AEW Dynamite Notes: Results, AEW Airs Jack Perry & CM Punk All In Altercation Footage, Will Ospreay Calls Out Triple H Over “Grind” Comments, New Match Set for Dynasty, Mina Shirakawa Appears

AEW Dynamite Results – April 10, 2024

April 10, 2024
Charleston, WV – Charleston Coliseum
Commentary – Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Taz

Quick Match Results

  1. AEW World Championship Eliminator match – Dustin Rhodes vs. Samoa Joe went to a No Contest
    • Prior to the start of the match, Joe came out first for his entrance leading to Swerve Strickland attacking Joe and the two engaging in a brief brawl. This brawl was broken up by AEW officials after Strickland sent Joe and himself through a table and the match being called off after both were sent to the back.
  2. TNT Championship Cope Open match – Adam Copeland (c) defeated Penta El Zero Miedo via Spear (pinfall)
    • Following the match, Copeland’s victory celebration was interrupted by the lights going out. When the lights came back on, Julia Hart was in the ring smiling and waving at Copeland leading to Brody King attacking Copeland from behind. This led to Willow Nightingale running out to save Copeland and chased Hart out of the ring while Copeland managed to clear the ring of King.
  3. Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, Lee Moriarty, & Anthony Ogogo) defeated Chris Jericho, HOOK, & Katsuyori Shibata via Modified Flatliner (pinfall)
    • Moriarty pinned Shibata after hitting a suplex style Flatliner as HOOK and Jericho were arguing with each other at ringside unaware of what was happening in the ring.
    • Following the match, HOOK went into the ring to check on Shibata while Jericho gave an upset look and left to the back.
  4. Kazuchika Okada defeated Cristiano Argento via Rainmaker (pinfall)
    • Following the match, Okada grabbed a microphone and accepted PAC challenge for his AEW Continental Championship at AEW Dynasty. This led to PAC coming out to confront Okada only to get attacked from behind by The Young Bucks. This then led to FTR running out trying to save PAC only to get beaten up as well.
  5. Mariah May defeated Anna Jay via Flash Pin (pinfall)
    • Following the match, Jay attacked May and locked in a Queen Slayer. This led to Mina Shirakawa making a surprise appearance and ran out saving May and chased Jay out of the ring. Shirakawa then grabbed some champage glasses and gave May a drink to bring her back to her senses and gave her a kiss after being happy being back together with May.
  6. AEW World Championship Eliminator match – Samoa Joe defeated Dustin Rhodes (pinfall)
    • Earler in the show, it was announced that Joe was medically cleared to compete following Strickland’s attack on him and his match against Rhodes was still on for the show.
    • Near the end of the match, Rhodes grabbed the AEW World title and contemplated hitting Joe with it before being persuaded by the referee and having second thoughts about it. After some more action, Joe grabbed a chain and teased attacking Dustin with it before the referee quickly grabbed it away. While the referee was distracted, Joe grabbed the AEW World title and struck Rhodes in the head knocking him out for the pinfall victory.
    • Following the match, Joe locked in a Coquina Clutch to Rhodes that was broken up by Strickland running out and delivering a kick to Joe’s head. Strickland then grabbed the chain leading to Joe getting out of the ring and AEW officials and wrestlers run out to separate the two. Strickland then grabbed Joe’s AEW World title belt and held it above his lead while Joe raged over what happened.

Young Bucks Show Footage of Jack Perry & CM Punk Altercation at AEW All In & Claim FTR were Masterminds of It, FTR Responds

Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite show featured The Young Bucks actually airing never before seen backstage footage of CM Punk’s altercation with Jack Perry at AEW’s All In event this past August.

During the show, the Young Bucks were seated backstage talking about the footage they were preparing to show to everyone. The Young Bucks talked about the match they had at AEW’s All In event and an incident that took place backstage involving one of the people being the “scapegoat” in all of this, which they said was Jack Perry. The Young Bucks then referenced comments a former AEW star made about how anyone who has issued with Perry being a problem must be the problem themselves. The Young Bucks also talked about this former AEW star’s association with FTR. After some more words, Matthew Jackson claimed that FTR were the masterminds of this backstage incident but did not want to say more due to fear of any legal issues.

