AEW Rampage Results – April 27, 2024 – Trent Beretta vs. Chuck Taylor Parking Lot Brawl

April 27, 2024
Jacksonville, FL – Daily’s Place
Commentary – Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, and “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard
Results via Alex Kahrs of

Quick Match Results

  1. Parking Lot Brawl match – Trent Beretta defeated Chuck Taylor via Gogoplata (submission)
  2. Thunder Rosa defeated Deonna Purrazzo via Roll-up (pinfall)
  3. Big Bill defeated Trevor Blackwell via Chokeslam (pinfall)
  4. Katsuyori Shibata & Daniel Garcia defeated Shane Taylor Promotions via PK (pinfall)

Parking Lot Brawl Match
Trent Beretta vs. Chuck Taylor

Trent makes his way as Chuck was already waiting. Both men exchange punches. Chuck sends Trent into a car. Chuck has a trash can lid, but Trent kicks Chuck and picks him up and slams him the hood of the car. Trent then picks up the trash can lid and hits Chuck in the head. Trent opens up the hack of a car and grabs a trash can and slams in on the head of chuck as he is busted open. Chuck picks up Trent and slams him on the hood of a car. Both men are up on the top of a truck. Trent sends Chuck into a drywall sheet on the back bed of the truck. Chuck is bleeding heavily from the forehead. Trent hits Chuck with a trash can lid. Trent picks up Chuck and sets him up on the roof of a car. Trent then leaps from one car to another and hits Chuck with a big flying elbow, as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Chuck is on the ground and Trent works on the busted open forehead of Chuck…

Back from Picture-In-Picture: Chuck sends a big flat screen tv at Trent…Chucks then sends Trent’s head into the tailgate of a truck and breaks drywall over the back of Trent. Chuck then picks up a dust pan and hits Trent with it. Chuck then hits Trent with a trash can on the shoulder. Chuck is up on the bed of a truck, but Trent then slam Chuck on light tubes on trash containers! Trent is also busted open. Chuck then picks up Trent and powerbombs him through a windshield of a car! Chuck covers Trent who kicks out at two! Both men are on the roof the car. Then exchange blows as both men are heavily bleeding. Both men are on their feet…Trent low blows Chuck and then piledrives him on the roof of the car! Trent has Chuck in a headlock as he passes out. the ref calls for the match to end.

Winner: Trent Beretta via Submission.

After the match, Trent picks up a plumbers wrench and hits Chuck in the ankle. Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander come in…Trent tells Orange it is his fault, as he leaves. Orange and Kris check on Chuck as we go to a commercial break.

Backstage: Kyle O’Reilly

Back from the break we have a backstage interview as Arkady Aura talks to Kyle O’Reilly…he says that Saturday, May 11 AEW will be in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada. He says that he is coming back to compete against the best where the best wrestle.

Thunder Rosa vs. Deonna Purrazzo

The bell rings as Rosa trash talks Deonna, who then hits Rosa in the face. Deonna and Rosa lock up. Deonna kicks Rosa in the mid-section. Rosa then fires back with a huge punch on Purrazzo who drops to the mat. Rosa has Deonna in a headlock. Deonna fires back and drops Rosa! Deonna grabs the left arm of Rosa and kicks it. Deonna uses the bottom rope to tie up Rosa. Purrazzo charges at Rosa and kicks her. Rosa recovers and sends Deonna headfirst to the turnbuckle. Rosa comes off the ropes only to be caught by Deonna. Deonna rolls to the floor…Rosa then takes down Deonna, but she fires back with a big pump kick to the face of Rosa as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Deonna works on Rosa and then sends her back into the ring. Deonna covers Rosa, who kicks out at two! Deonna grabs Rosa and locks up her arms. Rosa fight back, but Deonna connects her knees to the back of Rosa. Rosa has Deonna in the corner and hits her with elbow shots…Deonna comes back and takes down Rosa. Deonna works on the arm of Rosa, using the ropes. Rosa is down in the corner…

Back From Picture-In-Picture: Rosa hits Deonna with a big running drop kick. Rosa then connects with another big running drop kick on Deonna and covers her for only a two count! Deonna comes back and kicks Rosa who drops to the mat. Deonna covers Rosa, but she kicks out at two. Deonna picks up Rosa, who gets out of the hold and double stomps Deonna and covers her for only a two count! Rosa is up on the top turnbuckle…Rosa comes down but is caught by Deonna who puts on the armbar…Rosa gets out of the hold. Deonna picks up Rosa, but Rosa rolls up Deonna for only a two count! As Deonna locks in the armbar, she rolls up Deonna and gets the pin.

