WWE SmackDown Notes: Results, The Rock Challenges Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins to Tag Match at WrestleMania 40, Dakatoa Kai Betrays Bayley, Jade Cargill Appears, Rey Mysterio Return

WWE SmackDown Results – March 1, 2024

March 1, 2024
Glendale, AZ – Desert Diamond Arena
Commentary – Corey Graves and Wade Barrett

Quick Match Results

  1. Tiffany Stratton defeated Naomi via Prettiest Moonsault Ever (pinfall)
  2. Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane) vs. Dakota Kai & Bayley went to a No Contest
    • This match was thrown out after Kai turned on Bayley and engaged in a brawl between the two that ended with Damage CTRL standing tall over the fallen Bayley.
  3. Bron Breakker defeated Xyon Quinn via Spear (pinfall)
  4. Street Fight match – Carlito defeated Santos Escobar via Spinebuster (pinfall)
    • During the match, Humberto and Angel ran out and attacked Carlito. This led to the LWO’s Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro and later Rey Mysterio coming out to save Carlito and helped him defeat Escobar after hitting a spinebuster through a table.
  5. Randy Orton defeated Austin Theory via RKO (pinfall)
    • Following the match, Grayson Waller attacked Orton from behind leading to Kevin Owens getting up from his chair at the commentary table and ran into the ring to save Orton. This led to a brawl breaking out and Orton and Owens clearing the ring of Waller and Theory.

The Rock Accepts Cody Rhodes’ Match Challenge But as Tag Team Match for Night 1 of WrestleMania 40

Friday’s WWE SmackDown show featured Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson issuing challenge for a tag team match with Roman Reigns against Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins at Night 1 of WrestleMania 40.

This match was setup during an in-ring promo segment involving Reigns, The Rock, and The rest of the Bloodline.

Reigns and The Bloodline were the first to come out to the ring. Reigns asked the crowd to acknowledge him and proceeded to get frustrated since the response was not as loud as before and was heavy in boos instead. After two more tries, Reigns stated that he had enough and was prepared to leave since he fulfilled his commitments tonight only to be stopped by Paul Heyman who told him The Rock had still yet to come out and stated this would happen right after the commercial break.

Following the show returning from its commercial break, The Rock came out to the ring and proceeded to trash and ridicule Phoenix for being the “number on city in America with cocaine and meth use is Phoenix, Arizona.” After some more trashing of the city of Phoenix and its folk, The Rock responded to Rhodes’ match challenge at last weekend’s Elimination Chamber 2024 event. The Rock stated that he accepts Rhodes’ challenge for a match but gave a counter offer of this match being held as a tag team match at Night 1 of WrestleMania 40. The Rock also stated that it would be him and Reigns vs. Rhodes and Seth Rollins and if Rhodes’ team wins, then Rhodes vs. Reigns at Night 2 will be completely free of any Bloodline involvement for their match. The Rock stated that if he and Reigns wins, then Rhodes’ match at Night 2 will be held under Bloodline Rules with the Bloodline being fully involved and anything goes for the match.

The Rock then stated that Rhodes can give his answer next week to his revised match offer. The Rock also stated that if Rhodes does not accept his offer, then everyone knows that he will stop Rhodes from making it to WrestleMania. The Rock also stated that there is nobody backstage and in WWE that can stop him. This led to the crowd chanting for “Triple H” in response. The Rock also claimed that if Rhodes does not accept his challenge, then he and Reigns will end Cody’s story tragically.

The Rock then proceeded to do his iconic “If You Smell” outro before being interrupted by Reigns who grabbed his microphone. Reigns told The Rock that he will go along with his plan but in return demanded for The Rock to acknowledge him right here. After a lengthy pause involving The Rock staring down Reigns and taking off his sun glasses, The Rock stated “Roman Reigns, my family, I acknowledge you as my Tribal Chief.” The Rock and Reigns then shook hands and hugged leading to the crowd chanting “you sold out” to The Rock in return. The Rock responded mocking the Phoenix crowd one more time before starting off his “If You smell” line before giving the microphone to Roman Reigns, who finished by saying “what The Bloodline is cooking.”

For some reference, this entire promo segment went around 40 minutes long and included constant black screen and muting censoring on FOX’s end over the crowd’s actions towards The Rock, including swearing, flipping him off, and a Die Rocky Die sign visible in the background.

Dakota Kai Turns on Bayley & Stays with Damage CTRL, Jade Cargill Appearance

Friday’s SmackDown show also featured Dakota Kai turning on Bayley and remaining with Damage CTRL.

In recent weeks, Kai had tried to prove her loyalty to Bayley claiming that she was no longer with the group and even claimed that she had been attacked by them last week.

During tonight’s show, the Kabuki Warriors and Kai & Bayley competed in a tag team match. Near the end of the match, Bayley tried to tag in Kai, who pretended to want the hot tag only to leap off the apron revealing that her trying to stay friends with Bayley was nothing more than just a ruse. Bayley proceeded to attack the Kabuki Warriors and left the ring to attack Kai for what she did. This led to the Kabuki Warriors attacking Bayley from behind and the match being tossed out. Damage CTRL tossed Bayley back in the ring for more beatdowns while WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY looked on in approval.

In a follow-up segment, Damage CTRL was seen walking backstage in a very happy mood over what they did to Bayley. Damage CTRL then stopped and stared at someone off-screen who was revealed to be Jade Cargill staring back at SKY and her WWE Women’s title. Before anything could happen, SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis showed up and told Damage CTRL that he will deal with them later and for Cargill to enter his office.

Rey Mysterio Makes Surprise Return at Friday’s SmackDown Show

Friday’s SmackDown show also featured Rey Mysterio making his surprise return from injury to WWE.

During the Street Fight match between Carlito and Santos Escobar, Humberto and Angel ran out and attacked Carlito. This led to the LWO’s Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro coming out to even the odds and a brawl broke out. After Legado Del Fantasma managed to regain the upper hand, Rey Mysterio’s theme music played and he came out walking with crutches. This turned out to just be a ruse by Mysterio who proceeded to attack Humberto and Angel with the crutches and confronted Escobar in the ring. Escobar then attempted to strike Mysterio only for Mysterio to dodge the punch and Carlito hitting Escobar with an apple must spray in return. Mysterio then hit a 619 to Escobar and Carlito followed it up by slamming Escobar through the table in the ring for the pinfall victory.

This was Mysterio’s first in-ring appearance in WWE since this past November.