Update on AEW & CMLL’s Partnership Containing Rule Preventing Non-CMLL Talent on AEW Shows

As noted before, AEW’s current partnership with Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre is not believed to contain an actual rule set in place by CMLL not allowing any non-CMLL contracted Mexican talent to work at AEW shows if CMLL talents are also booked for those shows. This rule is currently believed to only affect Lucha Libre AAA contracted talents and their ability to wrestle in matches against CMLL talents on shows.

Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that one AEW official recently spoken to confirmed that this rule is indeed in place but primarily for AAA contracted talent. This same source reportedly stated “AAA wrestlers and CMLL wrestlers are very unlikely to be on the same branded show” going forward.

Meltzer reported that outside of one notable moment, no Mexican-born wrestlers have appeared on AEW shows that have featured CMLL talents. Meltzer also reported that the reason why Komander was able to make an appearance on the January 31st Dynamite show that also featured CMLL talents was due to his booking being a late situation issue and CMLL’s rule allowing it as an exception.

Meltzer reported that non-CMLL Mexican talents were recently informed by AEW officials that they can no longer appear on shows if CMLL talents are also booked for those shows. This reportedly led to those talent being very upset at AEW over the situation.

Meltzer also reported that this current rule still only applies to Mexican-based contracted AAA talent and not foreign-based talent who work at AAA shows for the reason why Johnny TV and Brian Cage are still allowed to work at AEW shows if CMLL talents are also booked for it.

This current rule reportedly also still only applies to individual shows and not a set of tapings. Meltzer reported that if CMLL talent were booked for either a Dynamite or Rampage show, then AAA talent would be allowed to work on the other show during the same set of tapings.

In regards to AEW forming a new partnership with CMLL, Meltzer reported that AEW officials started to sour on their partnership with AAA following an incident in December of 2022. This incident involved AAA booking then AAA contracted talent Dragon Lee to be the one to pin FTR for the AAA World Tag Team titles despite AEW contracted talent Dralistico being on his team. Following his victory, Lee gave an in-ring promo stating that he was signing with WWE leading to WWE releasing the story to ESPN right afterwards. AEW officials reportedly felt that they were double crossed by AAA over this booking incident and opened the door for Rocky Romero to start talks with AEW for a new partnership deal with CMLL.

In regards to Penta El Zero Miedo, Lucha Blog reported that there is very likely more to the story than what is currently known for why AEW does not go harder with their booking of Penta beyond just CMLL-related issues for the reason for his inconsistent pay-per-view matches booking and pushes in the company.