AEW Revolution 2024 Post-Show Media Scrum: Will Ospreay, Darby Allin vs. Jay White Set for AEW Big Business, Sting & Allin to Vacate Tag Titles & Tournament for New Champs, Kenny Omega Update

AEW held a post-show media scrum following Sunday’s AEW Revolution 2024 event in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Some of the notable highlights included:

  • During his portion of the media scrum, Samoa Joe gave his thoughts about if he ever believed he would be in a top position in a wrestling promotion following him wearing a poncho for commentary work at WWE WrestleMania 37. Joe stated “Obviously, I was planning and taking the time to recover so that I could be back here at this capacity competing at this level. Far too many dumber athletes in this industry don’t take the time to heal, don’t bet on themselves and say, ‘Hey, listen, I’m gonna step away from things a little bit, and I’m going to come back, not 90% not 80%, 110%.’ I took that time and I came back 110%. Now, I’m the AEW World Champion. So I mean, this is just indicative of me understanding what I need to do to get things done. I’m playing this on a very different level than everybody else. Everybody else out here just hoping to get their shot. Hoping they’re doing things. I’m planning dynasties. I mean, it starts with me, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. They’re playing checkers, I’m out here playing chess. I mean, it’s a totally different game, man. Doing commentary in ponchos, I am still a millionaire. I don’t know what he’s talking about. So I mean, he may not like that issue, but, hey, that guy in the poncho just whipped his ass tonight and is still World Champion. So I mean, you tell me you tell me who’s running things around here.
  • Joe also gave his thoughts about AEW’s locker room has not ever been tighter or better than it currently is now. Joe also stated that there is a genuine excitement within AEW’s locker room and it has been a long time since that same spirit has been felt there.
  • During her portion of the media scrum, Toni Storm acted in character and once again called out Wendi Richter for a match between the two for her AEW Women’s World Championship. Storm first teased the idea of Mercedes Mone by referencing that she would be interested in a big match at AEW Big Business in Boston before revealing she was talking about Richter.
  • During Will Ospreay’s portion of the media scrum, AEW CEO Tony Khan gave his thoughts about Ospreay’s match against Konosuke Takeshita at the event. Khan stated “It was a tremendous match. That was an amazing, amazing match for Will to finish up in RevPro, and after a great run in New Japan and RevPro, I thought Will versus Michael Oku was a great match, and I was really blown away by the quality of the wrestling but really the quality of people. I got to meet Will Ospreay’s family for the first time, which was really cool. The great things he said afterwards, it was just really kind. I thought the way he helped really set up his debut at AEW and also paid tribute to the great fans in the UK that helped him get to this place. It was a great thing, and it was great to be there. Of course, the match took a big toll I think physically, but knowing it’s Will Ospreay, I had high confidence he was gonna be here, be ready for Revolution, and he was everything we would have expected. The match was everything we would have expected. I thought Ospreay versus Takeshita delivered, Revolution delivered, and again I think Will Ospreay in AEW fits like a glove as you’re seeing here tonight.
  • On the topic of how his family is very important to him and being on a full schedule with AEW, Ospreay stated “I’m basically Wolverine, bruv, and I’ll be fine in a couple days. I’ll just deal up. What’s the question, what’s your schedule looking like? I’m getting in a relationship with another professional wrestler, Alex Windsor. She’s great, and now I’m a position where I’m a a parent. The first time I told people, everyone went, ‘You?’ [Laughs] I can’t tell you enough what the girl and that kid have done for me. I wish I could be so open about what those two mean to me. They’ve gone though a lot for me, and I could not ask them to uproot their life, their school life. If you know my missus and you know her story, she’s gone through so much. She’s a genuine warrior. I could not have asked for a better partner to go through this whole thing. For her, I couldn’t have asked to do that. The majority of the travel, it’s so much less than Japan. Japan was like 15 hours at one point because there’s bloody going on in Russia and the Ukraine. We weren’t allowed to go through their airspace, we had to go underneath. It was horrible. So coming over here, it’s not actually as bad. I don’t mind it. My schedule is full-time, dude. I want to be here every single week, delivering the best matches that I physically can. This is what I’ve been preaching over in New Japan. The work that I’ve put out throughout all those eight years of doing it, it was the hardest thing leaving it. But this fits like a glove. This is where the best wrestlers the world are. This is the most elite roster of all time. We are so blessed to be blessed to be living in this moment. I’m so blessed to have a dressing room where there are people like Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong and Takeshita, Sting, Orange Cassidy. I’m gonna have a Iong list of guys to go through, and I’m willing to tick off every single person, I’m willing to go to work. I’m looking forward to it. I’m here for three things. I’m here to win world titles, retire Billy Gunn, and get a Nando sponsorship.
  • Ospreay also gave his thoughts about the brainbuster spot Taksehita gave to him during their match onto the top turnbuckle. Ospreay stated “My ass is so bad. Can I show a little bit of it? I’m not gonna show you my cheek. [Shows his back/backside, which is clearly bruised] That sucked so much.” Ospreay continued later into his scrum portion stating “That moment he brain-bustered my ass on the rope, dude, that was the most painful thing I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I wanted to cry [laughs]. There’s a lump, dude. But Takeshita’s the best.
