Rossy Ogawa Announces Plans to Launch New Promotion & Responds to Claims He Poached Stardom Talent

As noted before, Bushiroad fired Stardom founder and head booker Rossy Ogawa this past Sunday over claims that Ogawa was trying to poach Stardom talent and staff in an attempt to leave the company without their knowledge.

Tokyo Sports held a recent interview with Ogawa. One of the topics discussed included Ogawa’s thoughts about his recent firing from Stardom.

“I was forced to play aggressive cards, and there was harassment within the company that continued and I started to lose the will to continue working here. Because of that, some of the wrestlers and staff told me, ‘I’m not joining the organization again.'”

Ogawa also confirmed that he is currently planning to launch a new wrestling promotion at some point in the future.

“A new organization? That’s right. I want to do again what we can’t do here. There are quite a few things we can’t do here. Because we are a big company, we can’t do everything.”

Ogawa also gave his thoughts about Bushiroad’s claims that he was trying to poach Stardom talent and staff from the company.

“We did not do this. After hearing the rumors, there were a lot of players who wanted to come to this (new organization). I guess they were panicked too. However, President (Taro) Okada ‘accepted’ (the new organization). He said, ‘We’ll make an offer to (Yokohama) BUNTAI,’ and ‘Let’s have a rivalry match two years from now on the 15th anniversary. I was like, ‘What are you talking about now? I don’t want to get into a mud-slinging match.”

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