ROH TV Results – March 14, 2024 – Mercedes Martinez vs. Abadon

March 14, 2024
Duluth, GA – Gas South Arena
Commentary – Ian Riccoboni and Caprice Coleman
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Quick Match Results

  1. ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Round match – Billie Starkz defeated Diamante via Half Nelson Crossface (submission)
  2. Lee Johnson defeated Aaron Solo via Big Shot (pinfall)
  3. Women’s Four Corner Survival match – Kiera Hogan defeated Robyn Renegade, Lady Frost, and “Legit” Leyla Hirsch via Face The Music (pinfall)
  4. ROH Women’s World Championship Proving Ground match – Athena defeated Aisha via Modified Octopus Hold (submission)
  5. Top Flight & Action Andretti defeated Iron Savages & Jacked Jameson via Pinfall
  6. The WorkHorsemen defeated Jacoby Watts & Nick Comoroto via Top Rope Double Foot Stomp (pinfall)
  7. Lance Archer defeated Darian Bentson via Blackout (pinfall)
  8. ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Round match – Mercedes Martinez defeated Abadon via Pinfall
  9. Four Corner Survival match – Komander defeated Slim J, Jack Cartwheel, and AR Fox via Rope Walk Shooting Star Press (pinfall)
  10. Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta defeated Cole Karter & Griff Garrison via Orange Punch (pinfall)

The start for tonight’s show was delayed by 40 minutes due to technical-related issues stated by Ring of Honor on Twitter.

ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Round Match
Diamante vs. Billie Starkz

This tournament really gained some steam in the last couple of weeks, and this match continued that trend. Both women exchanged quick rolling pin attempts off the top, setting a fast pace for the match. This resulted in a vicious knee to the face from Diamante on a prone Starkz in the corner. That slowed things down as the action moved out of the ring.

Starkz was the clear crowd favorite as she found herself hung up on the ropes. Diamante’s experience was a factor as she slowed the match down to her pace, leaving Starkz struggling to get some momentum. Everything Starkz threw at her, Diamante had an answer for.

Starkz tried to overpower the smaller Diamante, but even that was met with a clubbing forearm that had Starkz seeing starz. Powering back though, Starkz executed three straight dives between the ropes onto Diamante on the outside. Starks hit a nasty back breaker, but it only got her a two count.

After a one-sided beatdown, Diamante finally made a mistake, and gave Starkz an opening to land a lariat right into Diamante’s face. The match devolved into a forearm strike battle until Starks locked in a half-nelson crossface on Diamante and she was forced to tap out, sending Starkz to the Semifinals.

Winner: Billie Starkz via Pinfall.

Aaron Solo vs. Lee Johnson

Johnson entered second and got a big pop from his hometown Atlanta crowd. Johnson was on a six-match win streak and the crowd was begging for seven.

Solo and Johnson were pretty evenly matched in terms of size and speed. Both men favored a quick, high-flying style and this match would come down to who made the first mistake. Solo mugged for the crowd, which was confusing for just about everyone, but especially Johnson who waited patiently in the ring.

Eventually, the two decided to have a wrestling match and Johnson took control. The two went back and forth until Johnson was thrown under the bottom rope, but seemed to catch his throat on the rope. After a check by the Ref, Solo jumped in to take advantage of his prone opponent. Johnson wasn’t going down easily though, and through gasps he managed to fight back.

Solo tried to put Johnson down, but he battled back, returning the favor to Solo by tossing him face-first into the ropes. Johnson went for a pin, but chose a blue thunder bomb to get the job done, a move that has resulted in virtually zero three counts since its inception. Solo tried a double stomp off the top rope, but Johnson kicked out at two. He slammed Solo to the mat via the head and got the pin for his seventh straight win on the road to… eight wins.

Winner: Lee Johnson via Pinfall.

Women’s Four Corner Survival Match
Robyn Renegade vs. Lady Frost vs. Kiera Hogan vs. “Legit” Leyla Hirsch

The first of two four corner survival matches on the show began with multiple Codes of Honor, followed by multiple Punches of Faces. Renegade towered over the other three competitors, so they did the natural thing and teamed up to drive her to the outside. Hirsch, Hogan and Frost all battled as Renegade clutched her shoulder by the ring apron.

After letting her opponents wear each other down, Renegade re-entered the match and knocked Hogan and Hirsch away to focus on Frost. This got her the first nearfall, but Hirsch broke up the pin. Hirsch locked a sleeper on Renegade who fell to her knees and broke the hold with an eye poke. Hogan began kicking anything that moved and went for a pin that was broken up by Frost.

