WWE: Cameron Grimes on His WWE Release, Triple H Responds to London Mayor Wanting WrestleMania in London, Jacob Fatu WWE Debut Plans Update

Cameron Grimes Comments on His WWE Release & Being Told Last Week He Didn’t Need to Worry About His Job

As noted before, Cameron Grimes was released from WWE this past Tuesday.

A recent episode of the Busted Open Radio podcast featured Grimes as the guest. One of the topics discussed included Grimes’ thoughts about his recent release from WWE and being told to not worry about his job in the company last week.

“That’s really what I’ve been trying to wrap my head around. I got called up in August 2023, they wrote me off NXT to go up to the main roster. I wasn’t drafted onto the main roster until 2024 when they did the draft. There was probably a good six to eight months when I was traveling to the main roster, waiting to make that transition. That’s when there was a different person in charge. They kind of told me, ‘We’re waiting to get you started.’ When the draft came around last year, that was their point of ‘here is a good way to lead you in now because we didn’t have a story for you the past couple of months.’ I got drafted up, we had the match with Baron Corbin. In that moment with Corbin, he literally told me, ‘Nothing in NXT matters now.’ That was a quote that will always stick in my head. ‘Nothing in NXT matters now. Up here, everything is new.’ Two weeks later, NXT mattered. You saw guys being brought from NXT to our show. I was always told that they didn’t have an idea for me at the moment. I pitched a bunch of ideas and a bunch of character ideas. I had a feeling the money thing just wasn’t going to work there. They tried it with Corbin before I got there, with the JBL thing. I feel that was because of the success I had with the Cameron Grimes character in NXT, that’s why they went with that storyline. To go back to Corbin, the first time I met him, he was like, ‘Hey, I’m the guy that stole your gimmick.’ Those are my two big quotes from Baron Corbin. Still a great guy, just things that stick in my head.

Over the past few months, I had been going to writers and saying, ‘I just want to work.’ I would hear that I would maybe sound bitter. I don’t understand that process or how I came off being bitter. I guess every week, when I ask to work, I guess it starts annoying people. I could see that. it was strange to me. The last time I was at TV, I had a pretty high executive tell me — I was worried. Starting the stock market gimmick made me see business in a different light. Following these companies and playing with stocks, I would see things in a different light. I knew that I hadn’t worked in over a year and I was making a decent salary. I knew that if someone was to look at the books, I was going to be the first person cut, if you’re looking at it strictly money-wise. If you’re looking at ‘this is a talent that can do something for us,’ they’re going to keep me. I was told by a high executive on Friday that I would always have a job here. I would never have to worry about losing my job, after expressing my concerns. Five days later, they called and told me I did lose my job.”

Transcript h/t: Fightful.com

Triple H Responds to London Mayor Wanting to Bring WrestleMania to London in Future

In a recent interview with My London, London Mayor Sadiq Khan gave his thoughts about his current re-election campaign and being hopeful of bringing a WrestleMania event to the city in the future if he is re-elected for another term.

“If I’m re-elected on 2 May, I’m determined to go even further and fully cement London’s reputation as the undisputed sports capital of the world. I believe that London has the potential to host the first international WrestleMania. In the meantime, my message to anyone travelling to the Paris Olympics this summer is to include a visit to London in your itinerary, to enjoy all that our city has to offer.”

Following Khan’s comments, WWE CCO Paul “Triple H” Levesque responded on Twitter stating “Let’s talk.”

Update on WWE’s Debut Plans for Jacob Fatu

As noted before, former Major League Wrestling talent Jacob Fatu recently signed an official contract with WWE. WWE has been working on plans for Fatu to make his official debut in the company as early as this Friday’s SmackDown show, which is also the first night of this year’s WWE Draft special.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that his sources stated that WWE officials recently dropped their plans for Fatu to make his official debut appearance at this Friday’s SmackDown show.

Johnson reported that WWE officials still have in plans in place for Fatu’s official debut but creative for The Bloodline storyline is laid out in a meticulous manner for the reason for the dropped plans. One source spoken to reportedly stated that WWE officials are currently in no rush for their plans for Fatu’s debut.