Update on Ricky Starks Potential Injury & Finish to Starks & Big Bill vs. Top Flight Match on AEW Collision

As noted before, Ricky Starks suffered a potential head-related injury during Saturday’s AEW Collision show in London, Ontario, Canada. Starks suffered the potential injury near the end of his tag team match with Big Bill against Top Flight for the AEW’s World Tag Team Championship tournament. The online reaction to the match’s finish was one of speculation of it being changed on the fly due to how abrupt the finish was and AEW’s production crew being caught off guard over Top Flight’s victory.

In regards to Starks’ potential injury, Starks’ provided an update on Instagram following the show stating that he is currently feeling fine after being checked upon. Starks also stated that the reason he stayed down on the mat was just due to a precautionary decision on his end.

In regards to the possible spot causing Starks’ injury scare incident, Fightful’s Rich Ucchino speculated on Fightful’s AEW Collision Review show that Starks might have gotten rattled following him getting hit with a Pele Kick by Darius Martin that sent both guys to the floor. Ucchino stated that Starks appeared to not look the same afterwards for the remainder of the match.

In regards to the ending of the match, Fightful Select’s Sean Ross Sapp reported that his sources confirmed that an audible was called for the match’s finish. Sapp reported that Starks was originally meant to kick out of an earlier pin attempt by Darius Martin but did not and the referee held off the three count. This reportedly led to some confusion and Starks getting up to take a Tornado DDT from Martin, who then pinned Starks again and talked to the referee as the pin was taking place.

Sapp reported that AEW’s original plans for the match were for Starks and Big Bill to win and be the ones face off against FTR in the Semifinal Round.