ROH TV Results – March 7, 2024 – “Legit” Leyla Hirsch vs. Red Velvet

March 7, 2024
Springfield, MO – Great Southern Bank Arena
Commentary – Ian Riccoboni and Caprice Coleman
Results via Jeff Moss of

Quick Match Results

  1. ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Round match – Red Velvet defeated Leyla Hirsch via Roll-up (pinfall)
  2. Abadon defeated Judie Azul via Black Dahlia (pinfall)
  3. Lee Johnson defeated Big Shot Drop (pinfall)
  4. Nyla Rose defeated Airica Demia via Beast Bomb (pinfall)
  5. Four Corner Survival Tag Team match – The Infantry defeated The WorkHorsemen, Gringo Loco & Jack Cartwheel, and Spanish Announce Project via Boot Camp (pinfall)

ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Round Match
“Legit” Leyla Hirsch vs. Red Velvet

Hirsch entered first, having beaten her best friend Rachael Ellering in the opening round of the tournament. Both Hirsch and Velvet were at one point front runners to win the tournament, so this match had a big fight feel to it.

Hirsch’s grappling skills were on display early in the contest, while Velvet did everything she could to create some separation. Every move from Hirsch felt deliberate and calculated as she delivered some hard suplexes to Velvet. The match deteriorated into a flat-out brawl, with each woman getting some hard shots in on their opponent.

Velvet’s four-match winning streak was close to ending as Hirsch attempted the first near-fall. Hirsch dragged Velvet to the top rope in a choke, using the leverage in a way that looked really painful. Velvet battled back though, and tried a pinning attempt of her own. Hirsch kicked out at two.

After a well-placed superkick on Hirsch, Velvet climbed to the top rope but Hirsch leapt up to grab Velvet in a superplex from the top rope, which laid both competitors out. They staggered to their feet, but Velvet was quickly returned to the ground by a hard lariat from Hirsch.

Hirsch climbed to the top rope and landed a picture perfect moonsault on Velvet, but was only able to get a two-count. The women exchanged two counts in several pinning combinations, until Velvet locked in a hold and pinned Hirsch. It was very abrupt, but Velvet advances to the semifinals none the less.

Winner: Red Velvet via Pinfall.

Backstage: The Infantry

Backstage, The Infantry showed off some brand new merch. Shirts, sunglasses and of course, the money were the topics of discussion. After some posing and showing off, they told us all to have no fear, because the all mighty Infantry is here.

Abadon vs. Judie Azul

The match began with Azul being creeped out and overpowered by Abadon. Wasting no time, Abadon laid Azul out with a devastating knee in the corner. Azul showed some smart offense and delivered a bulldog to Abadon.

Mercedes Martinez appeared at the top of the ramp, scouting Abadon for their Women’s World TV Title Tournament Quarterfinal match next week.

Abadon responded by creeping out and overpowering Azul for a quick three count. Martinez and Abadon stared each other down.

Winner: Abadon via Pinfall.

Backstage: Spanish Announce Project, Maria Kanellis

Maria was found backstage by Anjelico and Serpentico (who was still in his black mask). They challenged Maria’s boys to a match but she said they were off tonight and they don’t fight losers. She pointed out that they haven’t won anything in a while, so give her a call when they do. Maria then taunted Serpentico with his stolen mask and left.

Jon Cruz vs. Lee Johnson

Johnson’s star keeps rising with a string of wins in ROH. He faced a pretty equitable challenge in Cruz, but Cruz tried to get the upper hand and attacked him before the bell.

Johnson fought back and went right for a full nelson slam, but Cruz squirmed away, right out of the ring, in fact. After some mugging with the crowd, Cruz jumped back in to beat the count. Johnson took control, tired of the goofing around. Johnson quickened the pace to maintain control but Cruz hung him up on the ropes.

Much of Cruz’ offense in this match was rooted in insulting and mocking Johnson. But mind games were met with hard body shots as Johnson maintained control of the match. Johnson laid out Cruz with a blue thunder bomb, but it only got a two-count. Johnson was making no mistakes and fired up to get a pin with a solid side slam, bringing his win streak to six in a row.

Winner: Lee Johnson via Pinfall.

Nyla Rose vs. Airica Demia

Fresh off her loss to Athena last week in a brutal tables match, Rose was fired up looking to take other frustrations on Demia. Rose implemented the rarely seen “kick you in the knee” version of the Code of Honor, and went to work on a staggering Demia.

Demia’s superhero-style tights gave her absolutely no advantage as Rose ragdolled her from post to post. Mercifully, before it got too hard to watch, Rose hit the Beast Bomb and it was over.

Winner: Nyla Rose via Pinfall.

Four Corner Survival Tag Team Match
Gringo Loco & Jack Cartwheel vs. The WorkHorsemen (Anthony Henry & JD Drake) vs. The Infantry (Capt. Shawn Dean & Charlie Bravo) vs. Spanish Announce Project (Angelico & Serpentico)

As to be expected in a four corners tag match, the tags in and out were fast and furious. Each pairing was executing a maximum of two moves before tagging, or being tagged out. This made the match feel fast and the crowd loved it, but it made it hard to follow at times.

After a double team on the Workhorses by the infantry, everyone jumped into the ring for a brawl. The Referee was able to get control and several of the participants headed to the outside. In the ring though, the Workhorses repeatedly double teamed Cartwheel. The rest of the match participants literally sat on the floor and watched.

Eventually things seemed to pick up and all four teams had at least one member in their corner. It didn’t contain the chaos though, as wrestlers were hopping in and out a back braking speed, making it hard for anyone to know who was the legal man.

Cartwheel and Serpentico had a fantastic exchange of moves that led to a near-fall, but that was the closest we found ourselves to order as everyone disappeared again. Somehow, The infantry wound up in the ring, but were pulled back out by Angelico and Serpentico.

Everyone disappeared again, and Loco and Dean found themselves in the ring. Loco ate a big boot from Bravo, and Dean laid him out for the win. The match was chaotic and wild, but highly entertaining.

Winner: The Infantry via Pinfall.

After the match, Maria came out to taunt Serpentico with his missing mask one more time.