TNA Impact! Results – March 21, 2024 – Jordynne Grace vs. Tasha Steelz

March 21, 2024
Windsor, Ontario, Canada – St. Clair College
Commentary – Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt
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Quick Match Results

  1. TNA X-Division #1 Contender Rebellion Referendum match – Jake Something defeated Jason Hotch, Kevin Knight, Alan Angels and Heath Slater via Into The Void (pinfall)
  2. Time Splitters defeated Grizzled Young Veterans via Hoverboard Lock (submission)
  3. TNA Digital Media Championship – Crazzy Steve (c) defeated PCO via Roll-up (pinfall)
  4. Elegance by Ash defeated Seleziya Sparx via Rarefied Air (pinfall)
  5. TNA Knockouts World Championship – Jordynne Grace (c) defeated Tasha Steelz via Juggernaut Driver (pinfall)

TNA X-Division Championship #1 Contender Rebellion Referendum Match
Leon Slater vs. Chris Bey vs. Alan Angels vs. Jason Hotch vs. Kevin Knight vs. Jake Something

X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali joins Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt on commentary for the Rebellion Referendum, which will determine his challenger at the spring pay-per-view extravaganza! There are no disqualifications, no count-outs and the only way to win is by pinfall or submission inside the ring. Knight dives over the top rope, taking out Hotch on the outside. In the ring, Hotch bounces back with a rolling suplex to Knight. Bey hits Hotch with a Spinebuster but Angels catches him off-guard with a DDT. Angels hits Something with an assisted double underhook powerbomb as Knight and Slater help him pick up the big man. Bey spikes Something with a tornado DDT. Slater dives from the ring over the corner turnbuckle, colliding with Hotch, Angels and Bey on the outside. John Skyler provides a distraction from the outside but it doesn’t faze Something. Something sends Hotch Into the Void to win.

Winner: Jake Something via Pinfall.

On commentary, Mustafa Ali is overwhelmed by Something’s victory.

Video: Dirty Dango, Alpha Bravo, Oleg Prudius

Dirty Dango blames Alpha Bravo and Oleg Prudius for his lack of success.

Backstage: AJ Francis, Rich Swann

Backstage, Gia Miller asks Rich Swann for an explanation as to why he betrayed Joe Hendry and joined forces with AJ Francis. Francis tells her that she will find out at the same time as everyone else, next week.

In-Ring: Deaner, Grizzled Young Veterans, Time Splitters

Deaner is in the ring and places blame on himself for the failure of Violent By Design and subsequently, The Design. Deaner regrets the decisions he made over the last several years, and admits that he lost his passion for professional wrestling. Deaner says that from this day forward, his decisions are in the hands of the fans. The Grizzled Young Vets interrupt as Gibson tells Deaner that he should take advice from them instead, because they know how to succeed in this industry. Gibson tells Deaner to quit and hang up his boots. Deaner lives up to his promise and, after the fans tell him to stay, begins to attack GYV. Deaner falls victim to the numbers game when the Time Splitters make the save, leading to our next match.

Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson) vs. Time Splitters (Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA)

GYV are out to prove that they’re the top tag team in TNA as they face off against the Time Splitters! Shelley whips Drake’s arm into the steel ring post. Shelley employs joint manipulation as he bends the fingers and wrist of Drake. Moments later, Drake launches himself off the back of Gibson to dropkick KUSHIDA off the apron. Gibson distracts Shelley, allowing Drake to catch him off-guard. Gibson begins to target Shelley’s left knee. Drake tries to take away the tag option for Shelley but KUSHIDA fights him off. Shelley makes the tag and KUSHIDA quickens the pace. KUSHIDA picks Drake off the top for a Hurricanrana but Drake counters. GYV hit a double team Sliced Bread on KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA prevents the Doomsday Device as Shelley takes out Gibson with Shellshock. Shelley superkicks Drake into the Hoverboard Lock from KUSHIDA to win by submission.

Winner: Time Splitters via Submission.

Video: Hammerstone

Tom Hannifan conducts a sit-down interview with one of TNA Wrestling’s newest stars, Hammerstone. Hammerstone is coming off a huge victory over Josh Alexander at Sacrifice. Hannifan reminds Hammerstone that he lost their first encounter at Hard To Kill. Hammerstone excuses the loss, saying that he had Alexander beat but he rolled out of the ring like a coward. Hannifan criticizes Hammerstone for how he won the rematch at Sacrifice, with the use of a low blow. Hammerstone presents Alexander’s headgear that he stole, and says that it is a reminder for what will happen to Alexander if he wants another match. Hammerstone storms off the interview set.

