WWE RAW Notes: Results, The Rock Makes Surprise Appearance & Attacks Cody Rhodes, CM Punk Set to be Guest Commentator for World Title Match at WrestleMania 40, 4/1 RAW Card

WWE RAW Results – March 25, 2024

March 25, 2024
Rosemont, IL – Allstate Arena
Commentary – Michael Cole and Pat McAfee

Quick Match Results

  1. Ricochet defeated JD McDonagh via Shooting Star Press (pinfall)
    • Near the end of the match, Dominik Mysterio got onto the apron to interrupt Ricochet from hitting a move off the top rope. This led to the referee arguing with Mysterio telling him to get down. Mysterio then dropped down from the apron but tugged the top rope down in the process leading to Ricochet getting crotched on the top turnbuckle. After the referee tossed Mysterio from ringside, McDonagh leaped up and attempted a top rope move to Ricochet only for Ricochet to toss him off the top rope and hit a Shooting Star Press for the victory.
  2. Candice LeRae defeated Ivy Nile via Roll-up (pinfall)
    • Near the end of the match, LeRae tossed Nile out of the ring expecting Indi Hartwell to attack her, which she did not, leading to Maxxine Dupri getting on the apron and LeRae striking Dupri in return to send her to the floor. LeRae then suddenly dropped to the mat and grabbed her leg while the referee was distracted. The referee then checked on LeRae and stopped Nile from rushing at her after Nile got back into the ring. LeRae then pulled a fast one and rolled up Nile while having her feet on the ropes for the victory.
  3. #DIY (Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano) vs. New Day (Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston) went to a No Contest
    • Prior to the start of the match, The Miz and R-Truth came out to the commentary table for guest commentary.
    • Near the end of the match, Judgement Day ran out and attacked DIY and New Day causing for the referee to call for the bell to be rung and the match tossed out. Judgement Day continued their attack on DIY and New Day while The Miz and R-Truth were still on guest commentary. After some more attacks, The Miz stated that he had enough of what he was seeing and ran into the ring while Truth stated that he was staying because it was his night off. Judgement Day proceeded to lay out The Miz and exited the ring to confront Truth who kept pleaded that he was only on commentary to no avail. This led to Damian Priest tossing Truth into the ring and after a brief brawl, Judgement Day managed to regain the upper hand and laid out Truth.
  4. Andrade defeated Giovanni Vinci via The Message (pinfall)
  5. Bronson Reed defeated Sami Zayn via Tsunami (pinfall)
    • During the match, Intercontinental Champion Gunther came out and looked on from the stage causing Zayn to be distracted at first before regaining his focus on Reed. Near the end of the match, Zayn got distracted a second time by Gunther causing him to hesitate enough on his attempted Helluva Kick allowing Reed to dodge the attack and responded with a lariat, senton splash, and Tsunami combo for the victory.
    • Following the match, Gunther laughed at Zayn and walked away to the back.
  6. Jey Uso defeated Shinsuke Nakamura via Spear (pinfall)
    • Near the end of the match, The Bloodline’s Solo Sikoa & Jimmy Uso came out from the crowd and prepared to attack Jey before being stopped by Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins who ran out and engaged in a big brawl at ringside. Drew McIntyre ran out and joined in on the brawl and attacked Rollins.
    • Following the match, Rhodes, Jimmy, & Sikoa were seen backstage brawling leading to The Rock joining in and proceeded to beat down Rhodes both backstage and outside the venue. This led to a lengthy beat down by The Rock involving him constantly insulting Rhodes and boasted about being the Final Boss as he left Rhodes in a bloody mess.

Cody Rhodes Responds to Roman Reign’s Comments on SmackDown & The Rock Makes Surprise Appearance

Monday’s WWE RAW show featured Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson making a surprise appearance.

At the start of the show, Cody Rhodes came out to the ring and talked about his face-to-face talk with Roman Reigns at this past Friday’s SmackDown show. After some rambling and losing his train of thought for a bit, Rhodes talked about Reigns telling him that he makes promises he can not keep. Rhodes stated that this city more than any other should know that when Rhodes makes a promise he keeps it. After some more rambling about him keeping promises he made to several fans requests recently, Rhodes stated that he is out here pretending to be the champion because the actual champion is not heat, in reference to Reigns. Rhodes also stated that he respects Reigns but he also knows that Reigns took away his biggest dream last year and for that he also hates his guts. Rhodes also stated that he understands if Reigns hates him as well and claimed that he took away Reigns’ chance to have a “wankfest” with his cousin at WrestleMania.

