Various: Hammerstone on His TNA Signing, Sabu on Reason for No Showing GCW’s Indie Hall of Fame Event, Dark Side of the Ring Ratings

Hammerstone Comments on His Signing with TNA

As noted before, former Major League Wrestling talent Alex Hammerstone signed an official contract with TNA Wrestling this past February.

A recent episode of the Battleground Podcast featured Hammerstone as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Hammerstone’s thoughts about his recent signing with TNA.

“It’s great (being signed to TNA), especially coming off the free agency time. It was a little scary because obviously, I entered free agency by choice because I had a lot of faith in myself that I had enough value in the professional wrestling world that I would end up somewhere worth being. Luckily, I did. But that being said, to work over a decade of your life to finally get to a point where you are making enough money in wrestling to pay all your bills and then to decide to walk away from that on a gamble that something better is going to come along, it was scary. It was a little bit nerve-racking. So that period of free agency, as exciting as it was, I was really hoping the right opportunity came along and presented itself and when I had debuted at Hard To Kill and then me and TNA got in talks, everything just lined up and everything was just perfect, it was everything I wanted and I’m happy to have a new home in professional wrestling.”

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Sabu Comments on His No-Show Incident at GCW’s 2024 Indie Wrestling Hall of Fame Event

As noted before, ECW legend Sabu was involved in an incident at this past Sunday’s 2024 Indie Wrestling Hall of Fame event for Game Changer Wrestling over him no showing his scheduled Hall of Fame induction appearance.

Sabu recently responded on Twitter stating that the reason for his no-show incident was due to him changing his mind about making an appearance at the event.

Following Sabu’s comments, GCW owner Brett Lauderdale responded on Twitter stating that he has no hard feelings towards Sabu for him no showing the event.

Dark Side of the Ring Ratings – April 9, 2024

Tuesday’s episode of Dark Side of the Ring drew 184,000 viewers on VICE TV, up from last week’s 149,000 viewers.

It drew a 0.05 rating in the 18-49 demographic, up from last week’s 0.04 rating.

This episode focused on Chris Colt.

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