope and got the win, pinning Prime.

Winner: Komander via Pinfall.

Backstage: Billie Starkz

Starkz cut a promo, claiming she was the “youngest and the dumbest” in the tournament, but regardless she’s going to win it all and become the Womens World TV Champion.

ROH Women’s World Championship 2-Out-Of-3 Falls Tables Match
Nyla Rose vs. Athena (c)

The main event of the night was rife with emotion as the competitors made their way to the ring. Athena and Rose both got big cheers from the crowd, who were still pretty pumped from that four way match.

Rose started off with some big strikes and a samoan drop. Rose was not wasting any time here and a table was brought out and set up at ringside. Athena laid in a dropkick, but Rose picked her up and powerbombed her through the table for the first fall.

Athena recovered in the ring and Rose began searching for another table to put a quick end to the match. Rose brought it into the ring, but Athena used it to drive Rose into the barricade outside. Athena wasted no time in putting a table into the ring and setting it up in the corner while Rose writhed on the outside. Inexplicably, Athena felt that this was a good time for a suicide dive through the ropes. Rose caught her and drove her into the ring apron.

Rose tossed Athena back into the ring and began stomping her. Athena fought back as best she could but Rose slammed her and threw her into the corner for a running splash. Rose set up the table Athena had brought into the ring in the opposite corner. Rose tried to throw Athena through it, but she was able to reverse and slide out of the ring to recover.

Rose followed and Athena drop-kicked her into the barricade. Athena pulled another table from under the ring and set it up before delivering another dropkick and some wild swings to Rose. Athena pulled Rose up on the ring apron and the two traded shots. It looked like Rose might get away with two straight falls, but Athena reversed it and hit a cutter on the ropes, causing Rose to fall backwards and through the table, giving each woman a fall.

The match moved into Sudden Death, as the next fall would win. Athena set up a table in the ring and dragged Rose back in. Athena tried to pick up Rose to put her through the table, but collapsed as her knee buckled. A confident Rose put Athena on the table and climbed the ropes. Athena rolled off the table though and climbed up the ropes as well. The two grappled on the ropes, until Rose created some separation. Athena kept punching up, hoping Rose would fall onto the table in the ring. There was another table outside and both women were in danger.

Athena got underneath Rose and pulled her off the top rope, driving her through the table on the outside to get the second fall and retain her ROH Women’s Title!

Winner: Athena to retain the ROH Women’s World Championship.