  • Prior to the start of Darby Allin and Sting’s portion of the media scrum, Tony Khan announced that Allin would be facing off against Jay White in a singles match at AEW Big Business show on March 13th in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • On the topic of joining AEW, Sting stated that he saw an opportunity available and liked the wrestlers involved in the company, both male and female. Sting stated that AEW’s brand fir him and felt like AEW was the best fit compared to his runs in WWE and TNA, opportunity and liked the wrestlers involved, both male and female. The brand fit him, and felt like AEW was the best fit for him since his WCW run compared to his runs in WWE and TNA.
  • On the topic of retiring with an undefeated streak in AEW, Sting stated that he was resistant on the idea of going on an undefeated streak and even winning the AEW World Tag Team Championship.
  • On the topic of his retirement match, Sting stated that he told The Young Bucks after their match that he felt it was in the top three matches of his career.
  • On the topic of his current plans for his future in AEW and wrestling, Sting stated “Tony has mentioned me staying on board in some form or fashion. We haven’t really worked anything out there yet, but I’m sure we’ll have some kind of conversation and I’m saying maybe, we’ll see what happens. I have no interest in being a manager or anything like that or an agent. I don’t want to do any of that kind of stuff. I’m not sure what I can offer.
  • On the topic of his current plans to climb Mount Everest, Allin stated “I wanted to come here to let people know I was still alive. I was in the middle of getting stitched up, but I wanted to show everybody that the doctors are on top of it, I’m still breathing. I feel fine, and as long as Flair, Steamboat, Sting, the Bucks, everybody else feels fine, then we’re beautiful. I talked to the doctors. They gave me a doctor’s note to climb Mount Everest. I leave on March 27. ” Allin’s comments about being stitched up was in referenced to him getting cut up badly following a Swanton spot off the ladder onto a glass panel and chairs during the AEW World Tag Team title match at the event.
  • During his portion of the media call, Tony Khan stated that he felt that Revolution 2024 was a “perfect night” and was one of the best shows AEW had ever done from top to bottom. While no figure was given, Khan stated that he currently believes the event will have generated one of the best ever live gates in AEW history.
  • On the topic of Sting’s undefeated run in AEW, Khan stated that he never pushed for Sting to have an undefeated run in AEW but felt very strongly about pushing him the way that he did.
  • On the topic of the status of the AEW World Tag Team Championship following Sting’s retirement, Khan stated that Sting and Darby Allin will be vacating the titles and a tournament will be held starting this month to crown new champions. Khan also stated that more details regarding this upcoming tournament will be announced at a later date.
  • On the topic of Kenny Omega’s recovery from diverticulitis and a potential return date, Khan stated “I don’t think it would be fair to create the expectation that Kenny Omega would be cleared by then. I’m very optimistic Kenny will be coming back, but I don’t know the exact date. I think that’s an aggressive timetable. Kenny is one of AEW’s great stars and we can’t wait to have him back as soon as possible. I don’t think it would be fair to create the expectation he would be cleared by then though.
  • On the topic of Kyle O’Reilly’s surprise return to AEW, Khan praised O’Reilly and mentioned the momentum O’Reilly had been building up in AEW until his neck injury. Khan also gave a non-answer when asked a question regarding O’Reilly’s injury recovery status.
  • On the topic of Eddie Kingston’s status for this April’s Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor 2024 event, Khan stated “Yes. I absolutely am planning for that. We had to get through Revolution and decide the Continental Crown tonight. It was an amazing match, Eddie Kingston vs. Bryan Danielson, on an amazing pay-per-view. We were very fortunate to have a great match like that for the Continental Crown. Of course, Eddie Kingston, being the Ring of Honor World Champion, absolutely, you can expect Eddie Kingston at Supercard of Honor.
  • On the topic of AEW’s talks for a new media rights deal, Khan stated that they are still under an exclusive window with Warner Bros Discovery and their talks have been great. Khan also stated that WBD’s current management group has embraced them more than ever before.
  • On the topic of AEW’s current partnership with Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, Khan stated that their current partnership deal includes allowing CMLL female talent to appear on AEW shows and Stephanie Vaquer being one talent from CMLL’s women’s division he would love to make an appearance in AEW.
  • On the topic of the recent rumors regarding Ricky Starks’ contract with AEW had expired, Khan stated “I don’t know what the rumor is. Ricky is part of AEW. Ricky is definitely still under contract in AEW. I haven’t seen that. Ricky was a big part of Sting’s run, he was Sting’s first match in AEW. Ricky and Big Bill, I’m very grateful, and I’ve said that to Ricky too, both right after the match and since, very grateful. Ricky and Big Bill, what great world tag team champions, and what a great match for Sting and Darby to win the world tag team championships. Ricky was there at the beginning three years ago, then a huge part of the title change, which set the stage for tonight. He’s been here for some of the big moments. I’m very excited about having him here. He’s definitely part of AEW and has been a big part of Sting’s final run.” Khan ended up confirming a report from Fightful Select prior to the start of Revolution 2024 that debunked the rumors being true.

Full AEW Revolutuon 2024 post-show media scrum video:

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