Various: TNA Rebellion 2024 TV PPV Buys Reportedly Very Low, Freddie Prince Jr. New Promotion Launch Plans Update, Indies

TNA Rebellion 2024 Early PPV Buys Estimates

TNA Wrestling reportedly generated around 500 cable television pay-per-views for this past Saturday’s Rebellion 2024 event in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Dave Meltzer reported that Rebellion 2024’s cable television PPV buys were down 83.9% compared to this past January’s Hard To Kill 2024 event for its first week following the event.

Meltzer reported that Rebellion 2024 is currently tracking to perform worse than usual for PPV buys for a TNA/Impact event.

Freddie Prince Jr. Provides New Update on Progress of His Plans for Launch of New Wrestling Promotion

As noted before, actor and former WWE writer Freddie Prince Jr. has been working on plans since May of 2022 to launch a new wrestling promotion.

In a recent episode of the Wrestling With Freddie podcast, Prince Jr. provided an update on his current plans for the launch of a potential new wrestling promotion.

“I have good news and bad news. The first place I went to, although I already thought they were going to pass because it had been a while, the first place I went to passed. I don’t want to bury them and put their name out there. That’s super disappointing. I legit just read that and reacted. That’s super disappointing and frustrating, although I will say, in hindsight, they didn’t ask a lot of questions you would get from someone who is excited about wrestling. They were much more basic and respectful questions. Maybe they were just being polite.

The second place I went to asked a ton of questions, very specific questions. The text said, without saying too much, that they are leaning towards saying yes. That is very much good news. I have another meeting after we record this, which is the third of six. I haven’t booked the final two, so right now, it’s the third of four. We potentially have six places. I’m really nervous about this place. It’s a bigger studio, so it’s a harder sell. The smaller places have given me more love about wanting to hear the pitch. I don’t want to screw it up. There is always a chance you’re in there with someone who hates wrestling and you’re not going to convince them and you know it.”

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Misc. Wrestling News & Notes

Saturday’s Road to Wrestling Dontaku 2024 event for New Japan Pro Wrestling in Hiroshima, Japan featured Yuya Uemura defeating Great-O-Khan to become the new Provisional King of Pro Wrestling 2024 Champion. This was Uemura’s first championship victory in his NJPW career.

TJP filed a trademark for “The Aswang” on April 2nd for wrestling and entertainment-related purposes to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.’s Cassidy Haynes reported that his sources stated that the reason why Mustafa Ali was not included in the field for this year’s NJPW Best of the Super Juniors tournament was due to his demand of wanting to be undefeated throughout it. Haynes reported that NJPW officials refused this request and decided against including him in the field for this year’s tournament. Haynes also reported that Ali’s promo he gave following his match against Hiromu Takahashi at NJPW’s Windy City Riot 2024 event rubbed many people the wrong way backstage. Following Haynes’ report, NJPW and AEW official Rocky Romero responded on Twitter stating that this was not true and nothing that was reported had actually happened.

Mustafa Ali recently announced on Twitter that he will be making an appearance for NJPW at their Resurgence 2024 event on May 11th in Ontario, California. In a follow-up tweet, Ali also poked fun of BodySlam’net’s report about him refusing to lose in NJPW with a gif of Hulk Hogan.

Friday’s All Star Grand Queendom 2024 event for Stardom in Yokohama, Japan featured Saya Kamitani defeating Saya Iida, Fukigen Death, and Saki Kashima in a Four-way match to become the new Stardom High Speed Champion.

Friday’s Stardom All Star Grand Queendom 2024 event in Yokohama also featured Thekla making her surprise return from injury. Following Mina Shirakawa’s victory over Natsuko Tora in a singles match at the event, Thekla made her surprise return and attacked Shirakawa and joined Oedo Tai.

Friday’s Stardom All Star Grand Queendom 2024 event in Yokohama also featured Oedo Tai turning on Starlight Kid and kicked her out of the group. Following CRAZY STAR (Suzu Suzuki & Mei Seira) defeating FWC (Hazuki & Koguma), 02Line (AZM & Miyu Amasaki), and Starlight Kid & Ruaka to retain their Goddess of Stardom Championship, Oedo Tai responded to Kid’s loss by attacking her leading to Tam Nakano running out to save Kid.

Friday’s Independent Uprising event for Kross Fire Wrestling in Sevierville, Tennessee featured National Wrestling Alliance owner Billy Corgan officially announcing that Kross Fire Wrestling is the newest affiliate promotion of the NWA and will be known under the new name of NWA Kross Fire going forward.

Game Changer Wrestling recently announced that they will be holding an event called I Can’t See My Face on June 16th in Mesa, Arizona.

GCW also recently announced that Kylie Rae will be making an appearance for the company at their Hit Em Up event on June 15th in Los Angeles, California.

GCW also recently announced one new match for the card of their Rather You Than Me event on May 3rd in Tampa, Florida:

  • Zilla Fatu vs. John Wayne Murdoch