Adam Cole & MJF Make Surprise Returns at AEW Double or Nothing 2024 & MJF Confirms New Deal with AEW

Sunday’s AEW Double or Nothing 2024 event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena featured Adam Cole and MJF making their surprise returns to AEW.

Following the AEW International Championship match on the show, Cole’s music played and came out making his surprise return to AEW. Cole grabbed a microphone and told the crowd it was storytime and his first story being him trashing the Las Vegas crowd. Cole stated that he should be rehabbing his knee to get back to wrestling and checking on Roderick Strong in the back instead. Cole grabbed the AEW Devil mask and talked about there being a little devil in all of us and that the devil will get his due and his name is …

Before Cole could finish, the lights went out and when they came back on, a video played on the big screen showing the inside of someone’s home. This was revealed to be MJF’s home after a shot of a room with MJF pictured and memorabilia calling back to notable moments in his AEW career. MJF’s music played and he came out to the ring sporting a new denim jacket look and attire. Cole reached out for a hug which MJF responded back doing so but this turned out to be a swerve after MJF gave a swift kick to Cole’s family jewels right afterwards.

MJF grabbed a microphone and proceeded to insult Cole and asked for someone to get that “shit stain” out of his ring. MJF then stated that he made the mistake of trusting Cole and this being a mistake he won’t make again. MJF stated that Cole didn’t take him out and instead Cole only woke him up to realize who he is. MJF stated that this being him being the best wrestler out there today because “he’s MJF, he’s better than you, and you know it.” MJF then turned his attention towards the AEW locker room stating that he didn’t need a New Japan or Vince McMahon to make him because “MJF made “MJF.” MJF stated that there won’t be any funny business now because he is back to being driven by what brings the best out of him, which he revealed to be hate. MJF stated that when he is driven by hate, nobody is safe.

MJF then grabbed the Devil’s mask and bashed it claiming that masks are adorned by cowards and he is done hiding. After some more words, MJF attacked the mask and tossed it into the crowd. MJF then turned his attention towards the “Great Bidding War of 2024” and told the cameraman to zoom in on his ankle, which he revealed to have a new tattoo with the words “Best on Yourself” and the AEW poker chip logo. MJF stated that he is the “Wolf of Wrestling and he is not “f**king leaving” in reference to him signing a new deal with AEW.