Backstage Update on CM Punk, Seth Rollins, & Drew McIntyre’s Promo Segment at This Past Monday’s RAW Show

This past Monday’s WWE RAW show in Rosemont, Illinois featured CM Punk, Seth Rollins, and Drew McIntyre involved in a rowdy promo segment that was notable for Punk’s comments of it “going off the rails.”

Fightful Select reported that their sources stated that Punk, Rollins, and McIntyre’s promo segment did indeed feature stuff that was not scripted or originally planned by WWE officials.

It was reported that Punk, Rollins, and McIntyre’s promo segment had been outlined to them beforehand but all three knew that they had the green light from WWE officials to improvise and see where the segment took them. It was also reported that this segment was produced by Adam Pearce and was a stark contract to most WWE segments, which are always largely scripted out including emotional segments.

In regards to unscripted or unplanned moments, it was reported that WWE’s production crew were caught off guard over Punk’s use of swearing since this was something they were not anticipating beforehand. It was reported that Punk swearing was notable due to it took place shortly following the internal memo that was sent to talent discouraging them from cursing on air and leading to frustrations of a double standard with The Rock.

Another unplanned moment reportedly involved Punk’s attempt to get McIntyre to reference former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon on air leading to McIntyre’s awkward reaction in return over not wanting to say his name.

It was reported that despite what went down during the segment, there is currently not believed to have been any backstage issues or heat related to the segment nor to Punk.