AEW: Trios Match Announced for April 20th Rampage Show, Kyle O’Reilly on His Recovery from Neck Injury, Tony Khan on Young Bucks Being Inspired by Succession

Kyle O’Reilly, Rocky Romero, & Matt Menard vs. Undisputed Kingdom Trios Match Announced for This Saturday’s Rampage Show

AEW announced one new official match for the card of this Saturday’s special live AEW Rampage show at the Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois.

This new match announced was a Trios match of Kyle O’Reilly, Rocky Romero, & “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard vs. Undisputed Kingdom (Mime Bennett, Matt Taven, & Roderick Strong).

Current card for April 20th AEW Rampage show:

  • High Flying 4/20 Elimination 4-Way match – Rob Van Dam vs. Lee Johnson vs. Isiah Kassidy vs. Komander
  • Trios match – Kyle O’Reilly, Rocky Romero, & “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard vs. Undisputed Kingdom (Mime Bennett, Matt Taven, & Roderick Strong)
  • Yuka Sakazaki vs. Emi Sakura

Kyle O’Reilly Comments on His Recovery from Neck Injury

As noted before, Kyle O’Reilly made his official AEW return from injury at this past March’s AEW Revolution 2024 event and made his official in-ring return on the March 16th AEW Collision show.

Fightful held a recent interview with O’Reilly. One of the topics discussed included O’Reilly’s thoughts about his recovery from neck fusion surgery and his recent in-ring return in AEW.

“To really be patient. All I could really do was everything that was in my power, which was rehabbing, staying positive, and knowing that eventually it would get better. That’s a huge mental hurdle to get over and that’s half the battle in getting well. Just to know that if I stayed the course, eventually things would get better. I didn’t expect it to take as long as it did, but I wasn’t expecting the complications to begin with. At the end of the day, it ended up being a blessing for me because I got some special time at home with my daughter, who was six months old when I got hurt, and now I’m going back and she’s over two. I got to spend all that quality time at home with her and playing that stay-at-home dad role. I found that I’m a better dad than I ever was a wrestler. There’s always that as a backup plan. Just staying the course, be positive knowing I would get better, and eventually I would get back in the ring and back on pay-per-view and here I am.”

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Tony Khan Comments on Young Bucks’ Current Characters Being Inspired by Succession Series & Being Friends with Jessie Armstrong

As noted before, AEW held a media scrum on Thursday to promote this Sunday’s AEW Dynasty event in St. Louis, Missouri.

One of the topics discussed included AEW CEO Tony Khan confirming that The Young Bucks’ current characters in AEW was inspired by the Succession television series. Khan also stated that he is friends with series creator Jessie Armstrong and Armstrong was very supportive of the idea.

“I was very fortunate to befriend Jesse Armstrong. He got caught by the wrestling media sitting with me at a Fulham match. In addition to being a Fulham supporter, he’s a brilliant brilliant writer and a really nice guy. I’ve enjoyed talking to him. He, inadvertently, helped inspire this change. Matt and Nick mentioned to me, we were talking about changes for 2024, and they asked about something inspired by Succession. I had a meeting with them and a lot of the team in Jacksonville on January 10 and it was surreal because Matt, Nick, and I have spent weeks of our lives in this office in Jacksonville and I had a big vision for where we would go. They had an idea of a presentation that was their idea, and it’s been tremendous, of utilizing Succession. I was able to tell Jesse straight up to his face that there are wrestlers on our show that are very inspired by Succession and their theme song may or may not be similar to the Succession theme song. He was very kind about it. Matt and Nick brought it up and I thought it was a great idea. I’m such a big Succession fan. We started working on it late last year and January 10 we had this meeting, it was a good meeting, and I laid out ideas for upcoming events. So far, it has all played out exactly like we talked about. I’m really excited on where we’re at now.”

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