Winner: Thunder Rosa via Pinfall.

After the match, Deonna attacks Rosa and sends her into the steel rails. Deonna picks up Rosa and slaps her. Rosa then slaps Rosa and both women are fighting on the stage area. Security come out to break it up as the fans boo.

Backstage: Undisputed Kingdom

We get a video package with Will Ospreay winning the casino gauntlet match on Dynamite.

Arkady Aura is backstage with the Undisputed Kingdom. Matt Taven and Mike Bennett tell Tony Khan to get better. Roderick Strong then says the world can sing the praises of Ospreay, but it won’t matter…Strong calls himself the messiah of the back breaker.

Big Bill vs. Trevor Blackwell

Big Bill takes out Blackwell as Chris Jericho is shown backstage watching the match. Bill then says watch me Chris and picks up Blackwell and slams him down. Bill covers Blackwell, but allows only one count. Bill then slams down Blackwell and says to watch him and wants Jericho to teach him. Bill picks up Blackwell and chokeslams him. Bill puts the boot on the chest of Blackwell and gets the pin.

Winner: Big Bill via Pinfall.

Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor & Lee Moriarty) vs. Katsuyori Shibata & Daniel Garcia

The bell rings as Shibata and Garcia send Taylor and Moriarty to the floor! Shibata sends suplexes Moriarty as Garcia sends Taylor into the barricade. Anthony Ogogo is on commentary for this match. The action now is back in the ring as Taylor tags in Moriarty. Shibata grabs the legs of Moriarty, but he fires back…Moriarty hits Shibata with a knee…Shibata tags in Garcia as he drops Moriarty with a twist and shout. Garcia chops Moriarty. Taylor then grabs Garcia as the ref is distracted and drops Garcia on the floor! Garcia is sent back in the ring…Taylor is tagged in…Garcia fires back on Taylor, but Taylor fires back with big chops and then a huge right hand! Taylor covers Garcia who kicks out at two, as we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Moriarty is tagged in. He uses the ropes to choke Garcia. Moriarty grabs Garcia, but he fights back, but its not enough as Moriarty drops him to the mat. Taylor is tagged in and picks up Garcia and drops him face first on the top turnbuckle. Garcia rolls to the floor as Taylor follows. Taylor sends Garcia into the barricade and then jaws with a fan at ringside. Taylor picks up Garcia and rolls him into the ring. Moriarty is tagged in and has Garcia’s arm locked up. Taylor is tagged in. He picks up Garcia and slam him down.

Back From Picture-In-Picture: Taylor is up on the second rope and misses the big splash. Taylor tags in Moriarty and then kicks the left hand of Garcia. Garcia fights back and drops Moriarty on the mat! Garcia tags in Shibata…Moriarty tags in Taylor. Garcia hits Moriarty with big rights in the corner as Shibata hits Taylor with big rights as well. Shibata hits Taylor with a big kick in the face. Shibata then chops Taylor as Garcia dances…Garcia then connects with a big running knee on Taylor. Both Garcia and Shibata suplex Taylor. Moriarty is tagged in and chops Shibata, but it has not affect on him. Taylor is in and hits Shibata as Moriarty picks up Shibata and slams him down. Moriarty covers Shibata for only a two count! Moriarty holds Shibata as Taylor charges, but Shibata gets his foot up. Shibata kicks Taylor as Garcia picks him and slams him down…Shibata kicks Taylor and covers him to get the win!

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata & Daniel Garcia via Pinfall.

Both men celebrate as we get a rundown of Wednesday’s Dynamite. Daniel Garcia dances in the ring…he then goes to the stage area to high five the fans as the show goes off the air.