The Four women regrouped and threw punches at each other until Frost and Renegade emerged as the center of attention. Frost put Renegade to the side and took out Hogan and HIrsch with a monster slam in the corner. Taking control, Hogan hit Face The Music on Renegade and pinned her for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Kiera Hogan via Pinfall.

Backstage: Griff Garrison, Cole Karter, Maria Kanellis

Cole Karter and Griff Garrision, Mama Maria’s baby boys, cut a passionate promo about how they want to win tonight to impress Maria. Maria herself slid into the promo, still holding Serpentico’s stolen green mask. She blamed her boys for losing a match on Collision that’s kept them on the sidelines. She told the boys she wants to be proud of them and they headed off.

ROH Women’s World Championship Proving Ground Match
Aisha vs. Athena

This match was non-title, but if Aisha could last 10 minutes or pin the champion, she would earn a title shot.

Not even Aisha thought that this would happen, especially as Athena absolutely manhandled her off the top. The only offense Aisha was able to get in was a reverse full nelson hold before Athena fought back and brutally baseball slide kicked Aisha out of the ring.

Athena threw Aisha into various barricades at ringside before tossing her back in the ring. Athena cruelly stomped Aisha’s head into the ring apron and then landed a superkick and series of elbows. Finally, an abdominal stretch submission was applied and Aisha tapped out.

Winner: Athena via Submission.

After the match, Athena threw Aisha into the stairs and followed it up with a two devastating knees to her head, knocking Aisha cold. Athen grabbed a mic and put everyone on notice: She is disappointed in the terrible competition Atlanta provided her. She ran down Atlanta declaring that they aren’t fit to “wipe her ass.” Athena told the crowd that she is bored. She needs better competition. But who? Athena extended an invitation to anyone out there… and it was answered by none other than Hikaru Shida.

Carrying a Kendo stick to the ring, Shida issued a challenge for the ROH Women’s Title at Supercard of Honor. Athena gleefully accepted.

Top Flight (Dante Martin, Darius Martin) & Action Andretti vs. Iron Savages (Bronson & Boudler) & Jacked Jameson

The two trios in the ring compared special drinks and Top Flight challenged the Workhorsemen to a “Chug Off” So they drank real fast and Aubrey Edwards declared Top Flight the winner for reasons.

Eager to forget everything that just happened, a match broke out between the six men. The action was a mile a minute, but the speedy Top Flight was able to get a pin on the beefy boulder to take the W.

Winner: Top Flight & Action Andretti via Pinfall.

Backstage: Lee Johnson

Lee Johnson cut a promo with Lexi Nair, declaring that this was now “The Shotty Show.”

Jacoby Watts & Nick Comoroto vs. The WorkHorsemen (JD Drake & Anthony Henry)

More tag team action as Watts and Comoroto teamed for the first time ever.

Sadly, it showed as the pair seemed a step behind Drake and Henry off the top. Drake leveled some very loud chops onto Comoroto in the corner. Watts battled back though and managed to actually hoist the massive Drake into the air. The slam was broken up by Henry though.

Outside Watts and Henry traded jabs, while Drake and Comoroto battled in the ring. Tandem cannonballs in the corner by Drake and Henry on Comoroto got them the pin. Watts never even entered the match.

Winner: The WorkHorsemen via Pinfall.

Lance Archer vs. Darian Bentson

Great to see Lance Archer, greater to see Jake the Snake in ROH. Bengston tried to go high right off the top, but was caught and disposed of easily by Archer, sending him through the ropes.

On the outside, The Snake delivered some hard right hands to a dazed Bengston before tossing him back in the ring for Archer. A quick flurry of offense from Bengston, but that only delayed the inevitable chokeslam from Archer. Archer landed a textbook Blackout and got the three over Bengston.

Winner: Lance Archer via Pinfall.

Backstage: Taya Valkyrie, Dalton Castle

Backstage, Lexi Nair tried to interview Taya Valkyrie about her and Johnny TV’s recent acquisition of The Boys from Dalton Castle. Castle interrupted though, and he and Taya Valkyrie yelled at each other, with Valkyrie declaring that Castle isn’t fit to have Boys! The two yelled and screamed at each other until security dragged Castle away.

ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Round Match
Mercedes Martinez vs. Abadon

These two approached each other gingerly, right up to the point where Abadon nailed Martinez with a big headbutt. Abadon controlled the match from that point, pummeling Martinez on the outside.

The crowd was clearly behind Abadon, chanting her name as Martinez fought back and delivered a butterfly suplex, and then another. Martinex focused on the back of Abadon, trying to keep her off her feet. Martinez, the first woman in the tournament so far to give Abadon a run for her money, locked in an armbar submission, trying to get Abadon to tap. Abadon broke the hold however, and while singing, put Martinez down for a two-count.

