Rossy Ogawa Announces Launch of Marigold Promotion & Debut Event Set for This May

Former Stardom owner and head booker Rossy Ogawa held a press conference today in Japan to officially announce the launch of his new Joshi promotion called Dream Star Fighting Marigold, also known as Marigold for short.

Ogawa also announced that his new Marigold promotion’s debut event will be called Marigold Fields Forever and will be taking place on May 20th at the Korakuen Hall on Tokyo, Japan. Ogawa also announced that this upcoming debut event will be airing live on CyberFight’s Wrestle Universe streaming service with both Japanese and English language commentary options.

In regards to the main event match for their debut event, this was announced to be a tag team match of Giulia & mystery partner vs. Sareee & mystery partner.

It was also announced that the first official tour for the company will be called Marigold Grans Opening Wars and will be taking place from May 26th to June 29th and will be featuring nine events in total. Foreign-based indie talents Myla Grace, Zayda Steel, and Bozilla were announced to be making appearances for this upcoming tour.

In regards to the company’s launch roster, former Stardom talents Giulia, Utami Hayashishita, MIRAI, Nane Takahashi, Mau Sakurai, and Yuzuki (now known as Victoria Yuzuki) were officially revealed to be part of the roster. Besides former Stardom talent, freelancer and former Ice Ribbion talent Nao Ishikawa and former Actwres girl’Z talents Natsumi Sumikawa, Miku Aono, Misa Matsui, CHIAKI, Chika Goto, and KOUKI were also officially revealed to have joined Ogawa’s new promotion.

Prior to the start of the press conference, Actwres girl’Z had announced on Twitter that several members of their roster had left the company.

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