The Young Bucks then “rolled the tape” showing backstage footage with no audio of Perry, Punk, Samoa Joe, and several AEW officials backstage at AEW All In. While his face was not seen, CM Punk walked up to Perry and engaged in a conversation with him. After some talking, Punk was seen shoving Perry and applied a awful looking headlock that he struggled to secure. Samoa Joe was seen quickly separating the two and Punk walking off as the footage ended.

Following the end of the footage, The Young Bucks claimed that this incident led to them being so distracted that they ended up losing their big match to FTR at the show. Matthew claimed that FTR had the audacity to demand the Bucks shake their hands after all of that and promised they will not do that at Dynasty when they win the titles.

In a follow-up segment, FTR made their way to the ring and Cash Wheeler stated why we needed to focus on this other than the Bucks looking for a built-in excuse for why they lost at All In. Wheeler then mocked the Bucks for focusing on the past leading to Dax Harwood responding about what the Bucks said in the past about being the bosses of this place. After some more words, Harwood claimed that the Bucks are angry that FTR have eclipsed them as the best tag team of all time. Harwood then stated that the Bucks used to be all about the letters “AEW” but now have only become obsessed with being EVPs of late and claimed that FTR plan to continue to build things for the good of the business and for the fans. After some more words, Harwood talked about how the Bucks may have built the foundation of this place but FTR will take shingle by single to put a roof on this house only to blow the whole thing back off.

Will Ospreay Calls Out WWE’s Triple H Over Disparaging “Lack of Grind” Comments at Wednesday’s Dynamite Show

Wednesday’s Dynamite show also featured Will Ospreay calling out WWE CCO Paul “Triple H” Levesque over recent comments he made claiming that wrestlers who would rather take an easier work schedule for other promotions being people who are not in it for the grind for their careers and people WWE not worthy of working for WWE.

During the show, Will Ospreay came out for an interview segment with Renee Paquette. Ospreay talked about the recent rumor that was going around claiming that he is afraid of the grind, in reference to recent comments made by WWE’s Triple H. Ospreay stated that he travels from the United Kingdom every single week and delivers what he claims are the best pro wrestling matches the world has seen. Ospreay then stated that normally he would not be baited by this but since the one who said this is only in the position he is in because he was “grinding the boss’ daughter,” you don’t get to throw stones at the Ariel Assassin with the machine gun. Ospreay then proceeded to talk about his upcoming match against Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty later this month.

Kazuchika Okada Accepts PAC’s Challenge for AEW Continental Title Match at AEW Dynasty

Wednesday’s Dynamite show also featured one new match announced for AEW Dynasty, which takes place on April 21st at the Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, Missouri.

This new match was an AEW Continental Championship match of PAC vs. Kazuchika Okada (c).

This match was initially setup in recent weeks shows over PAC calling out Okada and challenging him to a match for his AEW International title.

Following Okada’s squash victory over Cristiano Argento, Okada grabbed a microphone and accepted PAC’s challange for a match between the two at AEW Dynasty. This led to PAC coming out and tried to confront Okada only for the Young Bucks to run out and attack PAC from behind. This led to FTR running out attempting to save PAC only for them to also get quickly beaten down and The Elite standing tall in the end.

Current card for AEW Dynasty:

  • AEW World Championship – Swerve Strickland vs. Samoa Joe (c)
  • AEW Women’s World Championship – Thunder Rosa vs. “Timeless” Toni Storm (c)
  • AEW TBS Championship – Willow Nightingale vs. Julia Hart (c)
  • AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals – Young Bucks (Matthew & Nicholas Jackson) vs. FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood)
  • AEW Continental Championship – PAC vs. Kazuchika Okada (c)
  • Will Ospreay vs. Bryan Danielson
  • Trios match – Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston, & Mark Briscoe vs. House of Black (Buddy Matthews, Brody King, & Malakai Black)

Mina Shirakawa Makes Surprise Appearance at Wednesday’s Dynamite Show

Wednesday’s Dynamite show also featured Stardom talent Mina Shirakawa making her surprised AEW debut appearance.

Following Mariah May’s victory over Anna Jay on the show, Jay attacked May and locked in the Queen Slayer. This led to May’s former tag team partner Shirakawa’s music playing and her running out to save May and clear Jay out of the ring. Shirakawa then proceeded to grabbed a couple of champagne glasses and gave a woozy May a drink to help bring her back to her sense and followed it with a big kiss right afterwards.