Martinex returned to her suplexes, trying to put Abadon down fast. It wasn’t working though, so she switched to a crab-style leg submission. Abadon made it to the ropes to break the hold.

Abadon went for a DDT on the ring apron (the hardest part of the ring), but Martinez blocked it and delivered a massive knee to the face. Using the ring apron for leverage, Martinez drove Abadon’s head into the floor in a modified DDT of her own.

Abadon lost her mind for a minute and actually bit the arm of Martinez. The Ref didn’t seem bothered by this, and a screaming Abadon continued beating on Martinez. Just as she was about to land a irish whip, someone on the outside hit Abadon in the kidneys. This stunned her and Martinez got the pin and the upset, and will move on to face Billie Starkz in the Semifinals.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez via Pinfall.

The hooded figure who struck Abadon walked up the ramp with Martinez, pulling her hood off to reveal Diamante!

Four Corner Survival Match
Slim J vs. Jack Cartwheel vs. AR Fox vs. Komander

The second of two Four Corner Survival Matches of the evening kicked off much like the first, but instead of face punches, there were cartwheels. Slim J flipped off his opponents and then slid out of the ring. AR Fox responded by jumping over the top rope onto him.

Cartwheel and Komander remained in the ring with Cartwheel taking the early advantage. Fox made it back into the ring first, attempting a pin on Cartwheel. J tried to sneak up on Fox, and took advantage of the No DQ aspect of the match to deliver a low blow to Fox and send him to the outside.

J turned his attention to Cartwheel, taking away Cartwheel’s arsenal by keeping him off his feet. J climbed to the top rope and ate a cutter from Fox for his trouble. Komander broke up a pin attempt on Cartwheel, and Fox and Komander took center stage in the ring.

The action was very fast in this match, much to the delight of the audience. Bodies flew everywhere as Komander hoisted fox up for a Torture Rack of all things. Cartwheel broke up the ensuing pin and all four men managed to be in the ring at the same time. After sending Komander and Cartwheel to the outside, J hit a reverse DDT on Fox and almost got the victory.

J went for a dive through the ropes but managed to catch his feet on the bottom one and hurt pretty much only himself. Cartwheel and Komander cartwheeled around the outside before Komander twisted it into a Mexican Destroyer.

Komander climbed to the top rope a nailed a moonsault from the top rope onto J to take the win.

Winner: Komander via Pinfall.

Video: Eddie Kingston

ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston cut a surprise promo about Mark Briscoe not getting a title shot in ROH that he was due. Kingston said that Briscoe and he will put on a show about the magic of prowrestling in the birthplace of ROH, Philadelphia. The match was made official: At Supercard of Honor, Eddie Kingston will defend the ROH World Title against Mark Briscoe.

Cole Karter & Griff Garrison vs. Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta

The main event began with Cassidy facing off against Carter. Cassidy’s slow and deliberate yet fast and exciting style was confusing for the younger Carter as the two traded holds and throws.

Beretta tagged in and went for a pin, but Carter kicked out and tagged in Garrison. Cassidy rejoined the match and he and Beretta double teamed Carter while Maria shrieked on the outside.

Maria climbed the ropes, causing a distraction so that Garrision could get a hard shot in on Cassidy. It was Maria’s Baby Boys turn to double team as Cassidy took shots from both Cart and Garrison. Carter cut Cassidy off from his corner and continued working him over with Garrison.

Cassidy finally squirmed to his partner to give a hot tag to Beretta, who lept in and cleaned house, knocking both Garrison and Carter off their feet. A series of suplexes from Beretta on Carter left the younger man writhing.

Maria got involved again, allowing Carter to rebound and drop Beretta on the ring apron head first. The fight moved back into the ring as Beretta started receiving the double team from Carter and Garrison. Garrison hit a flapjack slam and went for the cover, but it was broken up by Cassidy.

Beretta was isolated as Carter went for a 450. Beretta moved out of the way though, and Carter slammed right into the mat. Beretta returned the hot tag, and Cassidy double kicked both opponents. Cassidy tried an Orange Punch but Garrison dodged. Cassidy pulled off his elbow pad for a second Orange Punch, but this time Maria caused a distraction letting Carter stun Cassidy.

Beretta and Carter were in the ring as Cassidy and Garrison recovered outside. Maria tried to distract with a hug request, but all it did was allow Cassidy to finally land an Orange Punch and win the match for his team.

Winner: Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta via Pinfall.

After the match Anjelico and Serpentico hit the ring. They wanted to retrieve the mask that Maria has been holding hostage and ate a couple of low blows for their trouble. Garrison and Carter started to work them over, but Cassidy and Beretta returned to run off Maria and her Boys. Everyone danced and hugged as a very bizarre episode of ROH TV came to an end.