ROH TV Results – March 28, 2024 – Kyle Fletcher vs. Blake Christian

March 28, 2024
Boston, MA – TD Garden, Ottawa, Ontario Canada – Canadian Tire Centre, and Quebec City, Quebec, Canada – Centre Videotron
Commentary – Ian Riccoboni and Caprice Coleman
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Quick Match Results

  1. ROH Women’s World Championship Proving Ground match – Athena defeated Nikkita via Modified Cobra Clutch (submission)
  2. Cole Karter & Griff Garrison defeated Kaz Jordan & Victor Castella via Running Big Boot & Fireman’s Carry Toss combo (pinfall)
  3. Dalton Castle defeated Nick Comoroto via Bang-A-Rang (pinfall)
  4. Colt Cabana & Brandon Cutler defeated Bryce Donovan & Rex Lawless via Assisted Boom Drop (pinfall)
  5. Top Flight (Darius & Dante Martin) & Action Andretti defeated KPK via Split-Legged Moonsault (pinfall)
  6. Kiera Hogan defeated Diamante via Face The Music (pinfall)
  7. Evil Uno defeated JD Drake via Rolling Inside Cradle (pinfall)
  8. ROH World Television Championship – Kyle Fletcher (c) defeated Blake Christian via Reverse Tombstone Piledriver (pinfall)

ROH Women’s World Championship Proving Ground Match
Athena vs. Nikkita

This was a Proving Ground match, which meant if Nikita was able to last 10 minutes or win the match, she would earn herself a Women’s World Championship match at a later date.

Athena was surprised as Nikita took it right to her off the top of the match with some fast strikes, and big forearms that had the champion on her heels. Nikita had Athena in a hold on the ropes which let Nikita stepping out of the ring. Athena took this opportunity to dive through the ropes and absolutely crush Nikita against the barricade.

The beatdown continued on the outside, with Athena regaining control of the match. Back in the ring, Athena got Nikita in a figure four style hold and Nikita quickly tapped out.

Winner: Athena via Submission.

After the match, Athena hit Nikita with a high drop kick. She dragged her to the corner in a tree of woe and delivered some vicious kicks. Athena was sending a message to her challenger at Supercard of Honor, Hikaru Shida.

The message was received as Shida ran down to the ring, kendo stick in hand, to run off the challenger. The two stared each other down.

Backstage: Lee Johnson

Renee Paquette was joined backstage by Lee Johnson. Johnson asked for this time to let us know that he is not here to take part, he’s here to take over… and take titles. He mentioned the TV Title Match, saying no matter who wins tonight, at Supercard of Honor, he’s got the next shot at the World TV Title, no matter who the champion is!

Cole Karter & Griff Garrison vs. Kaz Jordan & Victor Castella

Maria came to the ring with her Boys, but did not have the stolen mask of Serpentico with her.

Jordan started things off against Garrison. The two were pretty evenly matched in both size and speed so it made for an entertaining start. Castella tagged in and was immediately cut off from his partner. Karter and Garrison double teamed him for a bit before settling back into the match.

Karter knocked Jordan off the apron and with a quick double team move, Karter and Garrison got the win.

Winner: Cole Karter & Griff Garrison via Pinfall.

Nick Comoroto vs. Dalton Castle

Castle sauntered down to the ring with his “backup Boys” in a much better mood than when we saw him last week. He fed his Boys like chickens, which made total sense, trust me. Castle took off his gear to reveal the trunks he wore when he won the world title.

While Comoroto didn’t have Castle’s flair for the dramatic, he did have a big set of arms that he used to start things off driving Castle into the corner. Both men dipped into their amateur wresting pasts with low take downs and long holds.

The size of Comoroto was a hurdle for Castle which he tried to counter by keeping the big man off his feet. Comoroto fought back though until Castle was able to plant him with a german suplex. Castle went for a Bangarang and got the three count for the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle via Pinfall.

As the match ended Taya Valkyrie appeared on the ramp. She chastised Castle for calling her irresponsible for losing the Boys. She said she was glad she lost them because they were a couple of bad boys who were too much trouble. She said they misbehaved because Castle never loved them and he deserved… Johnny TV appearing in the ring and beating Castle down. The couple then stood over Castle, making out.

Video: Mark Briscoe

After two weeks of Eddie Kingston promos, Mark Briscoe arrived with a response. Briscoe talked about the loss of his brother, and the loss he suffered in the AEW Continental Classic. Briscoe knows that Kingston has had his ups and downs over the years, just like Briscoe has. Briscoe noted that Kingston was going to dip into the “old Eddie Kingston” for the match, but at Supercard of Honor, Briscoe is going to show Kingston that he’s the man, 11 years to the day his brother first won the ROH title. At Supercard of Honor, they are going to man up.

Colt Cabana & Brandon Cutler vs. Bryce Donovan & Rex Lawless

Cutler started off against Lawless, but the larger Lawless made short work of him. Cutler tagged in Cabana to try and take a shot, but Lawless overpowered him as well. Through some double team misdirection, they finally got Lawless off his feet, and celebrated with some very 90’s dance moves.

Donovan tagged in and the comedic duo found nothing funny as Lawless and Donovan knocked them around the ring. Cutler got lawless up in a big airplane spin followed by a double clothesline out of the ring. They landed a big double slam on Donovan for the pin in a largely forgettable affair.

Winner: Colt Cabana & Brandon Cutler via Pinfall.

