Anthem Reportedly Working on Plans for Weekly Live TNA Impact Shows at Full Sail University

TNA Wrestling’s parent company Anthem Sports & Entertainment reportedly currently has major plans for TNA’s Impact! television series to be held as weekly live shows in the future, according to the Wrestling Observer.

Dave Meltzer reported that his sources stated that Anthem officials currently have plans for TNA’s weekly shows to be potentially held at the same location. Meltzer reported that former TNA President Scott D’Amore and Anthem executives Ed Nordholm, and Lou D’Angeli had recent contact with Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida as the potential location for future live Impact! shows. D’Amore, Nordholm, and D’Angeli reportedly also recently toured the campus, as well as Anthem owner Len Asper and other Anthem officials following D’Amore’s firing.

Meltzer reported that Anthem’s original plan was to hold a test weekend of taped shows at the new location at some point during this May or June with the goal of going live each week starting in late 2024 or early 2025. Meltzer also reported that this test location would not necessarily be at Full Sail since some other location could also be possible.

Besides Full Sail, Anthem officials reportedly were also interested in the idea of holding tapings at Santino Marella’s Gym in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Meltzer reported that one big disadvantage for that idea revolves around Marella’s gym would not look as good visually and not being as TV ready for shows compared to Full Sail . One person spoken to reportedly stated that they had heard that Marella’s gym was less likely to be chosen and may be crossed off the list due to issues related to the gym’s primary business as a MMA and wrestling gym. This same person reportedly stated that running weekly live shows there could potentially impact the gym’s regular business too much.

Meltzer reported that prior to his firing, D’Amore had the goal of having TNA hold some live television shows this year and then move to a regular live weekly schedule in 2025.