After some more words about pointing to the WrestleMania sign and wanting the crowd to join in with him, Rhodes proceeded to point to the big WrestleMania sign before being interrupted by The Rock’s theme music. The Rock made his way to the ring and after some posing on the turnbuckles, The Rock and Rhodes had a lengthy staredown while the crowd went wild chanting a bunch of stuff including “holy shit,” “this is awesome,” and for some reason “CM Punk.” The Rock then slowly approached Rhodes and almost face-to-face with him before whispering something to Rhodes. The Rock then walked away leaving the crowd booing and Rhodes giving a confused reaction over Rock had told him.

Later in the show, Rhodes was seen engaged in a brawl with Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa following the Jey Uso vs. Shinsuke Nakamura match. During the brawl, The Rock showed up again and attacked Rhodes. This led to a lengthy beat down by The Rock that first started in a backstage area and spilled out to the parking lot. During their brawl, The Rock proceeded to smash Rhodes several times into Rhodes’ private bus and busted him open in the process. The Rock constantly insulted Rhodes and boasted about him showing why he is the Final Boss.

CM Punk to be Guest Commentator for WWE World Title Match at WrestleMania 40

Monday’s RAW show also featured CM Punk making his first appearance on WWE’s RAW brand since the January 29th RAW show due to a torn triceps injury.

During the show, CM Punk came out to the ring and stated that he has a lot of things he wants to say and a lot of business to get through. Punk first talked about his injured elbow and stated that he is not medically cleared but his mouth still works. Punk then talked about if he was going to host WrestleMania and how 10 years ago, he would have thought that was beneath him bit now he just wants to be in front of people again and wished WrestleMania 40 was in Chicago. Punk then stated that people brought up to him about being a guest referee for a match at WrestleMania that needs an impartial referee. Punk then proceeded to talk about Roman Reigns and questioning why Reigns needed to bring up his name at The Pat McAfee Show. Punk then stated that when he comes back and is climbing up the mountain as Reigns climbs down, they will see each other soon. Punk then turned his direction towards Seth Rollins and proceeded to mock him over Rollins not being able to see eye-to-eye because Rollins wears high heels and is magically taller. After some words directed towards The Rock, Punk then turned his direction towards Drew McIntyre and stated that when you have a problem in Chicago, you handle it face-to-face like man.

Before Punk could continue, McIntyre’s music played interrupting him and made his way to the ringside. Punk responded telling the production crew to turn off McIntyre’s music which they ended up doing. Punk then stated that he can’t wrestle but he can beat McIntyre’s “bitch ass.” McIntyre responded stating that the last time they were together in the ring, he stomped on Punk’s injured arm and he prayed for this moment. Punk responded back asking McIntyre is he a “Scottish psychopath in a kilt or a troll in a skirt.” After some more back-and-forth insults banter including McIntyre wearing two shirts mocking Punk, Punk stated that he wants McIntyre to get in the ring. McIntyre responded back stating that he won’t because Punk probably has a weapon like most do in Chicago. After some more back-and-forth banter about McIntyre wanting Punk to have a front-row seat to watch him at WrestleMania and Punk mocking McIntyre for being called the Chosen One asking who was the person who called him that (in reference to Vince McMahon), McIntyre stated that since Punk is only good at talking, then she should be the guest commentator at WrestleMania.

Before Punk and McIntyre could continue, Rollins’ music played interrupting them and he made his way out to the ring. After some back-and-forth banter by Punk and Rollins, Rollins asked the crowd if Punk should be on commentary or be the guest referee for his match against McIntyre for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. This led to the crowd chanting back “Referee” which led to Rollins stating that Punk injured his counting arm. Punk responded by dropping down to the mat and counting to three with his non-injured arm. Punk then stated that this whole segment is going off the rails and could be objectively fair with these two dipshits, which McIntyre responded back stating that this was a PG show. Rollins responded stating that he doesn’t think anything of Punk nor has Punk crossed his mind since the last time they were in the ring. After some insults, Rollins warned Punk to stay out of his way for WrestleMania. Punk responded back stating that it is decided and he will do guest commentary for Rollins and McIntyre’s match at WrestleMania. Punk then stated that he promises to do something these two guys can do and that is to make them both interesting.

After another insult thrown at Rollins, Punk told the production crew to play his music and he proceeded to walk away. This led to an angry McIntyre responding back stating that Punk is not getting the last word and entered the ring. McIntyre stated that Punk is obsessed with him and watches everything he does on social media. This led to McIntyre getting blindsided by Rollins who hit a superkick to lay out McIntyre and followed it with a curb stomp before leaving.

Current Card for April 1st RAW Show

Monday’s RAW show also featured one match announced for the card of next week’s show on April 1st in Brooklyn, New York.

This new match announced was an Eight Man Tag Team match of New Day (Xavier Woods) & DIY (Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano) vs. The Judgement Day (JD McDonagh, Dominik Mysterio, Finn Balor, & Damian Priest).

Also announced for next week’s show was an appearance by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Roman Reigns.