Top Flight (Darius & Dante Martin) & Action Andretti vs. KPK (Ahmed, Harun, & Abu)

Abu kicked things off with Andretti. This was an interesting match as the harder-hitting KPK team tried to counter their faster, more high flying opponents. KPK had a slight advantage, being a long-time team, but Top Flight and Andretti spent the last few weeks teaming together, so they were coming into their own as well.

Ahmed landed a kick to the spine on Daunte, and the ref struggled to keep control. Harun was tagged in and double teamed Daunte with Ahmed. KPK kept control of the match until a hot tag to Darious who cleaned house, taking out all three KPK members.

A Double DDT led to a near fall, but Harun kicked out. Momentum shafted to Top Flight and Andretti isolated on member of KPK and a split-legged moonsault from Andretti got the 1-2-3.

Winner: Top Flight & Action Andretti via Pinfall.

Video: ROH Women’s World TV Title Tournament

A video aired recapping the Semifinal round matches of ROH’s Women’s World Television Championship tournament and hyping up the finals between Billie Starkz and Queen Aminata at Supercard of Honor 2024.

Diamante vs. Kiera Hogan

In this Women’s World TV Title Tournament re-match, both women had chips on their shoulders. Diamante came out on top in that match, so Hogan was looking to even the score.

Both women were pretty evenly matched in terms of physicality and movements, so it was no surprise when the match started with Diamante putting Hogan into a long headlock. Hogan reversed it into a headlock of her own, followed by a big shoulder block.

The technical skills of both competitors were on display as Diamante, who is normally a bit of a brawler, tried a series of holds and locks, trying to put Hogan down. Hogan powered out of an arm bar and ripped off her elbow pads, signaling to Diamante that things were about to go up a notch. Hard strikes followed as the two ran the ropes. Hogan hit a big leg drop for a near fall.

Diamante sent Hogan into the turnbuckle with a drop toe hold. She stomped a mudhole (like you do) into Hogan and tried again for a cover. Hogan kicked out, but Diamante was in control. She locked a painful abdominal stretch onto Hogan, who had the crowd behind her.

Hogan hit a series of hard attacks in the corner on Diamante. She tried to get a cover, but Diamante slid her foot under the rope. Hogan tried to get Diamante up on her shoulders, but Diamante raked her eyes. Hogan managed to fight back though and hit a snap suplex on Diamante for the win.

Winner: Kiera Hogan via Pinfall.

JD Drake vs. Evil Uno

It’s always nice to see JD Drake in action because he reminds me of a giant hobbit. Regardless, Drake started off this singles match trying to win over the crowd, who were chanting for Uno. After finding only boos, Drake had enough and slapped Uno.

The hossing began as the two big men locked up and… gyrated. There was a lot of gyration of the hips. Finally, a wrestling match broke out as Uno hit a surprise headscissors on Drake, knocking him out of the ring. Uno chopped Drake around the ring, soaking in a hero’s welcome from the fans. Drake finally got a chop of his own, turning the momentum in his favour.

Uno tried to chop Drake as he was standing in front of the post. Drake ducked and Uno shattered his hand on the ringpost. Drake tossed Uno back into the ring and tried to thumb Uno’s eyes through his mask. Drake went to put Uno away with a shining wizard but Uno kicked out.

The crowd began chanting, informing Drake that “he [screwed] up” by angering Uno. Uno aggressively dragged Drake around the ring, delivering some big right hands in the corner. 10 of them in fact. Uno stomped on Drake’s hands, completely in control of the match. Uno took a risk not putting Drake down right away, and paid for it with a big boot. Drake hit Uno with a big cannonball in the corner, but missed a splash from the top rope, giving Uno an opening to get the pin.

Backstage: Hikaru Shida

Backstage, we saw #1 contender to the ROH Women’s World Championship, Hikaru Shida. She, like Athena, was tired of the lack of competition lately. Shida is downright excited to face Athena at Supercard of Honor. She told the fans to get ready, because Holy Shida has arrived

ROH World Television Championship
Blake Christian vs. Kyle Fletcher (c)

It was pretty fun to see the ROH TV title defended on ROH TV, and the crowd was loving it. The 11-0 Fletcher was clearly the favorite to retain here and face Lee Johnson at Supercard of Honor on April 5th.

The two men matched up pretty evenly, with the cockier Fletcher taking a few moments to play to the crowd, irritating Christian. Christian actually got the first pin attempt after a flurry of high-flying moves. Fletcher then knocked Christian outside. He tried a big dive but Christian fooled him, and zipped back into the ring for a bossberry into a DDT. A stunned Fletcher responded with a big side slam to try and slow Christian down.

Fletcher’s mouth was busted open as he clearly made a decision to take Christian more seriously. He nailed Christian with some hard strikes, knocking the wind out of him. Christian tried to fight back, but Fletcher was able to hit him with a big lariat to keep control.

Christian landed a surprise spear on the ring apron (the hardest part of the ring) and the two men brawled on the outside. Throwing Fletcher back in the ring, Christian hit a big elbow from the top rope and pinned Fletcher 1-2-NO! Fletcher kicked out and Christian immediately tried the same move, but this time Fletcher was able to knock him off the top rope though.

Fletcher hit one hell of a kick in the corner and dropped Christian with a brain buster. Christian fought back and tried to get a pin of his own Fletcher was able to reverse into a piledriver and pin Christian to win the match.

Winner: Kyle Fletcher via Pinfall to retain ROH World Television Championship.

The crowd booed loudly, but Fletcher retains, and at Supercard of Honor he will face Lee Johnson for the TV title.