AEW: Charlette Renegade Reportedly Dealing with Injury, Rocky Romero on Potential for Future AEW Event in Japan, More News

Charlette Renegade Reportedly Dealing with Injury

The Renegade Twins’ Charlette Renegade has been noticeably absent from AEW and Ring of Honor in recent months. Renegade’s sister Robyn has been recently competing in singles matches during this period.

Fightful Select reported that their sources stated that the reason for Renegade’s current absence is due to injury-related issues.

Renegade reportedly had suffered a concussion injury and she is currently in the process of getting medically cleared for an in-ring return. It was reported that it is currently not known when Renegade might get medically cleared due to the nature of concussion injuries.

Rocky Romero Comments on Potential of AEW Holding a Future Event in Japan

Fightful held a recent interview with AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling talent and official Rocky Romero. One of the topics discussed included Romero’s thoughts about the potential of AEW holding an event with NJPW in Japan in the future.

“AEW obviously has huge potential to do an event, along with New Japan, in Japan. That’s an easy one that is a big one. For Forbidden Door, New Japan uses AEW’s infrastructure. If AEW was to come to Japan, it would be vice versa where they could use New Japan’s infrastructure to do a big event in a stadium or Budokan or wherever. Obviously, the UK is a massive market. We’ll see that again with Wembley this year. I do feel there is an opportunity to do some smaller arenas and more stuff around the country because they have a great infrastructure there as well with Fulham. Australia would be a great place. Mexico would be a great place now with the partnership with CMLL. Imagine AEW in Arena Mexico or having the CMLL infrastructure to help them. Strategically, that’s what these partnerships are all about, how can we help each other do these types of events all over the world? AEW is always trying to help New Japan as well. We share some of the same production people. There are a lot of Forbidden Door elements that are not just things you see in the matches.”

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AEW News & Notes

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that his sources stated that Saraya will be involved in the filming for an upcoming episode for MTV’s Catfish television series. Fightful Select reported that their sources stated that Saraya will be making an appearance as the co-host for the show and not as the subject for the episode and this was the reason for her absence at this past Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite show.

AEW and TNT Sports recently announced the launch of a new AEW-themed free-to-play mobile game called AEW: Figure Fighters for the App Store and Google Play.

New York Comic Con recently announced that Samoa Joe will be making an appearance at their New York Comic Con 2024 convention this October in New York City, New York.

AEW recently announced that The Young Bucks and Reebok have collaborated together for the release of a new Young Bucks themed Reebok Reebok Pump Omni II shoes. It was also announced that the shoes will be sold exclusively at Champs Sports stores.

In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Willow Nightingale gave her thoughts about her upcoming match with Mercedes Mone for the TBS Championship at AEW’s Double or Nothing 2024 event. Nightingale stated “The way that I could top [the first win] is by walking out the winner and there will be no question in anyone’s mind of if the only way I could beat Mercedes is if she gets injured in the match.There is a little bit of a pro and con to this. Mercedes hasn’t wrestled in a full year. I’ve been able to find my strengths as a performer over the past year, so that’s all on display for her to study and figure out what my strong and weak points could be. Although she has a full catalog of matches for me to watch, I don’t know what she’s been working on while she’s been healing up. I only have the past to go on and I’m confident in what my game plan is going to be, but let’s hope there aren’t too many surprises that I’m unprepared for.

In a recent interview with DDT Pro Wrestling, Konosuke Takeshita gave his thoughts about why his scheduled match against London Lighting for the May 1st AEW Rampage show was cut. Takeshita stated “Its been a few weeks since I got to be on-air and due to (the nature of) the live broadcast, my match was cut. I was already waiting at the entrance gate with my gown on when I was told so, I carried all those frustrating emotions of that moment into that one match in Budokan. There was that feeling that I didn’t want to lose to them either.” Takeshita also gave his thoughts about the difficulties he has experienced for United States wrestling television. Takeshita stated “I thought hard work could cover for everything else before getting there. If I showed how good I am I could get more airtime, but there are other aspects that come to play when competing here (in America). Discrimination is not the word here, but unfortunately, there’s a lack of space for an Asian person to be on a TV show watched by Americans. No matter how good my condition was nor the amount of matches I was put it, or how many times they said my match was good, it felt like I couldn’t make it in the starting lineup, to put it in Baseball terms. Everyone felt like they’re having fun Wrestling here (in Japan). I didn’t have any fun wrestling ever since I got to America. The effort was bearing fruit, but I didn’t feel the enjoyment. It was the most mentally exhausting period in all 12 years of my wrestling career. However, when I stopped having fun, my matches were better received, and I gained more recognition. And it’s not proportional.

In a recent interview with the AEW Close Up show, Adam Copeland gave his thoughts about his wrestling career legacy. Copeland stated “You know, it’s interesting. Some people will say, ‘What do you want your legacy to be?’ I’ve always said, ‘I don’t really buy into the whole ‘legacy’ thing,’ you know, because we’re jumping around in tights. The people who make the videos and put the packages together and the bookers are who decide your legacy, so I don’t really buy into it. My legacy is, ‘Am I raising good kids?’ So for me more than anything, it’s just, ‘Did I work hard?’ That’s it. I think my surgeries let me know that I have. More than anything, ‘Did I help?’ and ‘Did I work hard?” (Transcript h/t:

In a recent interview with WhatCulture Wrestling, Ricky Starks gave his thoughts about working with CM Punk and others in AEW. Starks stated “Dude, it was incredible. Even beyond those guys, who have history, they’re veterans, but don’t forget, the [Young] Bucks are also two guys that I’ve talked to and gone to. They’ve been super helpful and really knowledgeable as well. So it’s not just the veterans. It’s people who are more experienced than I am. So I love all those guys. They’ve been very helpful in that regard. Punk was very instrumental in my presentation on Collision. There’s a video clip that constantly gets reshared where the pyro is going off and exploding. That was Punk’s idea. Punk has a vision for trying to help out certain people. I do remember a conversation with him where he was like, ‘You know, it’s really up to you to swim. Sink or swim.’ I felt like a lot of stress on myself and pressure on myself to constantly out-perform my last match that I had, just to prove that if he was going to put his name on me, so to speak, or be the one to push for me, then I needed to do my part to make sure that I never let that down. Punk was very instrumental in making sure, like, hey, we should try to do something different with this dude. I think Punk is the only one that was closest to really understanding me in that regard, when it came to how I came up in the car [on AEW Collision]. I had that, and then I was one with the bag. Every time he would see my outfit, he laugh and be like, ‘This is perfect.’ So there was a great collaboration going on in that regard. So that’s why I have no issue with Punk. I don’t give a fuck what anybody tries to tell me. I don’t care. He has never done me wrong. You can have your opinions on him and all that, but you shouldn’t vilify someone for thinking differently than you. I will say that til I’m blue in the face. He really went out of his way to really try to make something on that Collision show for me, and I feel like it was working. I feel like we were really onto something. He was a great dude, and I still think Punk is a good dude, in my opinion. He tried to help a lot of us on that show, and I can always be thankful for that.” (Transcript h/t: