Vince McMahon Sex Trafficking Lawsuit Update – McMahon Allegedly Coerced Janel Grant to Write “Love Letter” to Him

As noted before, former WWE employee Janel Grant filed a lawsuit this past January against TKO Executive Chairman Vince McMahon accusing McMahon of committing sex trafficking and sexual abuse towards her during her time in the company. McMahon officially resigned from TKO Group and WWE shortly afterwards over the fallout from this lawsuit.

The New York Post reported that Grant had sent a “love letter” to McMahon on December 24, 2021 in which Grant professes her love to McMahon. This letter reportedly was retrieved from Grant’s laptop as part of WWE’s Board of Directors investigation against McMahon in 2022 over allegations of him committing sexual misconduct and had sent hush money payment to several former female WWE employees and talent.

“Here we go again… draft 24… which is even harder to begin after we spilled our hearts to each other a few nights ago. In some ways, I wonder what’s left to say after a beautiful evening like that. And then I realize, there’s so much more to say to my best friend, my love and my everything.

Is there any way that I can adequately tell you how much my life has changed for the better since we met? How can I put into words how you have filled the void in my heart that I thought would remain empty forever?

True love cannot be found where it does exist. Nor can true love be hidden where it does exist. It’s not something that you find. It’s something that finds you.

I didn’t you who you were the day I met you but I immediately knew that a missing piece had clicked into place the moment I saw your face. I love you straightforwardly, without complexity or pride. I love you because I know no other way than this. But we are so close that when your hand on my leg is my hand. Your arms wrapped around me are my arms. And when you close your eyes at night, I fall asleep on you.

The thought of you makes the day begin. The tune of your laugh makes my heart sing along. Your smiles, your ups, your lows, your brow furrows, your joys and your woes are second nature to me now. Like breathing out and breathing in.

Every time I see you and walk into your embrace, I close my eyes and exhale because all is right with the world. There is a light and warmth that you radiate and when I step into your arms, I am home. I am at peace. I’m the best and most authentic version of myself in your presence, I feel understood, accepted, loved and appreciated for who I am at my core. You see my heart. You see my soul. And you helped me the one thing I feared I lost for good-my smile. Nobody else brings that out in me. And then I realized why. There are few people who know the secret of making a heaven here on earth. You are one of those rare people.

That sense of heaven is the very thing I want to give back to you. I want nothing more than for you to come home to love and happiness. I want you to feel warmth, joy, music and laughter radiating from your door before you even open it. I want you to walk into the sight of soft twinkle lights from your Christmas tree, the sound of sweet music, and the smell home cooking (eggs on multigrain toast, fresh baked pumpkin bread, or lasanga). I want you to turn the comer and be welcomed joyfully-with smiles and arms that are opened wide-ready to welcome you and pour you a cream soda or something stronger depending on your day. Just as I consider your heart my home, I want you to feel the excitement that someone who loves and adores you with all her heart is waiting to repay the favor. I’ll wrap my arms around you, kiss you sweetly and sway to the tune of a song that plays just for us.

Even though so few people know about us, the most freeing feeling this year came when we got to act like a couple – openly, freely- when Mickey, Paul and the Chef were around us. We’ve never had that luxury before. What a treat is it was-as so natural – to be us outside of our secret bubble, even if only for a short moment. We must make quite a pair in person, huh? Our love runs deeper than the obvious physical chemistry to a place that can only be considered a spiritual connection. It must be intoxicating.”

When contacted for comments, Grant’s lawyer Ann Callis claimed that Grant was coerced by McMahon into writing the letter to him.

“Frankly it’s pretty disgusting that Vince’s weeks-late attempt to defend his horrendous behavior — behavior he claims to this day never happened — is to try to showcase letters that Vince himself coerced her to write. His psychological torture of her continues — as is typical of abusive predators who respond to women speaking out with increased threats. While Janel isn’t a stranger to his intimidation tactics, this is a new low even for him.”

It was reported that Grant’s rep spoken to stated that Grant had written love letters to McMahon at his request many times and she had resorted to padding them out by plagiarizing content and material from films and pop culture. In the letter published by the New York Post, Callis stated that Grant lifted material from a 1947 film titled The Bishop’s Wife and from a 2021 GQ interview with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly.

It was also reported that when contacted for comments, McMahon’s attorney Jessica Taub Rosenberg of the Kasowitz Benson Torres law firm denied the claims made by Grant’s lawyer.

“This is revisionist history. No one coerced Ms. Grant to write that letter. She wrote it of her own accord. The fact that the letter shows it was the 24th draft speaks volumes. Nowhere in her voluminous complaint, that is replete with fabrications, does she mention being coerced into such behavior. The language of the letter is consistent with other communications she made to Mr. McMahon over the course of their consensual relationship.”

It was also reported that one text messaged obtained involved Grant informing McMahon that she had underwent a surgical procedure on her left finger in December 21, 2021 and could not write his letter he wanted at the time. Grant texted McMahon stating “I can type and read it…or try to write in a couple days. I’m so sorry if I mess this up, I want you to have a nice letter :(” and McMahon responded back stating “Damn it. Sorry baby”