AEW Double or Nothing 2024 Post-Show Media Scrum: Mercedes Mone on May Date Reason for AEW In-Ring Debut, MJF Contract Update, New Mixed Tag Titles Interest, Adam Copeland Potential Injury, Forbidden Door Japan Event

AEW held a post-show media scrum following Sunday’s AEW Double or Nothing 2024 event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Some of the notable highlights included:

  • The Young Bucks’ Matthew & Nicholas Jackson were the first to come out for the post-show media scrum without AEW CEO Tony Khan along with them. The Young Bucks also only took questions from Renee Paquette and their agent Barry Bloom.
  • During their portion of the media scrum, the Young Bucks promoted their brand new Reebok Pumps shoes and officially revealed new mini AEW World Championship shoes accessories that act as little belts to tie around shoes.
  • After the Young Bucks left, Tony Khan and New Japan Pro Wrestling President Hiroshi Tananashi came out next to start the real post-show media scrum.
  • During her portion of the media scrum, Mercedes Mone gave her thoughts about how wrestling and AEW helped saved her life. Mone also praised Willow Nightingale for the match they had together and stated that Nightingale is one of the best women’s wrestlers.
  • On the topic of her TBS Championship victory, Mone stated that Double or Nothing 2024 showed that WWE is not the only place for top wrestling and AEW is where the best wrestle.
  • On the topic of the reason why Mone waited until the month of May to have her official AEW in-ring debut, Mone stated “Me and Tony have been talking for a very long time. People don’t even actually know when I got signed to AEW. The beginning of the year, we talked, signed a deal, made it happen. We were really talking about when was the perfect place and time for me to debut in the ring? We knew March 13th was going to be amazing and the Boston Garden. When Tony called me and said, ‘I have the perfect place for you to debut. Boston, baby.’ ‘Tony, Tony, you are speaking my language. You are speaking the Mone.’ Then he said, ‘We are celebrating AEW’s five-year anniversary here in Las Vegas for Double or Nothing. Can you wait?’ I said, ‘Bitch, I’ve been waiting for a whole year. Of course, I can wait. I’m patient.’ This is the perfect place. The grandest place that I can make my in-ring debut. As you can see, Mone changes everything.
  • On the topic of who from Japan she would like to defend her TBS Championship against in a match, Mone spoke directly to Tanahashi asking him to collaborate with Khan to find someone for her.
  • During her portion of the media scrum, “Timeless” Toni Storm read a passage out of a new memoir book she claimed to be writing titled The Storm Is Coming. Storm stated “As I finish sweeping the ring on that hot August night, I cherish taking my first step into this wacky little business. Suddenly, a shadowy figure appears at the open barn doors. A physique that is both opposing and alluring. “Toni Storm, what the hell are you doing here?” said the breathy southern drawl. “Why, I’m training to become a wrestler,’ I replied, my throat quivering in anticipation. “Why, I am too,’ came the sly reply. I recognized that voice from the bar the other night. Before I could say another word, our lips, and bodies embraced in what I could only describe as erotic chain wrestling. My ample bosom, heaving. The nape of my neck, sweating with invitation. Writhing. Grinding. Moaning. Groaning. We hit the mat, in what I could only describe as a boudreaux battle royal. I separated those muscular thighs, glistening in what I would later find out was Vick’s vapor rub. Where did I end? Where did I begin? Or maybe, we had merged as one. Suddenly, I was flipped onto my back. The tides had turned and I realized why they called it a ‘hard comeback.’ Was it minutes, or was it hours? My watch had stopped working, but my yearns were spinning. Then, a blast of white light and a supernova of exultation. My whole life flashed before my eyes. Not only my past in the coal mines, but my present and future, too. Including AEW. All In. All Out. Full Gear. Forbidden Door. Every match. Every moment. Including, a sizable raise. Then, it was over. I opened my eyes to see that no one was there. I sat up. “Did I dream it all?” Then, I saw the shadowy figure slink off into the woods. I called out, “I love you Wendi Richter,” but I knew that I would never see her again.
  • During his portion of the media scrum, Will Ospreay gave his thoughts about being interested in defending his newly won AEW International Championship overseas and putting AEW’s partnerships with NJPW, CMLL, and RevPro to the test with it.
  • On the topic of this year’s Men’s Owen Hart Cup Foundation tournament, Ospreay stated that he would put his name in the race for anything involving the AEW World Championship.
  • During his portion of the media scrum, Swerve Strickland gave his thoughts about his current time in AEW. Strickland stated that he was here to not take but give to AEW and tonight’s event showed why he considers himself to be the best.
  • On the topic of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather being in attendance at the event, Strickland stated “Floyd has been a friend of ours, my man Flash Garments, he gets a free pass every time he comes to All Elite Wrestling. We’re here to grow and not just take. If we have opportunities and connections, we’re going to bring them here every single time. We want to blow this place up and be the catalyst of it. That’s how Floyd came through. We’ve actually been talking to Floyd for like two years. His whole family, have him come through every time we’re in Vegas. Finally, he was like, ‘Alright, this is the day. We’re pulling up.’ He pulled up, made it to the match, we pulled out a banger in front of him. He’s like, ‘I’m in.’ We might have Money Team invested in this whole thing.
  • On the topic of MJF’s return from injury at Double or Nothing 2024, Strickland stated that MJF would have to finish his business first with Adam Cole and would then need to earn a title shot if MJF wants one for his AEW World title.
  • During his portion of the media scrum, Tony Khan responded to a question about if MJF had signed a new contract stating that MJF is in it “for the long haul.”
  • On the topic of AEW potentially adding new championships in the future, Khan stated “We’ve talked a lot about potential additions in terms of championships. Right now, we have strong rivalries emerging. We’re still trying to build the depth back to the strongest it’s ever been. There was a point, All Out 2021, where I was coaching the Casino Battle Royal and we had 21 women in that battle royale and a great Britt Baker vs. Kris Statlander championship match. That was, top to bottom, up until now, the deepest the division has ever been. A lot of great people in that match have been out or injured. We’re going to keep getting depth back and getting the division stronger. Those are interesting championships, I also think something different we could do here, that I have interest in, would be mixed tag team championships. I think a lot of people would be interested in that too. That’s different than what other major promotions have, and I think it would set AEW apart. I’m interested in mixed tag team championships.
  • On the topic of AEW doing more cross-promotion work with Warner Bros Discovery, Khan stated that a new House of the Dragon cross-promotion project is currently in the works.
  • On the topic of AEW’s current talks for a new media rights deal and talking to other networks beyond WBD once the exclusivity window expires, Khan gave a mostly non-answer praising WBD and WBD CEO Davis Zaslav for being great for AEW.
  • On the topic of Adam Copeland suffering a potential injury following his TNT Championship Barbed Wire Steel Cage match, Khan stated that Copeland was being “checked out” by their medial staff and hoped that he was okay. Khan stated that he wished Copeland would be here right now to talk about his match and brought up that it was a hard hitting cage match. Copeland suffered a potential leg injury following him hitting an elbow drop off the top of the cage and landed awkwardly on his feet.
  • On the topic of a potential future Forbidden Door event in Japan, Tanahashi responded stating that he did not understand the question asked to him. Khan responded stating that they are interested in holding a co-promoted event in Japan but it likely would not be under the Forbidden Door banner but instead as something else due to Forbidden Door being a name they have built up for North America. Khan also stated that holding a Forbidden Door-like event in Japan would be the next step for AEW in their partnership with NJPW.

Full AEW Double or Nothing 2024 post-show media scrum video:

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