TNA Digital Media Championship
PCO vs. Crazzy Steve (c)

After gloating about how he handles the pressure of being Digital Media Champion, Steve must now face the wrath of PCO! PCO is distracted by the crowd chanting his name, allowing Steve to blindside him for the early advantage. Steve drives him face-first into the steel ring post. Back in the ring, Steve continues the assault. Steve tries to snap his neck but that only angers PCO. PCO hits a Lungblower in the corner, followed by a leaping leg drop off the second rope. PCO connects with the Deanimator on the hardest part of the ring. PCO is setting up for the PCO-Sault but Kon makes his way to ringside. Kon throws a collection of weapons into the ring. PCO turns his attention towards Kon and attacks him with a trash can. Steve capitalizes off the distraction as he rakes the eyes of PCO. Steve distracts the referee, allowing Kon to slam PCO into multiple steel chairs. Steve rolls up PCO to score the pinfall and retain the Digital Media Title.

Winner: Crazzy Steve via Pinfall to retain the TNA Digital Media Championship.

Backstage: Decay, MK Ultra

Decay and MK Ultra argue over who will be the first to receive their rematch against Spitfire for the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles. The only way to settle it is in the ring!

On-Stage: Eric Young

Eric Young is at the top of the ramp to speak on his loss to TNA World Champion Moose at Sacrifice. Young admits that he came up short but he kept his promise by continuing to come forward. After being screwed by Frankie Kazarian, Young warns him to watch what he wishes for. Young lays out the challenge to Kazarian for a Full Metal Mayhem match at Rebellion.

Elegance by Ash vs. Seleziya Sparx

The Personal Concierge introduces Ash By Elegance for her upcoming match.

Ash By Elegance competes in her third match since arriving in TNA Wrestling! Ash offers a handshake but Sparx declines. Ash delivers a series of knees, followed by a clothesline. Sparx creates a momentary window of opportunity but Ash quickly shuts her down. Ash hits her signature handspring back elbow in the corner. Ash soars with Rarified Air to score another dominant victory.

Winner: Ash by Elegance via Pinfall.

After the match, Ash By Elegeance continues to attack Seleziya Sparx when Xia Brookside comes to her aid.

In-Ring: Nic Nemeth, The System

Nic Nemeth addresses his upcoming TNA World Title match against Moose at Rebellion. Nemeth says that he made his intentions clear when he arrived, his goal is to become TNA World Champion – but he wanted to earn that opportunity. Nemeth reflects on his issues with Steve Maclin, who was unable to drive him out of TNA Wrestling. Nemeth says he was going to wait for the perfect opportunity to challenge for the TNA World Championship, but Moose just couldn’t wait and that’s when The System attacked Nemeth last week. Speaking of The System, TNA World Champion Moose and TNA World Tag Team Champions Brian Myers and Eddie Edwards interrupt. Moose praises Ziggler for defeating some of the greatest of all time – but he’s never been able to beat The System.

Rebellion 2024 & Next Week’s Show Cards Rundown

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  • Brian Myers & Eddie Edwards vs. Speedball Mountain for the TNA World Tag Team Championship
  • Mustafa Ali vs. Jake Something for the X-Division Championship
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TNA X-Division Championship
Tasha Steelz vs. Jordynne Grace (c)

After laying out the challenge for a 1-on-1 match last week, Tasha Steelz challenges Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts World Title! The bell rings and Steelz immediately charges at Grace. The champ shakes it off and whips her into the corner turnbuckles. Steelz avoids a sliding dropkick, then delivers a pump kick on the floor. Steelz counters a delayed vertical suplex into a neckbreaker on the outside. Back in the ring, Grace turns her opponent inside out to create separation. Grace hits a big Spinebuster for two. Grace connects with a pair of powerbombs for another near fall. Steelz avoids the Vader Bomb, then hits Sliced Bread out of the corner for a near fall of her own. Steelz picks her off the top rope but Grace counters the follow-up Blackout. Grace hits a spinning back fist, followed by the Juggernaut Driver to win the match and retain the Knockouts World Title.

Winner: Jordynne Grace via Pinfall to retain the TNA Knockouts World Championship.