WWE SmackDown Notes: Results, Prime Announced as WWE Ring Mat Sponsor, AJ Styles Explains LA Knight Attack, Rey Mysterio Return for 3/15 SD, Cody & Rollins Accepts Rock’s Tag Challenge for WM 40

WWE SmackDown Results – March 8, 2024

March 8, 2024
Dallas, TX – American Airlines Arena
Commentary – Corey Graves and Wade Barrett

Quick Match Results

  1. Kevin Owens & Randy Orton defeated Austin Theory & Grayson Waller via Pop-up RKO (pinfall)
    • After the match, Logan Paul ran out from behind and attacked Owens and Orton. Orton managed to grab the brass knuckles away from Paul after Paul swung and missed. Orton then attempted to punch Paul with it in return only for Paul to duck and almost hit Owens instead while Paul ran out of the ring.
  2. Bobby Lashley defeated Karrion Kross via Disqualification
    • Near the end of the match, the Authors of Pain ran out and attacked Lashley causing the referee to call for the bell. Final Testament continued their beatdown to Lashley leading to Street Profits running out for the save and engaged in a brawl. After some back-and-forth brawling, Scarlett got involved leading to B-Fab coming out and brawling with Scarlett. The Final Testament managed to regain the upper hand and stood over Lashley’s fallen body in the ring.
  3. Tiffany Stratton defeated Michin via Prettiest Moonsault Ever (pinfall)
  4. Dragon Lee defeated Angel via Roll-up (pinfall)
    • After the match, Legado Del Fantasma’s Humberto and Santos Escobar attacked Lee and laid him out. Escobar then called out LWO for what happens when you get involved in their business.

Logan Paul Announces Prime Sponsorship Deal with WWE for WWE Ring Mat

Friday’s WWE SmackDown show featured Logan Paul announcing that his Prime energy drink brand recently signed an official sponsorship deal with WWE to be the official mat logo for WrestleMania 40 and also WWE shows going forward.

Paul then asked for a drum roll to be made and unveiled a big Prime energy drink bottle logo on the ring mat canvas.

Paul then introduced his friend KSI to come out to the ring, who came out from the crowd. Paul stated that a moment this big deserves a big photo to celebrate. This led to a camera man getting on the apron and took a photo of Paul and KSI in the ring standing nearby the Prime logo.

Randy Orton’s music interrupted the festivities leading to Paul and KSI looking at the ramp waiting for Orton to come out. Orton came out from under the ring and surprised Paul and KSI leading to Paul escaping an RKO attempt but the same could not be said for KSI who got hit with one and fell right onto the Prime logo. Orton then grabbed a bottle of Prime and took a sip saying it was very good before pouring some of it on KSI’s knocked out body.

AJ Styles Explains Reason for His Attack to LA Knight at Elimination Chamber 2024

Friday’s SmackDown show also featured AJ Styles explaining his reasons for why he attacked LA Knight during the Men’s Elimination Chamber match at this past February’s Elimination Chamber 2024 event.

During the show, Styles was seen seated in a dimly light backstage area. Styles talked about why he flew to Australia to attack Knight at Elimination Chamber. Styles stated that his reason for attacking Knight was due to him being upset over seeing Knight walking around like he owns the place but in reality Knight does not deserves to be in the same locker room as him. Styles then stated that Knight stole momentum off his expense and WWE being a cut throat place to be in. Styles proceeded to insult Knight calling him an overachieving, undertalented, loud mouthed, and desperately in need of humbling. Styles then stated that he is a phenomenal choice for the job.

In a follow-up segment, Knight was seen backstage watching the show on a television screen and laughing over what Styles had said about him. Knight then started attacking the television with a chair and shouting in response over Styles’ comments.

Bayley vs. Dakota Kai & Rey Mysterio Return Announced for March 15th SmackDown Show

Friday’s SmackDown show also featured one match announced for the card of week’s SmackDown show on March 15th in Memphis, Tennessee.

This new match announced was Bayley vs. Dakota Kai.

This match was setup following a backstage promo segment by Damage CTRL. Damage CTRL responded to Bayley’s comments from her sitdown interview and their recent actions towards her. Kai stated that she has always been the brains of the group and if Bayley was smarter, then she would have seen it coming. Dakota then issued a challenge to Bayley for a match at next week’s show. This match was confirmed afterwards for the show.

It was also announced that Rey Mysterio will be making his return to SmackDown at next week’s show as well.

This was setup following a backstage interview involving Dragon Lee and Legado Del Fantasma. Lee was seen backstage on his phone and was confronted by Elektra Lopez who asked if he was on the phone with Mysterio. Lopez then ridiculed Lee stating that he looks like a kid dressed up as Rey. The rest of Legado showed up and started laughing at Lee. Santos Escobar stated that Mysterio and LWO are in the past while Legado are the present and future and that Lee is nothing. This led to Lee shoving Escobar which led to Lee getting shoved to the ground in response by Angel and Humberto. In a follow-up, Legado attacked Lee after his match with Angel and Escobar called out LWO and Mysterio.

Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins Accepts The Rock’s Challenge for Tag Team Match at Night 1 of WrestleMania 40

Friday’s SmackDown show also featured Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins accepting The Rock’s challenge for a tag team match at Night 1 of WrestleMania 40.

During the show’s main event, The Bloodline’s Roman Reigns and The Rock came out first to the ring. Reigns was given a microphone by Paul Heyman and stated that greatness stands before them and offered his arm to The Rock. Reigns and The Rock shook hands and hugged and Reigns told the crowd to acknowledged them.

Rhodes’ music played and Rhodes and Rollins came out from the crowd and made their way to the ring. Rhodes grabbed a microphone and talked about The Rock’s challenge for a tag team match at WrestleMania 40. Rhodes then proceeded to insult The Rock stating that he is not sure that The Rock even has the authority to make that match leading to The Rock getting angry. After some more words, The Rock angrily interrupted and warned Rhodes and Rollins to think before they say anything else and dished out insults to Rhodes and Rollins. Rollins interrupted and yelled back telling The Rock to shut the hell up. After some more words including Rollins calling The Rock a “midlife crisis,” Rollins stated that they accepted his match challenge.

Reigns responded back laughing and telling Rhodes if he is going to let Rollins answer for him, then he must be an idiot. After some insults directed towards Texas folk, Reigns stated that Rhodes that this is at at WrestleMania since he won’t get another shot. The Rock responded telling the same to Rhodes and called Rollins a piece of shit. The Rock then brought up his position as a director on TKO’s Board and how he is their boss. The Rock also stated that if Rhodes does not finish his story at WrestleMania 40, then he will never get another shot at the title. The Rock then talked about his and Rhodes’ family and brought up how Cody is twenty years younger than his siblings. The Rock stated that the reason for this was due to Cody being the “mistake” of the family. This led to an upset reaction from Rhodes and a slap in return to Rock’s face.